Back Surgeries Cost Hulk Hogan $50 Million & A Retirement Match Against John Cena?

We reported on Monday that Hulk Hogan filed a $50 million lawsuit against the Laser Spine Institute in Tampa, Florida, alleging the clinic performed unnecessary surgeries in 2009 that damaged his career.

TMZ is reporting, through Hogan reps, the useless surgeries cost him a contract with WWE worth $50 million (including appearances) for a retirement match against John Cena at Wrestlemania.

  • Match of the century candidate right there wonder what tna think of that statement about missing a wwe contract

  • joe

    That would actually be Once in lifetime match

  • kc

    I think he’s doing anything he can to name money and keep his name out there now

  • Hogangohome

    Hogan just step out of the spotlight for just 1 year.. We won’t forget you.. Heck I didn’t forget you were in TNA quite a few years back when it was still way under the radar and now that you went back, you got a big praise like it was your first time.. Sorry Hogan but I’m with KC, you just want MONEY!

  • Chris

    Is he trying to sue for enough money to actually be able to buy out TNA? This makes $150 million he’s got in lawsuits out there right now. Unless he has some paperwork, good luck proving that he would have made $50 from WWE. Pretty sure that even Rocky isn’t making that much off of them.

  • sir-rusty82

    This is the 1st Iv heard of Hogan and a WWE contract is there any other articles that say this

  • Hogan will do anything to get himself out of debt. His career is nothing but whining, making excuses and blaming others for the opportunities he didn’t have the steroid shrunken cajones to make on his own.

  • Vic Jose

    Yeah I highly doubt Vince would pay anyone that much money.

  • What the hell is wrong with wrestling’s 2 biggest legends of the 80s? Flair & Hogan are both so deep in debt, they’ll do anything for a buck. Its really very sad.

    • Stoney

      that’s what happens when you marry money hungry whores who take you for everything you have you’ll be taking a loan out to pee.

  • Stoney

    superman vs superman
    5 moves of doom vs 5 moves of doom
    megastar of the 80s vs megastar of the 2000s

  • he DID have SEVERAL back surgeries before the implant he now has in his back was put in there which effectively ended his career so we do not know the full story so do not judge ANYONE unless you yourself have had back issues. My father broke his back when I was a child and I went through his issues my entire life; I have also had several issues with my back with my given profession so do not judge anyone based on anything except facts……………………….FACT he has had several back surgeries all with risk;FACT he is not physically able to perform anymore in the ring it could paralyze him; so FACT lets let the lawyers and judge decide and everyone else STFU