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WNW Predicts - TLC

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Sunday, December 13th, WWE presents TLC from the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. While the card looks pretty strong on paper, and it appears as though the WWE is finally pushing the younger wrestlers up, that will only happen if they allow them to work that ring hard, leave it all out there, and have the time to really give the fans the show they're hoping for. With the ratings being so low, and the fans truly expressing their disapproval for the direction the WWE is going, they need this PPV to pick things up and show the fans that they're paying attention to what we want, what we have wanted all along. Only time will tell if the WWE will be able to rally, and hopefully, TLC will be the first step for them getting back on track with the fans.

Tag Team Elimination Tables Match - The Wyatt Family vs Tommy Dreamer, Rhyno & The Dudley Boyz

Was it any surprise this one was going to go down? After these two teams kicked off this week’s Raw with a stare down before the four team elimination tag team match, and with the on-going issues between the Wyatt’s and the Dudley’s it was inevitable these two factions would meet in a tables match. Since returning to WWE the Dudley Boyz have shown they have not lost a step and are as popular as ever with the fans, with the additions of Rhyno and Tommy Dreamer to their group making Team ECW a force to be reckoned with.

The Wyatt’s have somewhat struggled to gain any momentum these past few months, recently losing a big match recently at Survivor Series against the Brothers of Destruction. They have struggled to really gain any momentum or traction for some time now, with the Wyatt’s seemingly being lost in the proverbial WWE shuffle. A win here would be a really big deal for Bray and his men and would help to restore some legitimacy back to the group. I can only really see one outcome in this match and that is a Wyatt Family victory. I feel anything other than a victory for the Wyatt’s would be a disaster for the group and another blow to one of WWE’s biggest and most popular factions.
Jamie's Predicted Winners – The Wyatt Family

It sucks that the creative team didn’t have a way to transition the Wyatt’s from a feud with Undertaker and Kane to the Dudley Boys and company. I am really excited to see the carnage these two teams can make, and Bray Wyatt needs to look strong. He needs to come out not only with a victory, but as a clear leader who orchestrated this win for his family. I do believe The Wyatt Family will come out on top, I just hope it is done in dominate fashion.
Zeppelin's Predicted Winner – The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt as the possible sole survivor)

UGH!!! This is the one match on the card I really don’t want to have to do a prediction for. ECW was easily a close second to my “must see” wrestling every week when my step father would force me to stay up to 2 am on local stations out of Philly to see them. Tommy Dreamer, The Dudleys, Sandman, Taz, Sabu… I grew up with EXTREME in my veins. And more than that… I grew up with a respect for the men, especially Tommy, in my heart. But by that same token… I have always gravitated towards the darkest gimmicks in professional wrestling. My first wrestling memory is of a pre WWE Undertaker beating Jerry Lawler for the USWA title. And I always loved him from then on. That’s why Bray and his “Family” appealed to me right out of the gate when they debuted almost 3 years ago. But as creepy and mysterious as they can be, poor writing and booking does them absolutely no favors. Which is why this feud, overall, makes no sense. They lost to Taker and Kane at Survivor Series, so why not go after some not quite as old “Fossils” on the roster? *Yawn* If Bray and his Family don’t come out of here with at least 2 members, it’s going to hurt them. I know they HAVE to have something more in store for Bray and Taker at WM 32… So let’s start a build now.
Jesse's Predicted Winner – The Wyatt Family (Bray & Braun survive)

Wyatt Family vs. Team ECW is a great match that should be fun to watch, but has just been crapped on by WWE. If you’re going to do “gang warfare” then try not to have your two big “gangs” get eliminated first in a fatal four way elimination match. Having the Wyatts go out first in that match made me so livid I can’t explain it. There was one group of mostly midcarders, let’s be honest, that literally just got together (League of Nations), one group that is just friends and family (Family Reigns), one group that are friends who’ve known each other for years (Team ECW), and one group that’s been together for years in the WWE as the established faction (Wyatt Family). Then WWE eliminates the Wyatts and Team ECW first and second?! Are you kidding? But it’s not Roman Reigns or Sheamus so who cares. And that’s the problem with WWE, they put their current main eventers over everyone else, crapping on anyone in the way, and then wonder why they can’t build any new “it” guys. Sorry rant over. This match itself should be a fun one and it will be interesting to see how a freshly called up Rhyno makes a difference in the match. I don’t know if this will be the most elegant match of the night, but it could be the most fun. I’m saying that the Wyatt Family needs the victory after suffering a loss to the Undertaker and Kane.
Zack's Predicted Winner – The Wyatt Family

Kendra – Team ECW

CJThe Wyatt Family

Sam – The Wyatt Family

Ryback vs Rusev

The battle of two of the biggest big brutes of WWE goes down as the monster Ryback takes on the big Bulgarian bruit, Rusev. Admittedly there hasn’t been a huge build to this one with neither man majorly crossing paths in recent weeks so it feels more like this is a last minute throw together. Ryback managed to defeat The Ascension this past Thursday night on Smackdown, while Rusev appears to be building himself up as part of the League of Nations stable.

