Big Names Still Not In WWE HOF, Against Banning Moves, Paige To Depart Next?, Goldberg Update


Is there anyone you want to see inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame?

There are so many names that I would like to see inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame it would be impossible for me to name them all. Owen Hart is someone that should have gone in a long time ago but the issue is with his widow Martha Hart. It won’t stop me and many others from lobbying for his induction. In addition to him, The Rock is due an induction and so is The Undertaker. It’s obviously too soon for John Cena but he’ll get the nod one day as well. Triple H isn’t in yet and the same can be said for Kurt Angle, Chyna, the New World Order, Bill Goldberg, Sycho Sid, DeGeneration X, Vader and The British Bulldog. What about Kane? Rey Mysterio is due the nod one day and Vince McMahon himself is not even in yet. There are probably several I missed but it’s safe to say, there isn’t a shortage of names that should be inducted.

What move do you think WWE should ban (if not already)?

I used to lobby that WWE ban workers from dropping to their butt while executing a piledriver and other high-risk maneuvers. However, on my personal Facebook page, Adam Pearce chimed in that no move should be banned but they should be taught to be executed and taken correctly. If a seasoned veteran like Adam Pearce, who now works for WWE says that, who am I, who has never wrestled, to argue a move should be banned? There are moves that are riskier than others but I believe the biggest issue is learning to do them correctly.

Where do you see Alberto Del Rio going now that he has opted out of his WWE contract and do you think Paige will now try to get out of her contract as well?

Alberto Del Rio will probably wrestle in Mexico. He’s saved his money and has even made good money during this latest run in WWE but this time him and Triple H just couldn’t make it work. It’s a shame but he’ll still be able to earn like he did when he was fired from WWE a few years ago. As for Paige, it’s anyone’s guess. Hunter already told people that he felt Del Rio was a bad influence on her and after the Wellness violation, it looks like he is correct. It’s none of my business what Paige does in her personal life but it would be unfortunate for it to damage her very promising WWE career.

Is Goldberg really in talks with WWE to return to the ring?

Yes, there have been talks about Bill Goldberg returning to the ring at Wrestlemania 33. We detailed them far before TMZ ever wrote anything about it here on Wrestling News World Premium. The hangup has always been over money and Goldberg’s price is going to have to come down if he wants a match to happen. I’m personally over Goldberg wrestling and while it’s neat to have him in the WWE 2K17 video game and he’s due a Hall of Fame induction, it’s time to give the young guys a chance.

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