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WWE's New Top Broadcaster, Undertaker's Health, Network In UK, Emma Forgotten

The following is today's edition of Ask WNW. Ask WNW is the most popular feature on the website where Richard Gray answers four questions daily, Monday through Friday. To submit your question for the next installment of Ask WNW, click here.
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What do you think the ceiling is for Renee Young & Byron Saxton?

I like them both but I want to go on record by stating that Renee Young is quickly becoming my favorite broadcaster on WWE television. From the way she handles herself to how she comes across on camera, she is proving to be an asset for the company. No offense to Mike Adamle (remember him?) but he proved even if someone has broadcast experience, WWE is a completely different animal. While Renee came to WWE experienced, she had her work cut out for her and has passed with flying colors. Byron Saxton is like Alex Riley in that he transitioned from the ring to broadcast and was at one time involved in the NXT creative process. Saxton actually worked as a reporter and news anchor before coming to WWE, so the transition was smooth.

What did you think of Fred Durst's comments where he said the Undertaker wasn't doing very good?

Michelle McCool took to Instagram earlier this week to debunk rumors concerning the health of The Undertaker. Apparently, Fred Durst stated the following at a show last Saturday in San Antonio before playing "Rollin," which was used at one time as Undertaker's entrance theme:

“This next song goes out to our friend Mark Calaway, The Undertaker. He’s not doing real well right now and we want all our fans to keep him in their thoughts and prayers,” the rocker revealed.

I did not personally hear Durst's comments, as they were covered by When I first heard about them, I didn't pay much attention because we had just posted new photos of Undertaker [courtesy of Michelle McCool]. In one of the photos, they had just finished a workout.

Undertaker came out of Wrestlemania 30 with a severe concussion (all concussions are severe but this was the terminology used to describe Undertaker's state following this year's show). While I personally have never suffered a concussion, those that have will tell you the recovery is a difficult and tricky thing. Let's also not forget Undertaker spent a career taking bumps. Someone commented about how Undertaker didn't "look 100% healthy." He's never going to be 100% healthy because of what he's done to his body. It's not like he spent decades behind a desk. However, what Michelle was saying was that there are no serious health issues and they are "all good."

The UK version of the WWE Network was supposed to be launching October 1st, but there are no details to be found. Do you have any details on this at all?

According to WWE, the WWE Network is still on track for an October 1st launch in the United Kingdom. The service will be available over the top, as it is in the United States. Company executives stated in the most-recent conference call with investors that the service would likely only be available as a traditional Pay-TV channel as it currently is on Rogers systems in Canada. I would expect heavy promotion for the UK launch next week. If something changes, we'll post the details when we get them.

Is Emma still in the doghouse and that's why we haven't seen her?

Emma has been buried and forgotten since her shoplifting arrest over the summer that left her fired and rehired. We detailed the bizarre change of direction here on as the company was greeted with massive internal backlash following her release. Since then, she's hardly been able to showcase the potential she flashed at NXT that fast tracked her to the main roster. I guess you could say Emma is still in the doghouse but I'm not so sure it's that as much as she isn't a priority what-so-ever.

Is it just me or is Rusev's win streak just groan worthy? He's not a monster, he's annoying.

I want to see WWE create new stars so it makes me feel like a hypocrite for criticizing Rusev. I believe he's fine -- as a midcarder -- but I don't see him as much more. On the other hand, Lana could end up replacing Vickie Guerrero as the female that generates nuclear heat every time she picks up the mic. One of the things I focused on in my Cesaro writeup was that workers like Rusev get lengthy protected runs when highly talented prospects are given anything but. I wish I could explain why that is.

From the Ask WNW vault…

February 2012: With less big names in WWE wouldn’t it make more sense to eliminate one of the world titles and just go back to one brand? - Completely nixing the brand extension and consolidating the world titles would not be a good move. There will be fewer opportunities to develop new stars and it would be counter to WWE’s strategy of creating competition within itself. The people that say they want to see the brand extension end and the titles consolidated are the same people sick of John Cena. Shrinking the main event scene in WWE is going to mean more of guys like Cena, Randy Orton, CM Punk and less of guys like Daniel Bryan. I like the approach WWE has taken with Raw being a “Supershow” and Smackdown being its only brand. It provides an opportunity to get talent from both brands on the flagship show while at the same time allowing for opportunities for further talent development.

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