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WWE Events At Baseball Stadiums? Naomi As Divas Champion? Potential Roster Cuts? Tazz Back To WWE?

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4-1-2013 3-16-44 PM

Welcome back to another edition of Ask WNW. I hope you have enjoyed the opening two editions so far this week since it's return. I know a few people have expressed their disappointment that Richard isn't back doing this full time, and we totally get where you're coming from. But think of it this way; the segment has always been known as Ask WNW. If it was Ask Richard then yes change would be a lot harder. But the segment has always been set that any one of the WNW team can answer your questions. It just so happens now that Richard has just about answered anything and everything there is to answer, and it's natural to get burned out doing it every single day. So all we ask is for you guys to give the segment a chance in it's new format and I hope that myself, Zack, Lee, and CJ can all at least live up to your expectations.

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Lets get things on the go with some questions and answers.

Why has WWE never held an event in a Baseball stadium?

I'm going to take it from this question the person asking it was more referring to the WWE of today holding shows in baseball stadiums like TNA and Global Force Wrestling have been doing. Back in the 1980's, in the days of Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan WWE would often hold events at Yankee and Shea Stadium, as well as in Exhibition Stadium in Toronto and other venues across the United States. I can't see any reason why WWE couldn't hold a major event in a baseball stadium today but I believe it would have to be one of the companies big four shows (Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Summerslam, Survivor Series) and have a pretty stacked card to sell the stadium out. I believe the last stadium that was used for baseball that WWE held a major show in was Wrestlemania 19 in Seattle at Safeco Field so they have done it before but I believe American Football stadiums look generally bigger and better suited to hosting a wrestling show. Wrestlemania is always probably the best bet to be held in a baseball stadium and with no locations announced so far beyond Wrestlemania 32 in Texas you never know where the next event is going to be held.

Do you think WWE will ever give Naomi a run with the Divas title?

Naomi is without a doubt in my opinion one of the most talented and under rated Divas on the WWE roster right now. I can't tell you why WWE hasn't put the Divas Championship on her yet but I would always say watch this space in such a scenario. Naomi looked like she was going to win the strap and had three opportunities earlier this year at Extreme Rules, on Raw, and Elimination Chamber to beat Nikki Bella for the title but WWE decided not to put the belt on her at that point. She also looked like she was on the road to winning the title in 2014 but an injury to her orbital bone soon put a stop to that. In terms of the here and now I think Naomi is certainly behind Sasha Banks, Paige, and Charlotte for a run with the Divas Championship any time soon. But please don't doubt that I think Naomi will get her moment next year before 2016 is over and done with.

What's the very latest on potential WWE roster cuts?

This is a question that often comes up and used to come up always just after Wrestlemania time. In recent years we haven't seen the mass cutting of talent we are used to seeing and instead have seen talent slowly let go over the course of the year. Right now in terms of rumours of any cuts it is believed WWE may be cutting some of it's developmental talent to make way for a new wave of talent in the near future but until anything is confirmed that is only purely speculation.

If we were to look at the main roster and see who could or should be cut from there right now then I would probably be looking at Cameron, Curtis Axel, David Otunga, and potentially Zack Ryder as names I would expect to receive the best of luck in their future endeavours. I have nothing against these four at all. In fact I'm a big fan of Axel and Ryder, but with their careers in WWE seemingly going nowhere right now it would make more sense to let them go and let them cut their teeth outside of WWE before perhaps returning to the company.

Will there be any interest with the WWE for Tazz, seems like he still has a good relationship with them?

I found this question tucked away and thought that it was a pretty relevant question to answer at this point, especially given Tazz is now no longer part of TNA and with him doing some filming this past week at WWE Headquarters in Stamford, speculation is only bound to grow that Tazz could be on his way back to WWE. It is believed that Tazz was filming some spots for the upcoming WWE Dudley Boyz DVD release, due out next year but that doesn't mean that is the only content he filmed for, or that he was only there for that. Tazz clearly isn't going to return back as an in-ring talent so unless he returns as a manager or back to commentary I don't think we can expect to see him on our screens any time soon. There simply isn't a space open on the commentary teams for him at this time but I wouldn't be against seeing him come back to call Pay Per Views, which would allow WWE to blood their newer announcers on shows like Raw, Smackdown and Main Event. Tazz still has a lot to give and could even be a great addition to WWE's scouting and training team but I don't expect to see him back in the near future.

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