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What To Expect After WWE Draft, Reigns Treated Unfairly?, Future Of Tag Teams, Brand Competition

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Roman Reigns

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I was wondering if they still plan on putting on the "Raw Supershow" where everyone appears the night after say SummerSlam, Wrestlemania, etc.?

Cross-over appearances are likely to still take place after the 2016 WWE Draft, especially after “big four” pay-per-views like you just mentioned. I can’t say with confidence how regularly such appearances will happen but the Raw after Wrestlemania is seen as a very important show that I would expect them.

So give the 2016 WWE Draft rules, does that mean tag teams will not be split?

No, while tag teams count as one pick, it’s noted in 2016 WWE Draft rules that is only “unless a Commissioner/General Manager specifically only wants one member of the team​.” The plan going back to the latter part of last week was that there would be some tag teams split up but I can’t offer my opinion until I see which ones.

It seems a bit hypocritical (and childish) to me that Vince McMahon is treating Roman Reigns this way when he has or had other top stars who have or still allegedly are taking performance enhancing drugs. Don't get me wrong, Roman deserves to be suspended just like everyone else, but don't you think in a sense a lot of the top stars got off a lot easier than Roman has?

Let me first say I have serious questions about the validity of the WWE Wellness Policy. From loopholes, who gets suspended and who doesn’t get suspend, to the mysterious pattern of when suspensions are announced. But I do think the Wellness Policy has helped and that it’s taken seriously. From what I’ve heard, Vince McMahon didn’t want to suspend Roman Reigns but punish him by taking the title off him. That, however, changed and he’s been out 30 days without pay. He’s scheduled to return on Saturday before competing in the triple threat match for the WWE Championship at Battleground on Sunday. As for Roman Reigns not being treated fairly, I don’t really consider this a situation of where he’s being made an example of. Yes he got suspended and yes he apologized to the locker room but he’s still in the WWE Championship match at Battleground. Everything we’ve heard is that Vince is still upset with him but so far, he’s still a main event level talent.

How much real competition will there be between Raw and Smackdown after the brand extension? Will each show have their own writers and will they compete for viewership, etc?

Raw and Smackdown already have their own writers, with Vince McMahon getting the final call on everything. That won’t change and the biggest change in terms of Smackdown’s format will be there will no longer be post-production. There will be more pressure on everyone to be at their best, similar to how things are at Raw. Smackdown on Tuesday nights used to be seen as the more relaxed brand because they didn’t have to go live and the show was taken through post-production. As for the competition aspect, it’s the entire reason WWE started the brand extension many years ago. The thinking was, after acquiring WCW, they would produce two separate brands that would compete against each other. That will be the case again, however, I don’t see Smackdown beating Raw in viewership. Ticket sales and pay-per-view interest could be something that could fluctuate but it all depends on who is working where, talent development and the storylines each roster produces.

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