Wyatts 2.0, J&J Security, Kevin Owens On Main Roster, The End For Daniel Bryan?

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Is WWE finally admitting their mistake and putting The Wyatt Family back together? Will Bo Dallas be an additional member?

From what I’ve been told, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper were put back together because they didn’t have anything else for them. And that’s not a bad thing. I wondered what WWE was going to do with Rowan the moment they broke him away from Harper and Bray as it was pretty clear he didn’t have a direction. I don’t know if the faction will be completely resurrected but we have more — including details on the possible addition of Bo Dallas — at this link.

Does WWE expect fans to forget that Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury are talented veteran wrestlers? They look like fools as J&J Security!

Jamie and Joey are supposed to look like corporate sellouts — you know, the second generation of stooges. Of course they look ridiculous -- that’s the point! And let’s not get it twisted. While both Noble and Mercury could work, neither were a resounding success. They were respected veterans that could go but their current on-air roles are the perfect compliment to being producers.

How do you think Kevin Owens projects on the main WWE roster? Can he overcome the non-traditional look to be more than a perennial mid-card talent?

I think Kevin Owens can become a main event talent on the main WWE roster if he’s handled correctly. Fans in 2015 don’t care as much about the look as I believe some in WWE do. Owens has all the tools to be successful and from his first day in NXT, he’s shown the extraordinarily rare ability to “connect” with an audience. That’s something that can’t be explained, let alone taught.

But as is the case with anyone, it cannot be rushed. Look at Neville. He’s a great worker, he has the look but what now? It’s nice to see WWE protecting him but I don’t really feel like there is a plan for him. I guess we can be thankful they didn’t go with some of the questionable gimmick ideas they had for him but I just wonder what the plan is, assuming they have plan.

Is it time for Daniel Bryan to call it a career for the sake of his long-term health?

The only people that can make that decision are Daniel Bryan and his doctors. I hate it when fans or observers proclaim that someone’s career is over. We don’t really know what’s wrong with Bryan, other than the fact an MRI of his shoulder didn’t clear him last week.

It’s clear his body is beat up from years in the ring but that’s the nature of the business. Remember, Shawn Michaels retired once only to return and have some of the best matches of his career. It’s not over until it’s over and it’s really none of our business to make such bold proclamations.

The worst part about today’s world entrenched in information overload is that stuff like this always exists. Steve Austin worked his prime with a career-threatening injury. As I stated yesterday, I hope Bryan’s career isn’t over and I’ll continue to root for his rehabilitation. We know he has already started physical therapy and is focused on getting back.

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