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WWE Did JR Wrong, The Face Of TNA, Lack Of Logic With Goldust, Strong Man Faction

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I just read where Jim Ross said in an interview if he had any regrets in his career, it would be to call the Undertaker's final match, whenever that might be. With that said, do you feel that WWE and/or Undertaker himself would call on JR to call that match?

I see nothing in WWE's treatment of Jim Ross that would allow for him to come back to call Undertaker's final match, whenever that might be. I am in complete disagreement with the way JR was treated and forced into retirement. If it truly was the 2KSports panel that got JR pushed out, that's ridiculous. I spoke with people in attendance that told me it was a hoot and one of the most entertaining things they've seen. This is a typical WWE overreaction and an injustice to the best play-by-play man of all time. It doesn't surprise me but it's truly a shame.

What do you think about TNA letting Hulk Hogan walk and investing the money spent on him in some other talent such as AJ Styles?

I think Dixie Carter views Hulk Hogan as an integral piece of what they are trying to accomplish. Carter, and the powers that be in TNA, see Hogan as the "face of company" and want to build and market around him. Hogan is the most recognizable name in the history of pro wrestling and our own version of Michael Jordan but I personally do not feel he has been worth the heavy investment.

I loved the attack by Cody and Dustin Rhodes on this past Raw. However, it is really bothering me that Dustin was out there in his Goldust paint. After last week's treatment of Dusty, I wanted it to feel like this was very serious, but the face paint took a lot away from the attack. If he continues as Goldust and not as Dustin, the story will not feel as real. What are your thoughts?

The Goldust face paint was goofy and took away from the realism of the angle, you're right on the money. So we are supposed to believe in the midst of all the anger and frustration that Dustin took the time to do his Goldust face paint prior to "showing up" in the crowd at Raw? Vince probably thought it was the only way fans would recognize him but I saw it as counter intuitive. The biggest problem I have with the McMahon angle is Triple H and Stephanie McMahon appear unstoppable. Even if Daniel Bryan "wins" at Battleground, what stops them from "reversing the decision"? There has been too much booking on the fly and not enough thorough planning in this program.

Why not put Ezekiel Jackson and Mason Ryan with Mark Henry and form the World's Strongest stable?

Let's put aside for a minute that Ezekiel Jackson is currently rehabbing an injury and ask a very serious question. Does WWE really need another three-man faction? I think most will agree it's complicated enough with what they have currently and another would be over saturation. The idea looks good on paper but doesn't really fit in with the current landscape.

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