WWE's Reaction To Creative Leak, Henry's Title Quest, Planned Spots, Pushing Back On TNA's Demise

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Vince McMahon Flexing

Do you find WWE's statement that they "…may have a modern day Nostradamus on our hands…" in reaction to the Reddit user leaking storylines a bit odd? It seems like a strange response considering how serious Vince McMahon takes creative leaks?

For those that need to catch-up, Deadspin.comreported on Monday there is a Reddit.com user that has accurately spoiled the outcome of every WWE pay-per-view match since Elimination Chamber 2013. The story has gotten a lot of play, prompting the aforementioned statement by WWE (you can read the full statement here. WWE is very concerned about the leak and no matter how nonchalant they are acting to the public, they are working diligently to stop it. Some of you may remember we used to spoil WWE pay-per-views before they aired and here's how WWE stopped us. The company gave a different set of outcomes to everyone in the know and the outcomes that ended up online, ended up catching the leak. Since that happened, we've stopped posting match outcomes. We will report on "talks" or "direction" (as we did when we broke the news about Damien Sandow emerging as a MITB winner) but we will not post match outcomes because of how WWE operates. As for WWE's response to the leak, they are downplaying it because the fact of the matter this is a major problem and something they do not want to have to deal with it.

I was curious that after so much build-up and hype regarding Mark Henry's quest to win the WWE title, is he out of the title picture after just one match?

There is still a chance WWE blows off John Cena/Mark Henry [before SummerSlam] but it looks like they are heading straight into Cena/Daniel Bryan. Mark Henry is still suffering from a rib cartilage injury and WWE had already planned to do Cena vs. Bryan for the WWE title at SummerSlam. Henry was a stopgap program but there are a lot of people that wouldn't mind getting the nod to challenge at the top of the card.

How do workers know when to do "their spot" in matches like the Money in the Bank? E.g. Sheamus going through the ladder, Randy's winning moment, etc.

Matches like Money in the Bank and the 30-man Royal Rumble are laid out just like any other match. The chain goes from creative (after it's approved by Vince McMahon), to the producers to the workers. The workers will get together and discuss what they want to do. There is a lot of communication before the match but during as well, with workers "calling spots" in the ring. The latter is discouraged with WWE broadcasting in HD but it's still done all the time.

It just doesn't look good for TNA these days. Do you see Panda Energy selling it to Vince McMahon? I think TNA has a lot of talent but no one seems to know how to run that promotion or promote it well.

I'm going to push back on this because the fact of the matter is - no one knows the financial state of TNA Wrestling. TNA is backed by a huge corporation in Panda Energy and as long as they are interested in backing the company, they will survive. The massive round of cuts and departures do not make TNA look good but the fact of the matter is, the company is trying to manage a budget. Whenever you are trying to manage a budget, you have to make moves that are unpopular. I refuse to bite on this conjecture that TNA is in its dying days. If they were "dying," do you think they would have called in the extra names that were used on Destination X? I realize it's not expensive to use an "extra" but TNA wouldn't be doing it if they couldn't afford it. Taping television on the road is expensive and unless I hear 100% otherwise, I'm taking the cuts/restructuring as part of an attempt to save money.

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