WWE Stars Dating, Upcoming Trades, Goldberg vs. Lesnar 3, Non-PG

Alberto Del Rio And Paige

What is WWE’s policy on superstars dating other superstars?

There is no policy on talent dating talent, nor should there be. WWE Superstars are signed to Performer’s Contracts, which stipulate them as independent contractors. What this means is that while WWE has exclusive rights to their services, they aren’t technically employees. The agreements already give WWE way too much control over the talent, in my opinion, but every time the contracts have been challenged in court, the cases have been thrown out. Having written that, WWE has been known to try and disrupt personal relationships before. Paige and Alberto Del Rio are a perfect example as Triple H felt that Del Rio was a bad influence on Paige and without being approached directly, she was encouraged to end it. They were split up in the 2016 WWE Draft and other things were said by intermediaries. That obviously didn’t happen but WWE officials, particularly Triple H, weren’t fond of that particular relationship. The opposite is true for John Cena and Nikki Bella as they are put on the same brand and given perks together, as two of the most valuable commodities on the roster.

Is there any chance of seeing any "trades" between the brands? There's been hints dropped obviously, but will WWE do it?

There has been considerable talk backstage in WWE about doing some Superstar trades between Raw and Smackdown. Cesaro’s name has come up the most but I’ve been hearing for weeks that Vince has gone back and forth about trades to mix things up. From what we’ve heard, he really was considering moving the cruiserweight division from Raw to Smackdown but ultimately decided to leave it on Raw.

How would you book Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg 3!? I think it would only make sense for Brock to finally beat Goldberg and avenge his losses.

Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg at Survivor Series presented a booking nightmare to WWE officials, especially before Goldberg had agreed to more dates. Vince McMahon worked his magic and was able to get Goldberg to agree to work more before the pay-per-view and pulled off a shock match and finish. He’ll hope to do the same at Royal Rumble, leading to what will be the rubber match at Wrestlemania 33. I haven’t heard the direction they plan to go but expect Vince to consult with Pat Patterson as he assists Triple H in booking the Royal Rumble match. While I was initially against Goldberg squashing Brock, it actually worked and was probably the best thing for all parties involved. We are not going to get a five-star match out of Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar so it must be handled appropriately.

How did Enzo Amore’s ‘Attitude Era’ type segment get approved for WWE TV?

I wondered the same thing and I haven’t heard the details. I will ask and pass them along if I get anymore insight but one thing to consider is that Vince McMahon is very high up on Enzo Amore. Guys he is higher up on tend to get a longer leash and are allowed to say things that other guys simply wouldn’t be able to say. I remember a couple of times when The Rock came back and stepped completely out of WWE PG that guys were complaining that if they were allowed to step out of the PG bubble they could get over too. Not that Rock needs edgy to get over, it’s just guys with more freedom are able to deliver promos that come across much better than over scripted stuff that comes off phony and disingenuous.

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