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WWE's Anti-Blood Policy, Swagger To Be Suspended?, Android App, Piledriver Banned

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You've gone on record several times saying that you are against blading and I completely agree. But how do you feel about WWE going out of their way to avoid blood when a performer is busted open the hard way like they did by showing only the left side of Brock's head when he was standing on the ramp last night?

I missed the opening segment of this week's WWE Raw and had to result to the black and white footage WWE posted on YouTube (link here). While away, my phone was blowing up about Lesnar bleeding like a stuck pig. After reviewing the footage and listening to my sources, it's clear Lesnar cut his head on an exposed hook underneath the turnbuckle pad. The reason WWE tried to keep the cameras off the blood and made the footage black and white on YouTube has to do with their PG initiative. Excessive amounts of blood will cause the TV parental guidelines to change the rating from PG to TV-14, something Vince McMahon refuses to do.

Is it inevitable that Jack Swagger will be suspended?

No, testing positive for marijuana carries a $2500 fine but no Wellness strike or suspension. The Wellness policy also does not stipulate a mandatory suspension or strike for a DUI charge. So even if he's convicted on the DUI charge, WWE is not forced to suspend him. However, section 14 of the Wellness policy gives WWE the right to immediately dismiss a talent that is arrested, convicted or admits to a violation of law relating to use, possession, purchase, sale or distribution of drugs. In short, WWE had the ability to terminate Swagger, however, he's safe for now.

Do you all have an Android App?

This has been one of the most popular questions for the past three and a half years and today I can proudly answer to you that yes, we do have an Android Application. The App is called Dirt Sheet and it is now available for free download here in Google Play. We already have a Wrestling News World iPhone App that is available here but I can also tell you that Dirt Sheet is coming to the iPhone and iPad. As of this writing we do not have a release date but are hoping to make an announcement within the next week. You can explore all of the App features here on

Was Vince McMahon upset at CM Punk using the piledriver in the main event of this week's WWE Raw? I thought it was banned?

Yes, Vince McMahon was livid. Nothing about the spot was mentioned prior to the bout but Vince threw a fit (and his drink) backstage while giving a producer an earful. We have more details here on Premium.

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