WWE Midcarder Getting Pushed; Another Regressing, Total Divas Star, Cena's Health, Punk & Bryan Behind The Scenes

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Photo Credit - E!

Photo Credit - E!

It seems like Curtis Axel's push to becoming WWE Intercontinental Champion hinged on his alliance with Paul Heyman. With his reign being a bit of a disappointment, what do you see for Axel after his rematch against Big E Langston at Survivor Series on Sunday?

This is something we've talked about a lot lately but it's safe to say the Curtis Axel push didn't work. WWE put the rocket pack on him and put him in the ring with Triple H and John Cena before giving him a reign as Intercontinental Champion. The thinking was the gimmick makeover with Paul Heyman would help elevate him. I was optimistic about the gimmick out of the gate but it didn't translate. One thing I pointed out in this week's Premium Mailbag was that he struggled in his promos and the fans never bought him.

Axel's rematch against Big E Langston for the Intercontinental Championship at Survivor Series on Sunday is a case of workers going in opposite directions. Big E Langston's stock in surging and this is a push Vince McMahon has wanted to give him for months. We'll see how it plays out but right now Langston's star is brighter and it'll be up to him to take full advantage of the opportunity.

Why is WWE pushing Eva Marie instead of JoJo? I can't think of anything good to say about Eva's work but JoJo on the other hand, seems to have potential to be really good.

In-ring work has little to nothing to do with how WWE pushes their female talent. It's not a major factor in pushing their male superstars but the Divas division is even less about it. WWE officials feel Eva Marie looks like a star and has the potential to be one of the faces of the Divas division. It doesn't matter that she's green as grass in the ring, she has the look and WWE is showcasing her for it. For those that missed it Thursday morning, Total Divas has been renewed for a second season and we posted some photos looking back at season 1 at this link.

Ask WNW Continues... John Cena's Health, CM Punk & Daniel Bryan Behind-The-Scenes

John Cena seems like he is working injured ever other week. What is his current condition?

I am sure John Cena has his aches and pains like everyone else but he's medically cleared to compete. Cena certainly came back on the early end from his surgery to repair his torn triceps this past August but he's good to go. The stuff with his arm in a sling and constant selling is kayfabe and I feel Cena has done a good job with it. This isn't an easy business but Cena isn't a guy that likes time off.

What's the relationship like between Daniel Bryan and CM Punk behind the scenes?

From what I understand Daniel Bryan and CM Punk are friends and get along well behind-the-scenes. Bryan has a reputation for being extremely humble and easy going. It's hard to find anyone that has a bad thing to say about him. Punk on the hard is more opinionated and has his fair share of detractors but he's still over with the right people. Bryan and Punk have a lot in common and are revolutionary in that they really helped change the WWE mindset of top indy guys translating to top WWE guys.

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From the Ask WNW vault…

July 2013: What were your thoughts on the premiere of Total Divas? - I held this question for a couple of days because I didn’t get to watch the premiere episode of “Total Divas” until Tuesday night. I watched the show with my wife, who is a fan of reality TV and watches a lot of programming on E. She is admittedly and unapologetically not a pro wrestling fan so I was interested to see her reaction. The final verdict was that she liked the show and I did not. She felt the program was compelling and entertaining while the show told me what I already figured. This isn’t a program about wrestling nor is it meant to cater to pro wrestling fans. This show is to expand WWE’s demographic while also touting their diversity as an entertainment company. Total Divas featured romance, drama and a “real-life” look at the people that play the characters on television. I will continue to watch the show because I enjoy watching television with my wife – not because I’m a fan of its content. I’m not saying it “wasn’t a good show,” I’m saying I’m not a fan of reality TV shows based on romance and drama. I would rather be watching a baseball game. However, WWE and E got good news in terms of viewership and touted the results. The show also carried strong viewership numbers following Raw on Monday, with an average viewing audience of 1,300,000 viewers on the USA Network.

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