Did WWE Ruin Bryan's Return?, First Ballot HoFers, Heyman's Future, Vince Stepping Down

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Do you think WWE should have kept Daniel Bryan’s return at the Royal Rumble a surprise? I feel it would have had more of an impact plus the crowd reaction would have been huge.

We detailed a couple problems with the return of Daniel Bryan here in our Backstage Raw News. It’s a tricky situation because bringing Daniel Bryan back as a surprise Royal Rumble entrant would assure a massive pop and alleviate pressure if he didn’t go over but it wouldn’t allow for any build either.

Bryan has been out of the ring since the beginning of May last year. By bringing Daniel Bryan back early, it did give him a chance to explain his health to his fans and it gives WWE the opportunity to build him. With him not competing until the pay-per-view, he could cool off, so that is another risk as well.

Another issue to consider is that Bryan probably wanted a chance to explain his health to prevent some fans from thinking his injury was some type of elaborate work. Believe it or not, there are some fans that believe everything is a work.

While hindsight is 20/20, what is done is done and I believe there is a lot of excitement concerning the return of Bryan. It’s amazing to me how he is still over as the company’s top babyface despite missing so much time.

Does NXT need a "mid card" title?

I believe the current set of titles in WWE NXT are fine as is. WWE doesn’t have a good track record for booking midcard titles and NXT is limited to one hour of television each week. NXT seems to be thriving with an increased level of interest and a roster full of top prospects. Vince McMahon has a different view but I believe if NXT isn’t broke, there is no need to try and fix it.

Among the active WWE roster, who would you consider to be "first ballot" Hall of Famers?

If we’re considering The Undertaker a member of the “active WWE roster,” he has to be included or at least mentioned first. The same for someone like Sting or The Rock, who don’t work full-time for WWE. If you’re talking about workers that are on every show and there every week, we have to start with John Cena. While Cena is a very polarizing figure, history will be much kinder to him. Randy Orton should be considered a “first ballot” Hall of Famer as well.

One interesting name is Brock Lesnar. Should he be a WWE Hall of Famer when he hangs up the boot? In my view he probably should be considering he ended the streak and has had a very successful WWE career, albeit on limited dates.

If Brock Lesnar leaves WWE after Wrestlemania 31, where does this leave Paul Heyman?

Remember, Paul Heyman wasn’t brought back with Brock Lesnar. It appeared that way but they were actually on the outs when Heyman first came back. If memory serves me correct, I believe CM Punk had a hand in bringing Heyman back to WWE to use with Lesnar. Regardless, WWE would be crazy to let Heyman walk. I do believe given some of the failed Heyman experiments they need to pair Heyman with an already established talent, rather than someone he’s supposed to “fix.”

Someone linked me to a rumor on Facebook about WWE pairing Heyman with Seth Rollins. I can’t confirm that but something of that nature would probably be much better than trying to force Heyman to help elevate someone else.

Do you think it's time for Vince McMahon to step down and let Triple H and Stephanie take over the reigns?

This is a question that will only pick up steam as Vince McMahon gets older and continues to have reactions like this. However, I believe Vince is still a key asset. Yes, I think he’s making and made some questionable decisions but there’s no debating his decades of success as the best promoter of all-time. You can’t just replace someone like that, even with someone like Triple H or Stephanie. I believe the correct course of action is the one they are currently taking, if only they could get along better in the transition and Vince wasn’t so set in his ways.

From the Ask WNW vault…

March 2013: Now that Booker T has been named to the WWE Hall of Fame will Randy Savage or Paul Bearer also make this year’s Hall of Fame? - I don’t see Randy Savage going in this year but I know there was a push to induct Paul Bearer shortly after he died. I have no problem with Bearer going in this year unless they decide to hold off and induct him when they induct The Undertaker. This year’s WWE Hall of Fame class has shaped up nicely. It went from, “well we may have Mick Foley” to not only do we have Mick Foley but Bruno Sammartino, Bob Backlund, Trish Stratus and Booker T. It’s a great class.

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