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WWE Treating Raw 1000 Like Wrestlemania, Dean Ambrose's Debut, Batista Appearance, How Sin Cara Is Perceived

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How do you expect the 1000th episode of Raw to turn out?

I'm told WWE is treating the 1000th episode of Raw like Wrestlemania with the writers being put under enormous pressure to deliver the company's best TV show to date. As I've said multiple times, not only does WWE hope to pop the ratings with the show but they are looking to gain momentum as they launch into three hours on a weekly basis. Should the company fail to deliver a very high rating it would be considered a major disappointment.

I've been waiting forever to see Dean Ambrose make his debut to the main roster. I know they are working on a storyline for him but when do you think he will finally debut?

Dean Ambrose's debut to the main WWE roster is considered imminent. We haven't heard a definitive date but the 1000th Raw would be as good of show as any to bring him in, however, I cannot confirm a date as of this writing.

Is there a possibility Batista appears on the 1000th Raw?

Anything is possible in this business and given the fact Batista doesn't have a contract with TNA, he would be available for an appearance on WWE television. However, as I've reported several times, he says he will not be returning to the company this year. We can't always take workers at their word (remember Edge told me he wouldn't appear at SummerSlam but appeared) so we'll have to wait and see.

How is Sin Cara currently perceived backstage by officials and fellow wrestlers? Has he redeemed himself or is he still looked at as a "botch-artist"?

Sin Cara is no longer viewed as he once was, however, he still has enough support where he's getting to work. The latest fiasco involving Sin Cara was the blown spot at Money in the Bank with Dolph Ziggler with both workers complaining about the other backstage after the match.

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