Big Daddy V Remembered At Smackdown, Video Highlights From This Is NXT

WWE Remembers Big Daddy V

WWE opened this week's Smackdown taping with a tribute to Big Daddy V, whose real name is Nelson Frazier Jr. Frazier died suddenly last week after suffering a heart attack at the age of 43. There were more than a few people that wondered why the company did not acknowledge it on this week's Raw.

Video Highlights from This is NXT

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  • J Vomkrieg

    My guess is that they just wanted to wait and see if there were any other stories to come out immediately after his death, i.e was it caused by drugs. I think they may be a little gun shy about rolling out the tributes too soon.

    • dean

      nelson weighed nearly 500 pounds when wwe released him in 2008 for “health reasons” so even if he died from drug usage and it was not the “dreaded” steroids , wwe should not be held liable for the actions of grown human beings. vince McMahon is a BUSINESS MAN. he is not a caregiver or a 24 hour lifetime babysitter for these “wrestlers”.

      • opie

        I agree, but public perception is a big deal to a company that’s still working on a new tv deal.

      • J Vomkrieg

        Who said anything about liability? Or any of that other stuff you mentioned?

        All I said was that they may have waited a few days to make sure they had the full story before doing a tribute because they have had bad experiences in the past with doing early tributes

  • dean

    wwe management probably forgot to do a tribute to nelson on raw.. wwe gave him a tribute on sd.
    wrestling fans just need something to “bash” wwe about all the time.
    wwe has the network to worry about and a multi million dollar tv cable deal on the horizon, so it is no crime if the company forgot to mention the death of a guy who last worked for the company in 2008.

  • Razmos

    I just think that with Monday being the launch of the network, the return of Hogan and Taker that they didnt want to put a downer on it all with the mention of a death.