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WWE Stars Profiled?, The Future Of Swagger, Johnny's Back, What Happened To Kenn Doane

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In the past we've all heard about profiling of celebrities, do you think police are profiling WWE talent knowing they have a history of drug and alcohol abuse or are the talent to be blamed for their own actions?

I do not believe police are profiling WWE stars. If someone is following the law it doesn't matter if they are profiled or not, they would have nothing to worry about. Jack Swagger's arrest was because he was being an idiot, speeding while under the influence and in possession of marijuana. It was nearly midnight [when he was arrested] so it's unlikely the officer that pulled him over was even able to see who was driving the vehicle. This entire situation blows my mind. Why would someone that is in line for a main event match at Wrestlemania with a possible 7-figure earning potential right in front of them do something so stupid?

Do you think it's safe to say that Jack Swagger's push will end after the news of his arrest? What happens to the World Heavyweight Championship match at Wrestlemania 29?

Vince McMahon and Triple H held a meeting on Thursday to discuss the booking of Jack Swagger's character. I don't know what happened but WWE is in a bad spot as this week's Smackdown was taped prior to the arrest. Therefore WWE is following through with what was already taped and can make adjustments beginning next week. The company took a step forward with the Swagger/Zeb Colter storyline Thursday night but they may have done that just to help promote Smackdown. At this point we have to see what direction they take on Raw before we know anything about the future of Swagger's push and title match at Wrestlemania.

Don't get me wrong, I don't miss John Laurinaitis on TV but what happened to him given the fact the last I heard was he would be back at some point?

John Laurinaitis took time off to have shoulder surgery and has been back as a producer. He made his return in front of an audience at Thursday's WWE Raw live event in Doha, Qatar. We have a photo you can view at this link.

What happened to Kenn Doane (Kenny from Spirit Squad)? I'd say he was the most talented of the 5, and even had a push after the "Squad" split. Then he was gone. Was it attitude? Performance? Or did he rub Vince the wrong way?

Kenn Doane was the most talented in-ring competitor of the Spirit Squad, which is clearly saying something given the fact it's the same faction that included Dolph Ziggler, however, a big ego and bad attitude took him down to irrelevance. He's still only 26-years-old but rather than humbling himself and trying to work his way back to WWE, he's used social media as a way to bury John Cena - the current face of WWE. What one thinks of Cena is completely irrelevant. Doane is just like Teddy Hart, all the talent in the world but not enough common sense to play the game of politics.

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