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WWE Going After TNA Talent, AJ Styles' Future, Ziggler In The Doghouse, Logic Gap On Raw

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Dolph Ziggler

With TNA's lawsuit over and now that it's been a while, is WWE looking to sign Alex Shelley or even Devon now?

WWE has had interest for several months in Alex Shelley but no deal has been offered as of this writing. From what I've been told, Shelley is in great shape and continues to work in Japan. He was back in the United States a couple of weeks ago. I have not heard of interest in Devon but was told there have been informal talks with Matt Morgan.

What's the latest with AJ Styles and his contract status with TNA Wrestling?

AJ Styles' contract with TNA Wrestling is up next month and he's currently negotiating a new deal. Perhaps in a move to improve his leverage, an interesting question was posed on his Facebook page. The question was as follows:

Where do fans want AJ Styles to be? TNA? WWE? ROH? Japan? Lots of options. Tough decisions.

Since then, speculation has been rampant regarding his future. TNA is looking to cut costs and are probably hoping to secure the services of AJ Styles at a lower rate.

What exactly happened that got Dolph Ziggler in the WWE doghouse?

To catch everyone up, we reported here on Premium that Dolph Ziggler landed himself in the WWE doghouse. We do not have full details as to what happened but were made of a rumor going around throughout the WWE locker room. The rumor is that something happened between Randy Orton and Ziggler. Since it's only a rumor I don't want to speculate but there is heat on Ziggler.

Why was Big Show afraid of getting fired on the closing segment of Raw if he has an iron clad contract? I think it's just another case of WWE thinking their viewers have short term memory.

The huge illogical gap on this week's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw was WWE neglecting Big Show's "ironclad contract." It's been mentioned multiple times, including here in Raw is Blogged. WWE relies on their audience to have short-term memories to progress storylines but this was bad because they recently played up Show's contract to explain his absence this summer.

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