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WWE Tough Enough's Return, Ryback Criticism, Sheamus On Twitter, End Of An Era For Kurt Angle?

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What are the details on the return of WWE Tough Enough, is it really happening?

Yes, WWE Tough Enough is returning as original WWE Network programming. Little is known other than it'll be taped at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL this summer. Bill DeMott, head NXT trainer, has confirmed his involvement and Tweeted me that more information should be announced soon.

A few months ago Ryback was being criticized for his bad attitude and recklessness in the ring, has that changed?

The criticism of Ryback has died down considerably, most likely due to his change on the card. Like it or not, main event talent is scrutinized much more than members of the undercard. I'm not saying Ryback hasn't improved his ways because I know he has done some good media appearances following some of the debacles he had last year but the microscope isn't on him because of where he's booked.

What do you make of the Tweets made by Sheamus, where he called out "dirt sheet heroes" and seemingly referenced a comment posted on

I popped for Sheamus on Twitter on Thursday! I always have a lot of fun when wrestlers go after writers; it's entertaining. Sheamus is known for "keeping kayfabe" and it wouldn't surprise me at all if these Tweets were part of what seems like an inevitable heel turn. If Sheamus was legitimately bothered by a story of him falling asleep at Extreme Rules or a comment where one of our readers called him Triple H's "workout buddy," that's fine too. It's human nature to get annoyed over things in the media, especially the mentality in this business where "if you haven't wrestled, you haven't paid your dues." I completely understand why a worker would think that, I just disagree. While I haven't paid my dues in the ring, I've paid my dues in my field. To run a successful publication the size of Wrestling News World without the backing of a large corporation, it takes a lot more than turning on a computer in my mother's basement.

Is it the end of an era for Kurt Angle and TNA Wrestling?

For those that missed it, Kurt Angle's torn ACL is a legitimate injury and he's undergoing surgery on Friday to repair it. Alex Barie broke the news here on TNA rolled it into storyline, which will hopefully help Ethan Carter III moving forward. Angle's recovery timetable (4 1/2 months) would suggest Angle has worked his final match in TNA but it's premature to suggest anything is definite. I do not expect to see Angle in TNA past 2014, despite the company's efforts to re-sign him.

From the Ask WNW vault…

June 2013: A couple of years ago, WWE had five pay-per-views between Wrestlemania and Summerslam and this year there are only three. Given that, shouldn’t WWE expect buys to be higher now to make up for lost revenue? And if the buys are not substantially higher now does that mean that their PPV strategy is not working? - There were five pay-per-views between Wrestlemania 25 and SummerSlam in 2009, WWE scaled it back to four until this year, which has now been cut to three. Yes, WWE is hopeful that fewer pay-per-views will mean stronger buy rates for the shows but it’s no secret that the pay-per-view business has changed. This is why WWE is willing to give up the revenue to put the pay-per-views on the forthcoming WWE Network. They would rather use the pay-per-views as the centerpiece of the cable network rather than depend on them to be bought independently.

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