Backstage Update On Bray Wyatt's Future

The rumors of Bray Wyatt being the leader of SANITY when they are called up is nothing new. This was discussed on WNW premium months ago, one of the issues with this is some officials feel that a "Brother Bray" run at this point is more beneficial to Bray.

We will soon find the outcome of this, as the current plan is to bring up SANITY next week. Another question is if Killian Dain will be with them when they debut.

  • fanofredwings04

    wwe needs to realize the WHOLE “bray wyatt thing ” was weak, and needs to end, this guy is a joke as is the “bray wyatt” character, even though it seemed to catch on, it was SO lame and went nowhere, that people are tired of it AND HIM, get rid of “bray” and team him with his brother “bo dallas ” already