Backstage News On Brock Lesnar & WrestleMania

Thomas Fenton Reports:

To follow up on our first reported premium story, we have even more details on Brock Lesnar's deal and how it all went down.

The weekend prior to Wrestlemania WWE and Brock Lesnar reached terms on a new deal. However at the time it was not signed but was agreed upon.

During the WrestleMania show barely anyone knew the finish to the match. Neither the referee or production was informed prior to the match that Brock was winning. There were only about a dozen people or less who knew of the finish.

The referee was informed prior to the start of the match from Brock. No one else backstage clued in the official. Brock at no point went "into buisness for himself."

The "hard way" elbows were planned prior to the match by Vince McMahon. After the finish and after Brock left the ring Roman's music hit and pyro went off because it was planned pyro from what production was to believe the original finish was.

Vince changed the finish a week prior to after the verbal agreement with Brock was made, to not only shock the crowd but also to not have the crowd crap all over Roman.

The story of Brock tossing the belt at Vince infront of producers and officials as mentioned in WNW premium on Monday was a complete work. Vince was making an attempt to work the boys in the back. One of the issues is that nobody told Shane McMahon. Shane tried to step in and Brock just walked away and left prior to Shane getting involved.

As far as the future of Brock, please check out the details in our premium update.

  • fanofredwings04

    SO TIRED OF “brock lesner ” hes completely OVERRATED, he signed with the wwe because hes afraid to return to th ufc, where he would actually have to SHOW UP AND PERFORM in the wwe, he gets paid to “appear” maybe 10 times a year, AND keep the belt, its pitiful , im not saying give the belt to reigns, no, hes not worthy either, actually, theres not really ANYONE in the “line-up” that really deserves ANY belt, most of the “wrestlers” today fall short of actually being ENTERTAINING, just my opinion

    • Jordan Hicks

      Well ur an idiot. AJ styles is more than entertaining so FU. And Brock is box office attraction. So FU again. Maybe u should switch to impact and rave about there shitty decisions. And stay out of wwe rants. Thanks. You don’t know shit about wrestling as we can easily tell.

      • fanofredwings04

        wow… the intelligence of YOUR reply is astounding…you wantt me to watch impact, i do its called wwe, most of their “stars” are there, and STILL not entertaining ,i also dont need to call other people names , just because i dont agree with their opinions, you are intilted to them just as i am mine, and im not alone with thinking brok is boring, alot of “stars” bring people and money into th wwe,doesnt mean people are not tired of the way the story lines are going.i also dont need to “curse” at people, because i cant think of a REAL argument against someones opinion.