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WWE Talent Going Rogue, Universal Title Not Prestigious, Reigns Finished?, Reaction To Nia Jax

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As refreshing as Cesaro's rant about his place was in WWE, why don't more stars go rogue? I know the success rate is not 50/50.

Cesaro got heat for shooting in his post-Draft interview with JoJo but, as it was described to me, “not as much as one would think.” Vince McMahon likes guys that stand up for themselves; as he respects people with the courage to lobby on their own behalf. However, that is not always the case and there is a way to go about it. There is a huge risk in shooting with a live mic and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. It is usually a bad thing is a worker goes into business for one’s self and there are better ways to convince the company to pay attention. The best way is to take advantage of every opportunity given. We all know that Vince was not behind CM Punk or Daniel Bryan but literally every time out they left Vince McMahon with no choice but to push them. That’s the most convincing way and the safest way to elevate one’s status.

With the addition of a second title, what do you see coming out as the most prestigious?

I will never hold the WWE Universal Championship above the WWE Championship in terms of prestige, I don’t care what happens. This is just another head scratcher and makes me wonder what in the world goes through Vince McMahon’s mind. WWE had two world titles - the World Heavyweight Championship and the WWE Championship. Both belts had prestige, honor and history. However, when the brand extension ended, they ultimately decided to unify the belts to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. A few years later and they’re just kidding, now, the WWE Universal Championship is the belt to win. It’s a horrible name for a brand-exclusive title, it comes in with no prestige and is a really weak idea to put on the same level as the WWE Championship. I will go as far as saying it hurts the WWE Championship by creating a belt out of obscurity that is supposed to be on par with the most coveted title in the world. If Vince had to have two titles I don’t understand why the World Heavyweight Championship, the title belt from WCW, was not brought back from one of the brands.

Is Roman Reigns finished as a top guy in WWE?

It’s too early to say that Roman Reigns is finished as a top guy in WWE. When Raw went on the air last night, the plan was still to do Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns for the new WWE Universal Championship at SummerSlam. At the last minute, Vince McMahon called an audible in which we detailed in an earlier post here in our Members Content. I actually received a text message at 8:22 PM ET last night that "Vince just called an audible regarding the main event." If you’ve followed our Members content on Wrestling News World Premium then you know Vince had begun to waver on Reigns before his violation of WWE Wellness Policy and was even considering someone else in the role as his 1b babyface. Coming out of Raw, it looks like Finn Balor is going to be that guy. We’ll continue to monitor but given how late this change with Reigns was made, it’s way too early to say he’s finished as a top guy in WWE. He’s in Vince’s doghouse and he’s certainly not in the position he has been in the past couple of years but he’s not finished yet.

What were your thoughts on the Raw debut of Nia Jax?

I thought she was nervous and that’s OK. These workers aren’t robots and we didn’t see the best from Nia Jax last night on Raw. With that said, I am extremely high up on Nia Jax and believe she’s going to play a major part as a female competitor on the red brand. WWE is committed to giving her a push out of the gate and we have backstage reaction from her debut at this link.

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