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Wyatt Over Cena?, Missing Diva Returns, The Rights To CM Punk, Sting's Wrestlemania Status

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Should fans expect Bray Wyatt to go over John Cena at Wrestlemania 30? Is Cena trying to put younger talent over?

John Cena has been one of Bray Wyatt's biggest supporters behind the scenes. I remember when Bray was still in developmental that John often raved about his work. Based on the way the program has been booked, I don't think it's a given that Bray goes over John. Considering the Wyatt Family has interfered in Cena's matches, I think there's more of an argument that Cena goes over to gain redemption. If this happens, will Bray be hurt by the loss? However, the idea of Bray over Cena isn't without risk either. We'll have more on the outcome as we get closer to the show but right now it's not a given that Bray goes over, as it's actually that Cena does. As for Cena putting young talent over, this isn't a situation like Chris Jericho and Fandango last year. Jericho entered the Wrestlemania plans late and came back to help out young stars on a part-time basis. Cena is still fully committed to WWE and still the face of the company. He's not being phased out and as he said in a recent promo, the future of the business goes through him. Internet Browser! Download For Free [>>]

With Layla returning to WWE over the weekend, does that mean we should expect her back on television soon?

Layla was back on the road with the WWE roster this weekend where she tagged with Alicia Fox in matches against Natalya and Eva Marie (photo here). I'm still not completely clear about where Layla has been. At first it was thought to be an injury, then rumors spread it was due to personal reasons. The longer she was gone, the louder the whispers got that she could be finished with WWE. Her last appearance on Monday Night Raw was on the September 23, 2013 episode. There's a good chance she returns to television now that she's back on the road, however, we cannot confirm her for this week's broadcast.

Does Phil Brooks own the rights to CM Punk? He was in Talking Dead and Chris Hardwick kept saying Phil Brooks a/k/a CM Punk?

CM Punk used the name before he ever got to WWE, however, I just searched the US Patent and Trademark Office website. That search revealed WWE owns trademarks to the name CM Punk for "Entertainment services, namely, wrestling exhibitions and performances by a professional wrestler and entertainer" as well as for "Clothing, namely, tops, jackets, bottoms, underwear, pajamas; footwear, namely, shoes, sneakers, slippers; headwear, namely, hats" and for use on toys. All three of these marks are of "LIVE" status.

Do think Sting might make a cameo after Undertaker's Wrestlemania 30 match against Brock Lesnar to challenge him at Wrestlemania 31?

Sting broke his silence over the weekend, saying he only wants one more match and that's a match against Undertaker. Based on this appearance, I do not see Sting appearing at Wrestlemania 30 this year. I truly believe Sting is headed to WWE and will possibly work Wrestlemania next year, however, there is clearly no rush on his status. I do not see him making a cameo at Wrestlemania 30 this year based on his appearance over the weekend. He is finished with TNA Wrestling.

From the Ask WNW vault…

April 2011: How many buys do TNA pay-per-views buy? Do they make a profit? - When TNA was considering stopping pay-per-views and airing three-hour live specials on Spike TV they were drawing less than 10,000 buys per show. This is a tremendous loss and makes it impossible to make money. Buy rates climbed up following the Hardcore Justice show they did last August so it was determined to continue to run on pay-per-view. TNA is not a public company so they do not release their buy rate numbers so it is impossible for me to give you exact numbers as they are kept secret. However, we can look at some of the percentages for conversions and I'll give you some numbers to think about. A well-watched edition of WWE Raw does an average audience of around 5,000,000 viewers. A well-watched edition of Smackdown does close to an average audience of 3,000,000 viewers (last week's Smackdown featuring the send-off for Edge did an average viewing audience of 2,982,000, a very strong number). The average pay-per-view buy rate for the three WWE pay-per-views in quarter four of 2010 did 197,000 buys (click here for the breakdown of numbers). Last week's TNA Impact did an average viewing audience of 1,540,000 viewers. There are several variables to factor in when considering how well a pay-per-view does but hopefully those figures will give you an idea. It should be noted that Wrestlemania is a different animal as WWE's goal is to do at least 1 million buys each year for their biggest show of the year but it's a mark they've missed over the past few years. The numbers for this year's Wrestlemania XXVII are not yet available.

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