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What's next for Raw's Tag Team Divison?


With Jason Jordan out for the foreseeable future, the Raw tag team division is in shambles. Jordan's injury will also have a huge affect on his former partner Seth Rollins. The biggest question for Rollins and the tag divison, is what now? There are a number of ways WWE could fix the Raw tag team divison; here's what should happen.

Find Rollins a new partner; Rollins singles run

The easiest fix would be to find Rollins a new partner. Now who, that I don't know.

One option for Rollins' new tag partner could be Roman Reigns. Now, if Roman teamed with Rollins he'd obviously stay a singles competitor. With a date with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 34 on the horizon, WWE would not just leave him in the tag division.

If Roman was asked to team with Rollins I belive he'd do it. That would raise some concerns though. Teaming with Rollins would increase Roman's workload, which puts him at a higher risk for injury. With that being said Roman is a quick fix, but probably not the best solution in the long run.

Rollins could also return to singles action. With Elimination Chamber in a few weeks he has nothing to do for now; unless he finishes the program with Cesaro and Sheamus by himself. Rollins could face The Bar in a handicap match at Elimination Chamber, then the next night on Raw jump into a new program with someone else.

There are a number of options for Seth Rollins at the moment. Which options is the best, now that remains to be seen.

Push a tag team already on Raw

WWE could also push one of the teams they have on RAW now.

The teams Raw have right now are: Gallows and Anderson, The Revival, Heath Slater and Rhyno, and Apollo Crews and Titus O'Niel. Any of these teams could be successful if given the proper push; especially a proven team like Gallows and Anderson.

With the formation of Balor Club, Gallows and Anderson now have a bigger spotlight, and with having already been Raw Tag Team Champions, the transition to number one contender status would be effortless.

NXT Talent

WWE could also turn to NXT, and two team come to mind.

WWE could bring up the Authors of Pain, or SAnitY. Both teams, in my opinion, have been ready to make the move to the main roster for a long time. AOP would be a dominate force in the RAW tag divison, and SAnitY would bring their unique chaos to the show.

The Raw tag divison needs help, there is no question about that. WWE has to make a decision on what to do and soon, cause WrestleMania 34 is just around the corner.

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