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Do you think one day the WWE Hall of Fame will become too "overcrowded"? Although there are so many legitimate names in there, I can't help but look at the "wasted" spots given to some celebrities or non-deserving superstars.

The WWE Hall of Fame has a celebrity wing that is considered separate from the actual Hall of Fame. It’s always been like that and I see nothing wrong with it. Remember, while getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame is without a doubt an honor, it’s also used to sell tickets and hype Wrestlemania. The celebrity inductions are part of drawing mainstream headlines for WWE’s show of the year.

While I’m sure we could debate all day long on names, the WWE Hall of Fame isn’t going to get overcrowded. Actually, just skimming inductions since 1993, I have hard time picking very many that have been inducted that shouldn’t have been (there is only one that comes to mind that I found curious). Another reader Tweeted me that after Randy Savage, they’re running out of headliners. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Off the top of my head, assuming WWE picks one legitimate headliner each year, I can get them to 2020 without even thinking. Undisputed headliners such as The Undertaker, The Rock, Sting and Bill Goldberg could easily carry the ceremony for the next four years. Even after that, there’s the New World Order, Chris Jericho, Triple H, Christian, Diamond Dallas Page, Kevin Nash, Kurt Angle, The Hardy Boyz, The Dudleys… I’m not even breaking a sweat here and there are names all deserving that haven’t been inducted.

Let’s not forget as they names are inducted, there will be new names making a strong case. Brock Lesnar, John Cena and Randy Orton are shoe-ins for the honor one day.

The WWE Hall of Fame is just fine and will continue to be just fine going forward.

Being from the United Kingdom, I just signed up for the WWE Network. I just searched for The Undertaker and only two matches are available. Is this a UK-only issue or does the WWE Network not feature Undertaker?

I just searched the WWE Network by typing in the term Undertaker and it returned 714 results. I’m not sure if there is an issue for users in the United Kingdom because the service hasn’t technically launched there yet, but there’s more Undertaker content than anyone could possibly watch in one day. Page 72 of my search includes Wrestlemania 8, Saturday Night’s Main Event from November 14, 1992, Survivor Series ’92 and Monday Night Raw on March 15, 1993. While I’ve had the WWE Network for what is coming on a year, I’m still as amazed today as I was when I first got it.

At the risk of sounding like a mark, it’s unfathomable that I have this type of access to the WWE tape library that is in addition every pay-per-view monthly, the NXT shows and so much more. It’s fairly inexcusable that WWE has struggled to sell this and one can only chalk it up to poor marketing.

I noticed in the list of advertised matches for the February 27, 2015 WWE live event from Madison Square Garden in New York City that it’s John Cena & Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins & Rusev w/Lana. Does this mean we are likely to see John Cena vs. Rusev and Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton at Wrestlemania 31?

In Thursday’s Ask WNW, we talked matches for Wrestlemania 31 and I mentioned how Rusev has come up as a possible opponent for John Cena. With them being programmed like that on a Road to Wrestlemania live event, that’s a further indication of it actually happening but given Cena vs. Rusev has been mentioned to me a few times now, it’s of no surprise.

We post live event lineups from time to time because they give us an indication [of where the creative team is going] but it’s important to note plans are always subject to change. Last year, WWE wanted to do Batista vs. Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus and CM Punk vs. Triple H. These matches were all “penciled in” after Royal Rumble and none of them happened. While things changed even more than usual last year due to the popularity of Daniel Bryan and the fact that CM Punk walked out, it proves how volatile Wrestlemania plans can be.

If you told me today that I had to give you a card for Wrestlemania, I would list the following - Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Sting vs. Triple H, John Cena vs. Rusev, Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt vs. The Undertaker.

As you can see, I snuck Undertaker in there. I have heard nothing to confirm him for the show, other than he was included in some promotional material and don’t even have Daniel Bryan in a match. However, one must remember that Bryan was just cleared to return last month so his name hasn’t been pitched like the others have.

Seth Rollins is undoubtedly WWE’s top heel now due to his mic work, performances and personality. When The Authority finally goes away and Paul Heyman becomes free, do you see Seth becoming a "Paul Heyman Guy" and their relationship being similar to the Punk-Heyman relationship?

It’s not a stretch to say Seth Rollins is WWE’s top heel and that should make everyone that’s a fan feel pretty darn good. He’s only been on the main roster since late-2012 and here we are in January 2015, calling him “undoubtedly WWE’s top heel.” For as much as we criticize WWE, we should probably pause just to realize the significance of that. From Ring of Honor to NXT to WWE’s top heel and we’ve watched it happen right before our eyes.

To answer your question, nothing feels quite as natural as a Heyman/Rollins pairing. While WWE tried desperately to use Heyman to elevate talent, that hasn’t worked. However, where Heyman has worked in a big way is when paired with an already proven talent like CM Punk or Brock Lesnar. Could this mean Heyman and Rollins collude to take out Brock at Royal Rumble? At Wrestlemania? It’s certainly a possibility and as I mentioned on Thursday, I like how many options WWE has heading into Royal Rumble.

Some readers have wondered with Lesnar probably leaving WWE in 2015 if that means Heyman is out as well. It does not. Heyman was not part of WWE’s deal to bring back Brock Lesnar and was actually brought in later at the recommendation of CM Punk.

From the Ask WNW vault…

October 2010: Whatever happened to Snitsky? How come so many WWE superstars get pushed and then slowly fade out? - Gene Snitsky was released from his WWE contract in 2008. He's tried to get on with TNA Wrestling but hasn't drawn any interest. WWE pushes workers they feel have the potential to get over. The reactions from the fans depend on where they go from there. When they get over, they end up like Sheamus but when they don't, they end up like Snitsky. This is the natural cycle of the business and is the reason why a worker depends so heavily on the creative team. There are not many second chances when it comes to bad booking so if a worker agrees to go forward with an angle that's meant to shoot them to the top, they better be sure they can make it work.

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