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WWE Travel, Plans For Lord Tensai, Hall Of Fame Ceremony Dress Code, Wrestlemania Weather

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How do WWE workers mainly get from city to city - do they drive or fly?

A lot of it depends on the distance from the worker's home. Obviously, the closer the city is, the more likely they are to drive rather than fly. Some main event workers travel in their own tour buses as I recall Big Show bought a tour bus from country music singer Toby Keith a couple years ago. Not everyone can afford these arrangements, as WWE does not cover travel expenses.

When Lord Tensai debuts in WWE is he going to the main event or is he going to go down as a forgotten gimmick?

I can assure you WWE isn't airing vignettes to put out a "forgotten gimmick." I have heard two plans pitched for Lord Tensai. The original plan was to bring him in as "muscle" for John Laurinaitis while another plan had him booked against John Cena, both were slated to take place after Wrestlemania. Things change at a rapid pace but it looks like he could have a run at the top and at 39-years-old, that's a good thing for Matt Bloom.

I may be attending the WWE Hall Of Fame 2012 induction ceremony, I and I'm sure many others are wondering what the dress code is for this event?

Last year, WWE sent out an email to ticket holders and said the dress code was "business casual" and reminded the event was "upscale." If you have tickets, you should receive an email with this information. Last year, it was sent the night of the event. WWE will make sure all of their talent is dressed up in formal attire.

With Sunday's Wrestlemania XXVIII being outdoors at Sun Life Stadium, what will WWE do when it rains? Especially given the fact the Miami weather is so unpredictable and as of right now there is a 60% chance of rain.

I just checked the weather for Miami, Florida and there is a 40% chance of precipitation with "PM T-Storms" as the forecast. WWE obviously hopes the weather holds up, however, there will be a protective covering over the ring like there was when Wrestlemania was in Orlando in 2008.

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