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WWE PPV Changes, The Pushes Of Tensai & Ryback, Loaded 1000th Raw, Time For CM Punk To Drop Title?

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With WWE pay-per-view buys down do you think WWE will either lower prices of their events or possibly have restaurants charge a cover fee for patrons to watch the shows?

Answering the second part of this question first, restaurants such as Buffalo Wild Wings have to pay a significant fee to show WWE pay-per-views. Due to the fact they are a public place where the show will be seen on multiple screens, they have to pay significantly more than you or I would by watching at home. As for WWE lowering their pay-per-view prices, there has been talk about tweaking the pay-per-view model with the launch WWE Network but I haven't heard anything about reducing the cost of the pay-per-views. WWE is aware things need tweaked but given the fact Wrestlemania XXVIII set a buy record (even though it's been lowered), they know people will buy if there is enough interest.

Why does WWE continue to push workers such as Tensai and Ryback when they are just getting mocked with "Albert" and "Goldberg" chants?

Tensai's push has been scaled back significantly as WWE producers along with Vince McMahon recognized he didn't get over how they planned. Much of what you have seen with Big Show was originally slated for Tensai. WWE has not completely given up on him and are tweaking things in attempt to make the gimmick work. As for Ryback, the general feeling is not one of optimism but Vince McMahon is still high up on him. We'll see how it plays out but it's also important not to judge a gimmick too quickly. So many fans want to criticize a gimmick before it even gets a chance. There are a lot of gimmicks that started awful and turned out to be entertaining. Patience is key but there is a point when the plug needs to be pulled.

What do you expect for the 1000th Raw in terms of returns and surprise appearances?

The 1000th episode of WWE Raw is going to be loaded and will feature all WWE has not only to try and boost a huge rating but also create momentum for their permanent move to three hours. Some names already announced for the 1000th Raw that are not reoccurring on WWE television are Brock Lesnar and D-Generation X.

Do you feel it's the right time for CM Punk to drop the WWE Championship or do you feel he needs to continue his long title reign?

CM Punk is clearly established as a main event star in WWE and given his extended reign as WWE Champion, dropping the title would not hurt him. Is it time? This is a whole other question and I'm not sure I have a clear-cut answer. On one hand, Daniel Bryan is capable of carrying the title but on the other hand, I'd like to see Punk get a chance to headline a pay-per-view as WWE Champion, which is something that hasn't happened this year.

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