Ziggler A Babyface, Daniel Bryan's Next Program, Axel A Heyman Guy, WWE Contracts

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Are there plans to turn Dolph Ziggler babyface?

WWE did a rare double turn at WWE Payback where Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler both turned. The plan, at least in the short term, is for Dolph Ziggler to work as a babyface. While the storyline is Ziggler "isn't cleared to compete," he is 100% medically cleared and was prior to the match at WWE Payback. The stuff at the pay-per-view (and explanation on Raw) was kayfabe.

Shouldn't it have be Daniel Bryan challenging for the WWE Championship against John Cena instead of Mark Henry?

WWE planted the seed for a future WWE title program for Daniel Bryan but the plan going back to before the pay-per-view on Sunday was to program Bryan with Randy Orton. At one point they were scheduled to face one another at WWE Payback but it was pushed back to give the program more build. As I stated on Tuesday, I'm all for Bryan vs. Cena for the title.

Any word if Curtis Axel is a legitimate "Paul Heyman guy" behind the scenes? Does Paul Heyman actually see something in him as he did with CM Punk, and what are your thoughts on Curtis Axel?

Paul Heyman and CM Punk are good friends in real life. In fact, it was Punk that pitched Heyman to WWE officials to bring him back to the company. A lot of people think it was Brock Lesnar that brought Heyman back but that's not the case. As for Curtis Axel, he has a lot of support in the locker room as a future star. I don't know what Heyman thinks of him personally but given Heyman's real-life nose for talent, I'm sure he sees potential.

When someone is called up to Raw and Smackdown but is later sent back down, how does this effect their contract?

When a worker is called up from WWE developmental they aren't immediately signed to a new contract. They keep their developmental downside while getting paid main roster show bonuses. Contracts do not automatically change when a worker is called up.

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