Ask WNW: Conor McGregor Reference, Could Social Outcasts Be The New DX, Wrestlers With Cult Followings, Road Block Main Event

I was bothered by a comment made on this week's Raw by Michael Cole who referenced the loss of Conor McGregor when Sasha Banks put Naomi in the Bank Statement. Do you think it was appropriate to compare both situations, which in my mind are completely different? Is it just Cole trying to be entertaining?

If there is one thing that I will always hate about WWE it is their very desperate attempts to connect themselves to mainstream media.  You never hear NFL, MLB, UFC, NBA or any other major sports franchise trying to compare or relate their sport to another.  WWE always comes off as pathetic when they do things like this.  Connor McGregor tapping out in a legitimate fighting competition is nothing like Sasha Banks making Naomi tap out in a laughably short match.  I'm sure Michael Cole was told at some point to make a reference to the McGregor defeat, even if he wasn't it's something Vince loves to do.  WWE feels the need to go out and act like they are "one of the guys" with other sports franchises, but it comes off as weak and pitiful.  To quote Vince Lombard, act like you've been there before.


Could you see the Social Outcasts get a major push? Could they be the modern day DX?

The Social Outcasts have a good thing going right now with their faction.  It certainly gives a group of guys who might not have been on TV otherwise a chance to shine.  It's also possible that eventually one of them will use the attention and opportunity to springboard into a singles push.  With that said, I don't think they'll ever make it to Degeneration X status.  For that matter, no one else may ever get that over as a faction.  Never say never in WWE, but I don't think it's likely they will make it much further than an entertaining enhancement faction.


Besides R-Truth, Dolph Ziggler, and Damien Sandow. What wrestler you consider has a cult following?  Does it have an effect on their careers?

There are a lot of guys that have a cult following actually.  I know it's a stereotype but anyone who is beloved by the IWC is going to have that cult following.  Guys like Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Hideo Itami, Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, and AJ Styles are all excellent examples.  I would say it has a strong effect on their careers, and the more they're loved the further it gets them.  Obviously, a wrestler will have to work hard to get further in their career, but a strong following will help get them further.  Think about guys like Daniel Bryan and C.M. Punk, they both had huge cult followings and even though WWE was reluctant to push them because they didn't have the "WWE look" it was forced by the fanbase.  Even if a wrestler's cult following only gets them in the door of WWE, that's further than a lot of guys make it in their career.


What is the point in having Dean vs Triple H for a Championship before WrestleMania when they have their WrestleMania matches set already. What if Triple H decides to lose the title to Dean, and in such a scenario what will happen to the Lesnar/Ambrose streetfight?

That is a very good question, the short answer is basically just for WWE to make more money.  I agree it seems like a head scratcher.  What's the point of Road Block?  They're going to use Road Block to help the build to WrestleMania, so why not just build up straight to WrestleMania instead of wasting time building to the thing that's a build for WrestleMania.  If that makes sense.  In a nutshell, with the exception of the logical answer of "WWE wants more views and subscriptions to the WWE Network" there is no reason for Road Block unless they make a major swerve which, let's be honest, we all know they won't.  Why, then, couldn't they just focus their time and effort on making the Raws leading to WrestleMania as strong as possible?  It almost seems like WWE is incapable of building a program for more than 3 weeks anymore.  They have to throw in a mini-PPV just to help them get to WrestleMania.

As far as the question of what happens if Triple H loses to Dean, the answer to me is simple.  If Dean wins the WWE Championship then the title just transfers over to the Dean/Lesnar match.  Triple H and Roman could still battle it out because they've got beef with each other.  If I were booking things I'd actually have Roman win, and then turn on Ambrose the next night on Raw for "stealing" his title since he beat Triple H.   If WWE were realistic they would have Lesnar interfere in Dean's match and HELP him win the Championship at Road Block for sake of trying to take it from him at WrestleMania.  That said, it's very likely they'll do the exact opposite, having Lesnar cost Ambrose the match because #WWELogic.
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  • Avalanchian

    I actually wanted to see Reigns interfere with the Ambrose vs HHH match and cost him the title.

    • Zack

      By accident or on purpose?

      • Avalanchian

        On purpose as some jealousy that Ambrose isn’t gonna ruin Reigns chance in the spotlight. Then I wouldn’t mind seeing Reigns go over HHH at WM but Ambrose comes out and dirty deeds him holding the title up to end the show.

  • ClintMurphy

    Fatal four way for the belt in hell in the cell

  • MaGayle AceVivid Starks

    That first answer took the words right out of my month. Be good enough to where people want to include you, I hate when they constantly try to insert themselves the way they do. Just stay in your lane wwe.

    And the last answee also took the words out of my mouth. WWE will be losing a subscriber after wrestlemania.

    BELEE DAT!!!!

    • Zack

      Sorry for stealing all your words! hahaha

      • MaGayle AceVivid Starks

        It’s all good. Lol

  • ron

    Title don’t have to move to the Ambrose/Lesnar match. The matches could change. Champ Ambrose vs Reigns and Lesner/HHH or Lesner vs anyone else and HHH moves to another match maybe with Shane/Undertaker. Or the Rock

    • Zack

      The problem with moving guys around is they’ve already started their build ups. The only thing I could see working is Triple H moving into the Lesnar/Ambrose match and Reigns volunteering to represent Shane in the Hell in a Cell match, but that’s a long shot.

  • Gary Robert

    lol he was bothered by it

  • Pedro Moreno Pacheco

    hwat about a lesnar/wyat match at mania? they have unfinished bussunes since the rumble and they are in a match tomorow that can set up a match at mania. And that frees ambrose to be in the main event because lets be honest. if we get a triple h vs roman reings for the tittle people are gonna boo it like the lesnar vs goldberg match. and vince know that.
    and theres been no build in the last weeks at all for the triple h vs roman reings match. not even a promo or a video on RAW. Roman is sometimes mentioned by ambrose and thats it.

  • David F

    I remember couple weeks ago commentary tried to compare League of Nation to Golden State Warriros as a dominant team but this is silly considering League of Nations are bunch of mid carders with no direction and last Monday Night RAW lot of people went to the bathroom. Shame on WWE! Shame! Shame! Shame!

    • Zack


  • EarnestJohn

    Talk about a major over reaction Richard. WHY Shouldn’t the WWE mention a match in the UFC,the WWE is bigger company and is watched and has more fans then the UFC,.The UFC means nothing to most people.

  • Kyle Williams

    I doubt that HHH will lose at Roadblock because for the past few years Wrestlemania season has been the time HHH likes to put himself over (vs Lesnar, vs Sting last year) but I think it should happen. It would set everything in the proper order. Brock should be fighting for the title at ‘Mania if he’s not going to fight Bray, Ambrose would get the payoff the fans have been clamoring for, and the potential for a Reigns turn would be pretty cool, and I believe he’d be more over and entertaining as a heel

  • Evil Kevyn

    I don’t know if anyone mentioned him yet but it seems Joey Ryan has been getting quite a bit of attention and has a cult following himself.

    I also loved the reply to the first question.

    Completely random, I miss Christian and Bryan. 🙁