Backstage News On The WWE Creative Team & Producers Being Against Raw Supershow's Expansion Plans & How Things Got So Heated That Two Writers Nearly Quit The Company; Who Made The Call & One Of The Reasons For The Show Going Three Hours

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Not everyone is pleased with the news of WWE Raw Supershow expanding to three hours effective July 23rd. I'm told the company couldn't have picked a worse to go expand due to lack of top talent with many workers feeling the talent pool just isn't what it used to be.

The feeling from one of my sources is the writers are burned out and the product is in a state of monotony right now. Many of the producers were against the move although I'm told this came straight from Vince McMahon who saw it as a way to increase ad revenue by over $10 million a year.

My source feels this move continues to highlight a divide backstage where no one is looking out for the long-term health of the product or for one another. Things reportedly got so heated when staff members were informed, two writers were close to quitting the company.

  • Kristolium

    Let's just hope WWE does not become a TNA-like backstage.

    • Judas86

      As long as VKM is alive and competent, it will not become line TNA backstage. WWE has something TNA doesn't fully have, and wcw never had. A true, 100% leader that everyone acknowledges as the leader. Regardless of any lockerroom divide, VKM makes the final decision, and will always be putting the good of the wwe ahead of everything else.

    • gpturbo81

      when vince dies, who knows….

      • Kleck

        Something about his boneheaded daughter and his idiot son-in-law according to CM Punk

  • Jim

    Has Vince not learned anything from the mistakes that WCW made? Why does he think WWE is so bullet proof that they won't have the same problems Nitro did once they went to 3 hours? I'm still of the thinking that 3 hours is over kill, and they could accomplish just as much with 2 hours as they will 3. Without making the product over exposed. Yeah it's nice every so often to have a 3-hour Raw, but not so much every week IMO.

  • Jaryd

    Why has no one pointed out the obvious thing? If Raw got by as being 2 hours long when it was only highlighting Raw talent, how is an extra hour going to be a problem when they're highlighting both brands? They can use the extra hour as more time to highlight Raw talent. Also, on a personal level, I'm happy about the change because, even though sometimes I complain about the direction of the company etc. I'm not one of these guys who seems to look at watching WWE as a chore so I welcome an extra hour each week. (Although I imagine it probably won't be a true extra hour as they'll likely increase the percentage of the show that is adverts.

    • nails

      Exactly, I agree! n extra hour will give them more room to build more talent. It's not like they are letting workers be themselves these days like it used to be.

  • Philip Thompson

    I don't think the casual fan will want to spend an extra hour per week watching wrestling and that some of them could just give up on watching RAW so viewing figures will go down.