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WWE PG & The Rock's Character, Ryder A Main Eventer?, Heat On Cena, Kane's Return

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Do you think the WWE is moving further away from the PG style? With the way The Rock was leading the crowd with his "Boots to Asses" chant seems like they are either moving further away. Or do you think they are just giving Rock more lenience?

WWE has "spiced things up" for the past few months but I'm reluctant to say they are moving away from PG programming, especially with Linda McMahon running for United States Senate again next year. The Rock is given more lenience and WWE PG really doesn't apply to him. He's protecting his character and Vince McMahon is thrilled to have him back.

Do you ever see Zack Ryder being a main event type guy in WWE?

I don't see Zack Ryder's gimmick as a main event gimmick but he has the talent to work in the top of the card. Gimmicks can always be tweaked to elevate a worker but the Jersey Shore stuff has a shelf-life. I don't want to make a direct comparison between Ryder and John Cena but Cena was introduced to the WWE audience with a gimmick that had a shelf-life and developed into one of the biggest stars in the business. While I understand Ryder has had past gimmicks on WWE TV, this is his first singles gimmick.

Is it me or does it actually seem like WWE is attempting to turn John Cena after Raw was Rocked?

I was surprised at the amount of heat John Cena got in Boston. That in itself should be very telling to WWE officials that something needs to be done with a gimmick that people are so tired of they are even booing it in the worker's hometown. I couldn't imagine CM Punk getting heat in Chicago or Randy Orton getting heat in St. Louis. With that being said, I maintain that I will have to see a Cena heel turn to believe it.

Have you heard any updates on Kane? We haven't heard anything since he was written off with the Mark Henry injury angle.

Kane has been out on requested time off. WWE creative is evaluating plans to bring him back. For more details on those plans, click here.

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