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Ryan’s Smackdown Cut (1/16/18)

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Smackdown Live

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Smackdown Cut here on WNW! Shall we get to cutting down the Hits and Misses? 


UNITED STATES FINALS/SEMI FINALS: I was a bit worried coming into this week, that the semifinals weren’t going to hold their own. I don’t think Jinder and Mojo are the best in ring, but I was impressed with both of them. Jinder and Xavier had a decent match, along with Bobby and Mojo. As for the final match determining the new United States Champion, between Roode and Mahal, it was nice to see the match this week versus next week. I expected Roode to win as he did, because he’s Glorious.

GABLE AND BENJAMIN ATTACK THE USO’S: An effective way for Gable and Benjamin to attack the Uso’s. Best way to go out of this week after the news of Jey’s recent arrest. Good job WWE.

RIOT SQUAD VS CHARLOTTE, BECKY LYNCH, AND NAOMI: Definitely a hit for match quality in my opinion, and glad the heels got the win. I’m hoping for a time in the Rumble for Riott Squad to dismantle everyone in their path, just to be taken out by a returning star.


ROYAL RUMBLE SELF PROMOS: This comes off too cheesy for my liking. The built for the Rumble Match itself hasn’t really been focused on as much as it should be. The Rumble is the key to the main event of Wrestlemania. Everyone should be on each show, making a name for themselves. No one is making a name for themselves if they just do a promo about what they’re gonna do. Everyone is stating the same exact things about winning. Miss.

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