Title Change Planned For Extreme Rules?, What Undertaker Thought Of His Match At WWE Raw, Booking Fandango, Using The Helicopter In Storyline

Backstage news from WWE Raw in London...

- There was talk of putting the WWE Divas Championship on AJ Lee. While it hasn't been officially announced, the title match is expected to take place at next month's Extreme Rules pay-per-view. One of the supporters of strapping AJ stated it would be of value for both her and Dolph Ziggler to hold singles titles.

- It was Kevin Dunn's idea to include footage from The Shield's helicopter landing in London.

- While Undertaker is known for not being very verbal backstage unless it directly involves him, he was vocal after his match with The Shield. We're told he praised the trio "in front of everyone" and put over Daniel Bryan for his work. One observer said Undertaker thought they all did "great."

- William Regal was selected as the opponent of Fandango to do the best possible job at trying to keep Fandango heel with the European audience. WWE was expecting a pop, so they fought fire with fire.

  • Mark McMark

    Undertaker is world-class

  • Michael

    That’s a huge endorsement the Undertaker Carries weight and he doesn’t give praise to just anybody Bryan and Shield are the future of wwe they will replace Cena and Punk one day

  • Chris

    Pretty much what I figured Regal was used for, just wish it had been a longer match.

  • sir-rusty82

    Ofcourse they will give the title to AJ, ever since Kaitlyn won the title she is barely on raw at all except if it is involving AJ. I actually feel sorry for Kaitlyn she is at the top of her career every match she is in she trys to impress the crowd and WWE still dont give her the ball

  • T-Zone

    I knew Daniel Bryan & the Shield were honored to be the same ring with the BOD. Its not often we get MOTY types like that on RAW. I hope TPTB took special notice.

    Poor William Regal. He had a great NXT match against Kassius Ohno last week. Now he got squashed couple days later. Wwe needs to make up their mind. To Fandango or not.

    It sucks that Kaitlyn has barely been on tv since becoming Champion. The division needs sone better talent who are already seasoned. Sorry Paige fans, she isn’t ready yet from what ive seen.