Bayley Debuts, Joins The Monday Night Raw Roster

Raw General Manager Mick Foley introduced Bayley as the newest signing to the red brand's  women's division on this week's show. This came after Women's Champion Charlotte claimed there was no one left to challenge her with Sasha Banks sidelined.

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Bayley went on to beat Dana Brooke in her debut match.

  • Mandy

    With Sasha out injured, WWE needed a strong face to challenge Charlotte for the title and Bayley is perfect to take Sasha’s place. Like Sasha, Bayley is over huge with the crowd so this feud will definitely be a fan favorite.

    It is probably best Bayley is on RAW and not Smackdown, yes they lack the star power but that could be Becky’s chance to shine. I really hope Becky becomes the face of the women’s division on SD and gets the title.

    • Gary Robert

      Becky is the only one on Smackdown even worth ring time. No matter what they do with her it won’t be good because every match is her having to carry mediocre in-ring talent.

  • -|AZ|-

    Ya’y 🙂