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WWE Limps Into Wrestlemania 31, IC Title, Why Undertaker Can't Lose, Uninspiring Battle Royal

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What are your thoughts on the ending of Raw? In what world does Brock Lesnar not knock Roman Reigns out for touching his title?

A world completely devoid of a realistic Wrestlemania main event storyline is one that features Roman Reigns snatching the title right out of the hands of Brock Lesnar with no repercussions. He’s “The Beast” that ended the streak! Wow, what an anti-climatic way to send us home to Sunday’s pay-per-view. Just awful. I saw one reader commented that it looked like two old ladies at the deli fighting over the last ham.

Paul Heyman set that up to be an epic — and much needed — final staredown and the show faded with nothing.

That’s it folks, that’s the final TV before Wrestlemania. There is no saving the way Raw signed off but that’s how they’re expecting to sell the show. I re-watched the segment just before writing this and I’ll tell you that had the potential to be a lot more than it was.

They needed something intense, with neither side getting the upper-hand, but the way the crowd reacted was complete proof WWE fell flat on their face and will limp to the Wrestlemania 31 play button. I stated on social media that Wrestlemania 31 feels way too "9.99ish” and I think a lot of people agree. It’s not that the card is bad, the stories just haven’t been told this year.

Something dawned on me listening to Bad News Barrett on Raw that surprised me... He's a 5-time Intercontinental Champion. Now, we have debated for months that WWE needs to build up and coming talent and restore prestige to the championships (which they are doing). By having the title change hands so much, was this WWE's way of quickly building talent to boast impressive records of holding championships?

In other words, do I believe the reason WWE has played hot potato with the Intercontinental Championship is so they can have multiple Superstars with multiple reigns? That’s possible but I do not believe the prestige of the Intercontinental Championship has been restored. I believe there is more interest and intrigue in the Ladder Match heading into Wrestlemania but is that because it’s a gimmick match with workers like Dolph Ziggler or Daniel Bryan in it or because the belt is more prestigious?

I believe it’s the former and the fact WWE has actually taken time to build the Intercontinental Championship match rather than the lackadaisical build most of the other matches have received. I believe titles are made more prestigious when reigns are longer and champions go over in title matches. WWE hasn’t done either one of those things but they’ll have the chance with the Intercontinental Championship on Sunday. We can argue the United States Championship means more, however, is it too late?

It’s official - Undertaker will not return to WWE TV before Wrestlemania 31. Do you see his bout against Bray Wyatt as a passing of the torch and eliminating the possibility of Undertaker vs. Sting?

Last year when Brock Lesnar went over Undertaker was supposed to be the passing of the torch. Now, Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt is supposed to be a special attraction match featuring two mystical characters. It’s going to be complicated to book but I find it very hard to believe Undertaker is going to show up only to lose. I think Wyatt goes under here, I just hope he’s not completely buried in the process. As for Undertaker vs. Sting, it’s still in play for Wrestlemania 32 next year as long as both men are willing and able and Vince McMahon thinks there will be money in it. I can tell you Vince wanted to do it this year but Triple H wanted Sting to himself.

If the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal has had such bad luck (so far) with elevating talent, has WWE thought about bringing back the King of the Ring Tournament?

WWE wanted to use the inaugural Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal last year to launch Cesaro’s push but they tried to force him heel after teasing him going babyface in the months prior. It didn’t work. I see the bout as a lazy attempt to fill out the pay-per-view card with names that have been regulars on TV over the past year. While it does that, I’m not sure it does anything else. I would rather the Money in the Bank ladder match, the finals of a resurrected King of the Ring tournament or pretty much anything else as a fun undercard match.

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