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205 LIVE VIBES: New Theory On Why Fans Keep Leaving!

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Hello WNW People, my name is Mitch “Big M” Adams, and I welcome you to another edition of 205 Live Vibes!

Well, WNW People another great episode of 205 Live was put on by the incredible athletes of WWE’s Cruiserweight division. And it was another week where thousands of fans left in droves before it even started. A lot of debate has centered around why this keeps happening, but I think I’ve actually worked out the reason why! And many of you are probably not going to like it!

For you see the whole thing about WWE not doing enough to promote these new stars to the less hardcore fans is really only a small part of the problem. I think there is actually a larger problem that is not only causing grief for the CW’s, but for WWE as a whole. I now believe that the reason why so many people are leaving is quite simple…THEY HAVE KIDS! That’s right; they are all parents with young children who may not even be fans themselves.

And let's be honest WNW people, the vast majority of kids who attend WWE shows these days are not actually WWE fans…they’re just John Cena Fans! Which is something I have gone into before in previous articles (check the Wire). Now before you accuse me of going on an anti-Cena rant, let me just hit you with a few facts. House show and televised show attendance for WWE in the year 2016 was lowest it has been for quite some time. The reason for this is simple; John Cena was either injured and not appearing on these shows, or taking time off and not appearing on these shows.

You don’t believe me? Just watch some old episodes of Raw and Smackdown since the brand split on the Network! The amount of kids in live attendance each week on Raw has at least halved due to Cena being drafted to the blue brand! And the amount of kids in attendance for Smackdown Live on the weeks Cena is not scheduled to appear are also far fewer in numbers. As for the kids who do show up to those Cena free shows, almost all of them are decked out in Cena merch! All of them hoping that their hero will make a surprise appearance on the show. And when Smackdown is over, and he didn’t show up, they ask their parents to leave before 205 even starts. Think about it, last week the vast majority of people in attendance stuck around for 205 Live. Why was that so you may ask? It’s because it was held in Chicago! Chicago is, of course, a big wrestling city with a strong IWC influence. So, therefore, the majority of people in attendance were adults. As well as young WWE fans and not just young Cena fans. There were a few empty seats last week, and I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts all of them were parents with kids who only came to see John Bloody Cena.

Now look, I’m not anti-Cena or anti-family, and I may be crossing the line by saying stuff like this, but if you're a parent with kids who are massive John Cena fans, maybe don’t take them to a WWE event he’s not scheduled to appear on huh! I mean if your paying to attend a three-hour live event in which WWE does two live telecasts and you only stay for two-thirds of the show because your kid's hero isn’t there or he is there but might not make another appearance…you’re kind of flushing your money down the drain. Not to mention you’ve bought tickets WWE fans (young and old) would love to have. WWE fans who would stick around for the WHOLE show to show their appreciation to the tremendous athletes who sacrifice their bodies purely to entertain the fans.

And this may be really crossing the line, but you’re probably sending a poor message to your kids about having patience too (Cena worked two dark matches after 205 Live this week). Anyway, this is my new theory, and I’m sticking to it! So now that I’ve covered all that, let’s get into what happened on this week's episode of 205 Live shall we?

Tajiri vs Sean Maluta > B
Wow, even in his mid forty’s, Tajiri can still go in that ring. Sean Maluta only worked one match in the CWC, and I honestly wasn’t all that impressed by him at the time. And he didn’t really have much of a chance to change my mind about him in this match. But at the end of the day, his “job” was to put over a returning Tajiri. And he did that “job” just fine!
Winner: Tajiri

Post Match Shenanigans: Kendrick Gets Misted > A
I LOVED how Kendrick really sold the crap out of the green mist! Am I the only one who really misses seeing the mist gimmick in pro wrestling? It’s not even done much in Japan anymore. The ever aging Great Muta only pulls it out on special occasions for his Wrestle-1 promotion. With Tajiri back in WWE, I hope to see a lot more of it. Oh, and just for reference green mist temporally blinds, red mist burns as well as blinds, and black mist is supposed to burn and blind for many months. Yes, I am that big of a pro wrestling nerd!!!

Backstage Interview: Neville > A-
Neville is working this heel turn to absolute perfection. Clearly, he’s practising the Michael PS Hays method of heel promos in which the heel has to believe what he’s saying is right. Who knew the artist formally known as PAC had such mic skills!

I still don’t understand all the anti-American stuff in regards to Neville’s heel turn, though. And I feel like I should as I’m not American myself and realise that as a whole, America is completely insane (No offence). Maybe it’s all meant to be a reference to Trump or something, I don’t know. But it’s the only criticism I have to Neville’s heel turn so far. And it’s a very very small one at that!

Jack Gallagher vs Tony Nese w/ Drew Gulak > F
I’m giving this match a bad grade because Jack Gallagher is my favourite CW and it sucks to see him work such short matches. I don’t have a problem with Davari attacking Gallagher and causing the DQ because it was done to further their program. I just wish the match between Gallagher and Nese lasted a lot longer.
Winner: Gallagher via DQ

Backstage Segment: Foxy & Cedric > C
I still don’t like this storyline very much! Plus, I’m a little jealous of Cedric being able to kiss Foxy. But, at least the CW’s are actually getting storylines now.

Noam Dar vs Mustafa Ali > A
This match is easily one of the best matches the CW’s have put on on the main roster so far. Mustafa Ali has an exciting move-set, and Noam Dar is clearly a great in-ring technician.

But what I really want to talk about is the creative direction of Mustafa Ali. I think it’s wonderful that WWE has realised that inclusion and diversity are what’s best for business. A worker of middle eastern decent playing a babyface is a breath of multicultural air in my opinion.

But, I’m also amazed that they realise that it’s smart business to embrace multiculturalism to reach more consumers given certain political circumstances. I’m not going to go into specifics as this is not the place to discuss them, but I do find the contradiction interesting.
Winner: Mustafa Ali

In-Ring Interview: Noam Dar > F
As I mentioned before, I hate the storyline between Foxy, Alexander and Dar. Noam Dar sounded like a creepy, misogynistic pervert here. And that’s not something I want to see on WWE TV!

Neville vs TJ Perkins > A
Now that was an awesome main event match! Both Neville and TJP looked like a million bucks here. Both got the opportunity to showcase their skills.

A lot of people have been tearing into TJP as of late, and I really wish they would stop. So he’s not Mr Personality, big deal! The man is something special to watch in the ring, and that’s all that matters. If you can’t see that, then there is something wrong with your eyes.

One thing, though, Neville’s new finishing move is not really convincing.
I get the need for Neville to have a new finishing move as something as spectacular as the Red Arrow suits a babyface more.

But I’m sure Neville could find something in his move-set better than a superplex. But all in all, this was really fun to watch.
Winner: Neville

Overall Grade B+
Another week, and yet another solid episode of 205 Live. It’s obvious the new Cruiserweight Division has a much better chance of getting over with this show than with Raw. Which is why I still feel the division would be better of on Smackdown!

And that WNW people was 205 LIVE VIBES! I hope you have enjoyed it.
P.S. Please feel free to follow me on twitter @TheBigM91

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