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205 LIVE VIBES: A King & A Gentleman

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Jack Gallagher

Hello, WNW People, Mitch “Big M’ Adams here. And I welcome you to another edition of 205 LIVE VIBES.

Now before I get started with the review of this week's show, I thought I’d address the elephant in the room. Namely, why the Cruiserweights have yet to get over on the main roster. I did so in the last edition of 205 Live Vibes, however, due to a posting issue, you guys may not have had a chance to read it. So I will re-write it all out here for you all to enjoy!

Firstly, I can guarantee you that all of the theories WWE’s higher-ups currently have are not the reason why the CW’s are not yet over. Theories such as “small guys don’t draw” and “Internet fans are the only people who like this stuff” are complete and utter bullshit. Pardon my language, but very stupid ideas like that need to be put to bed straight away!

The answer to why the CW’s are not over on the main roster yet is very simple. WWE completely overestimated the strength and reach the WWE Network has on their regular TV audience. They automatically assumed that because the Cruiserweight Classic was one of the most watched (if not THE most watched) programs on the Network everyone who tunes into Raw every week would have watched it.

But obviously, they didn’t. And because fans didn’t watch it, they had no idea who these guys were and where in no way invested in them. And by failing to give any backstory or character development to any CW division worker in the weeks after the division's debut, they gave fans even less reason to care.

And before anyone says “but internet fans already knew all the CW’s in the CWC while mainstream fans had no clue” may I just suggest you watch the CWC. Most fans only knew about four or five workers in the 32 man tournament. And they were all given introduction videos to get viewers invested.

The whole argument some fans throw online about the IWC not being a part of the “mainstream” wrestling audience (which is a narrative that WWE has tried to push for so long to little avail) is just plain rubbish.

It’s going to take time and a bit of a rethink by WWE to get the CW’s over for good. So what if they are not getting a big reaction yet. Ninety percent of the main roster gets little to no reaction from fans in attendance! That’s what happens when you spend all your time and resources on only two or three people. Then after a decade you try to develop new talent when it’s far too late.

The CW’s not being over is not the fault of fans, but the fault of WWE, plain and simple!

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way...Let's delve into what happened on this week's 205 Live shall we?

Tony Nese w/Drew Gulak vs Cedrick Alexander w/Alicia Fox >C
This is another Cedric Alexander match that should have been better than it was when you consider just how talented Cedric is! Maybe it’s the awful storyline he is involved in with Foxy and Noam Dar that took away from it I don’t know. But he and Nese just didn’t seem to click here. Plus, Gulak and Foxy were just a bad distraction in this match.
Winner: Tony Nese

Backstage Segment: Noam Dar & Alica Fox > F
Are they doing a masochist thing with Noam Dar? I mean, why would he ask for a second slap from Foxy? This was just a plain stupid segment that adds nothing to a plain stupid storyline!

Pre-Recorded Interview: Neville Explains Why > B+
I don’t quite understand the Anti-American sentiment from Neville as part of his heel turn! But everything else about works really well I think.
This was a great video promo that sold Neville as the biggest threat of the Cruiserweight Division. The intensity on his face when he claims he was overlooked when the division was formed gave me goosebumps. I think Neville will finally get his chance to be the big star he was meant to be thanks to his turn in the Cruiserweight Division.

Mustafa Ali vs John Yurnet > B
Ali got a pretty warm reception from his hometown crowd, and I think he enjoyed playing up to that. I don’t think he’s ever had a chance to do so with an audience that large. Unfortunately, this match was hampered by the leg injury Yurnet suffered early on. But Ali carried it to the point of being watchable, and he deserves kudos for that. I also loved the passion and emotion Ali showed during the post-match interview. He is obviously very proud of where he is from and his ancestry (as he should be) and I hope I get to see more of that from him.

Gentleman’s Dual: Jack Gallagher & Ariya Davari > A+
That was one of the best segments of the year bar none!!! It boggles my mind why WWE’s higher-ups were not all that high on Gallagher when he first debuted. The man had more charisma than he knows what to do with. All the tricks Gallagher did when using the umbrella as a weapon against Davari reminded me of Colin Firth in the movie Kingsmen: The Secret Service. Which is a great movie that I recommend you all watch!
This was just so much fun to watch, and further proof of why Gallagher deserves a push. If you haven’t seen this segment, I strongly suggest you tune into the WWE Network at watch it!
Winner: Jack Gallagher

Rich Swann (Cruiserweight Champion) vs Neville: Non-Title Match > A
Yet another incredible main event match on 205 Live! I am so glad the crowd in attendance had enough sense to stick around for it. The ebb and flow was paced so perfectly for the story Swann, and Neville told in the ring. Neville looked like a badass here, focusing all his offence on Swann’s back. And Swann, despite the loss and the beatdown that followed looked like a valiant fighting Champion.

The beatdown after the match, by Neville on Swann, is exactly what the CW Division needs right now I think. The division needs solid stories with villains to hate and heroes to believe in. I firmly believe that this match (and the storyline it furthered) will go a long way to accomplishing that.

Overall Grade: B
All in all, this was a fun episode of 205 Live to complement an AMAZING episode of Smackdown Live! The Gentlemen’s Dual and the main event were both true highlights that were reason enough to tune in.

And that WNW people was 205 LIVE VIBES! I hope you have enjoyed it.

P.S. Please feel free to follow me on twitter @TheBigM91

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