WWE's Concussion Policy Dangerous?, Daniel Bryan Joining The Wyatt Family, Adrian Neville & Mason Ryan, Batista's Return Gimmick, Heath Slater Update

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Earlier in the week you partly attributed Dolph Ziggler's recent "demotion" to his injuries. With all that we now know about concussions and their long term affects, couldn't WWE get accused of fostering a culture where performers feel forced to return from head injuries too quickly or else face similar "punishments" to those received by Ziggler?

Remember when Fandango suffered a concussion last summer? While many were praising WWE for their quick and prompt response by removing workers from cards at the first sign of a concussion, one backstage source expressed concern. I was told WWE being quick to remove workers that experience concussion symptoms could mean fewer people coming forward if they were to suffer a head injury. Dolph Ziggler's concussion, the result of an errant Jack Swagger kick, came at a horrible time. Following a long wait to become World Heavyweight Champion, the reign was quick and largely forgettable. However, injuries are part of the business - they always have been and they always will be.

How does Daniel Bryan joining The Wyatt Family make any sense?

There are plenty of logic holes in Daniel Bryan joining The Wyatt Family to conclude this week's episode of Monday Night Raw. I posted everything I heard about the storyline in this week's Backstage Raw notes. A lot of readers are upset about Bryan joining The Wyatts because they see it as a demotion from his previous role in the top of the card. I'm willing to wait and see how it plays out and while it seemed random, there was a degree of intrigue.

What are your thoughts on Adrian Neville and his chances of success on the main roster?

Adrian Neville can work with anyone in the world and is extremely talented in the ring. His key to success on the main roster will be how he translates his gimmick to the masses. Neville is a smaller guy, so like many others, he'll have to work twice as hard to get fans to notice him. Guys like Ryback get multiple opportunities in WWE because of their look - regardless of what anyone says, in-ring work means the least in terms of how WWE pushes talent.

What's your opinion on Mason Ryan?

I haven't watched near as much of Mason Ryan's in-ring work as I have of Adrian Neville. He's a massive beast and while WWE wanted to give him a run on the main roster a few years ago, an injury derailed those plans. He'll need to prove he can stay healthy but because of his look, the opportunities should be there when/if he gets called up.

With Batista returning to WWE, will he be returning as a babyface or a heel?

WWE still has babyfaces and heels? I'm joking of course. Dot com ran a poll, asking fans which Batista they wanted to see return - the noble hero or the ruthless villain. The former won the majority and as with any returning star, it would be difficult to bring him back as a heel. Batista will be pushed right back to the top of the card immediately after his return on the January 20th episode of Monday Night Raw.

Is Heath Slater injured?

Heath Slater was off the road with WWE in the latter part of 2013 due to approved time off. I believe his wife had a new baby but he was back home in West Virginia visiting at one point. The latest update I posted on Slater is online at this link.

From the Ask WNW vault…

January 2013: Which member of The Shield do you see as the breakout star of the threesome, such in the manner Wade Barrett was with The Nexus? - It’s too early to tell. Roman Reigns is the greenest but even he tore the house down at WWE TLC. Looks can also be deceiving as Wade Barrett was the face of The Nexus yet Daniel Bryan has already had a World Heavyweight Championship reign and Ryback is in the main event. A lot of people praised Seth Rollins for his insane bump through the tables at the pay-per-view last month, however, a lot of people talked up the facial expressions and work of Dean Ambrose.

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