I’m not really sure that this match is going to add anything extra to the card if I’m honest, as anything thrown on at the last minute is going to almost be forgotten immediately anyway. If I’m pushed for a winner in this one I think you have to look at Rusev as the one who benefits more out of the two from this. I think he needs it to help further establish him as a dominant monster as part of his new group. Ryback doesn’t really need the win so much and is more in limbo at the minute going forward until his next big opponent comes along.
Jamie's Predicted Winner - Rusev

Starting with this match, and going through most of the rest of the card, it is clear TLC has become what Survivor Series was supposed to be. And the “Gang Warfare” that is circa 1997 is truly interesting to me. Tell me, can most fans really remember most of the factions back then? Honestly, the only one that mattered was the Nation. And I have a feeling that this is going go the same way in the next few weeks to months. League of Nations and the Wyatts will matter the most out of all of this, as they will be the vessels to put over Sheamus and Bray Wyatt going into the “Road to WrestleMania” With that being said, Rusev needs to pull a decisive win for his faction here. Ryback has floundered ever since losing the IC Title, and TLC isn’t going to help him any. He needs a creative overhaul at this point, and with the way VKM is running the ship… I expect Lana to be involved heavily here, and possibly thrown to the back. But the Accolade will be too much to break tonight.
Jesse's Predicted Winner - Rusev

Well this one was thrown together rather lazily. We’ve had Ryback accidentally bumping into Lana a few weeks now and costing Ryback a match, or causing Rusev to walk out. Honestly I like the re-pairing of Lana and Rusev. I think it was the biggest thing that really helped Rusev get over as a heel, so I’m all for it. However, I’m not for the overly mushy romance aspect. How am I supposed to take Rusev seriously as a monster in the ring if he’s trying to be the romancer on the outside the ring. They need to pick one thing for him and stick with it. This seems like a match that was just thrown on the card to help fill it out a bit. I’m not going to spend too much time on it because neither did WWE. Winner goes to Rusev so that they can help re-establish him as the Rusev we knew before the Lana split.
Zack's Predicted Winner - Rusev

Kendra – Rusev


Sam – Rusev

WWE United States Title – Chairs Match - Alberto Del Rio (c) vs Jack Swagger

The two former compatriots of Zeb Colter face off in a Chairs match for the United States Championship. With the breakup of Del Rio and Zeb this past week on Raw and the tease of Zeb and Swagger still having questions unanswered about their direction together, this one has the potential to have a messy ending. There hasn’t really been much of a back story or build to this one other than the stuff with Zeb so my interest in who wins this one doesn’t really have any massive appeal. If I’m pushed for a winner here I would say Del Rio retains, maybe with some help from Zeb Colter as Monday’s ‘breakup’ could all have been a ploy to distract Swagger. There’s no reason for Del Rio to really lose here for me as it does nothing for him and in all fairness Swagger isn’t really going anywhere fast to deserve or need another run with the title. Expect plenty of brutal chair shots to the back and probably a cross arm breaker using the chair, but don’t expect this one to be a total mat classic.
Jamie's Predicted Winner – Alberto Del Rio

I am not even sure if this match is for the title honestly. I just assumed because Del Rio is the champion. Somehow WWE has made the United States Championship insignificant again now that Del Rio is the champion. This feud is more about Swagger and Zeb Colter than the title. This match will probably be a nice pee break, with Del Rio keeping the title till they can find someone better to hold it.
Zeppelin's Predicted Winner – Alberto Del Rio

LET’S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN! Seriously! When I first started writing for WNW, I was on Smackdown and the big feud was a returning Jack Swagger as a “Real American” to go after Alberto Del Rio’s World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania. Now, nearly 3 years later, we have a recently returned ADR with up until Monday Swagger’s old manager Zeb Colter, who won the US Title upon returning shoveling the same drivel in the opposite direction. BAKA! If it wasn’t for the facts that 1. Swagger having another serious push would be laughable and 2. ADR is in the League of Nations, I’d take Swagger getting a win here just to spite WWE’s insulting nature. As it is, it is clear where the safe money is. Let’s just hope neither man concusses the other… As per their history of injuring others.
Jesse's Predicted Winner – Alberto Del Rio

In my prediction for the Intercontinental Championship I talk about how the man makes the title and man, Alberto Del Rio is just not “making” the United States Championship. All of that hard work and strong booking that went into John Cena’s United States Championship reign was just flushed right down the toilet. This isn’t Alberto Del Rio hate either, though I’m not his biggest fan. I think he’s doing much better this time in WWE than last time. Regardless, the booking has been non-existant for the United States Championship, they barely even feature the title on television. I can always tell the mark of a good champion by how quickly I can think of the answer “Who is the such-and-such champion?” I asked myself who was United States Champion and it took me a few seconds. The worst part is instead of giving Del Rio a real opponent who would make him seem like an established champion they went right back to the same tired rivalry. USA vs. Mexico. It gives ADR cheap heat when he wins because he’s not from Merica! The problem is, has anyone seem Swagger in months? No. He’s a lower midcarder who they pull out when they need the good ole USA to take a beating for the foreign guy. Talk about killing the momentum John Cena gave you.
Zack's Predicted Winner – Alberto Del Rio

Kendra – ADR

CJJack Swagger

Sam – Swagger

WWE Divas Title – Charlotte (c) (w/ Ric Flair) vs Paige

Will this be the final chance for Paige to get her hands on the WWE Divas Championship again? I don’t know about you but I feel like Charlotte has maybe felt a little pressure in being Divas Champion and it feels like the belt is maybe carrying her more than her carrying it. Don’t get me wrong, she’s done some great work on the mic but I somehow feel she’s trying too hard at times to be like her dad, and maybe Ric’s inclusion in this is overshadowing her.

Paige meanwhile appears to be going from strength to strength. Maybe it’s the biased Brit in me but I feel like Paige has managed to somehow evolve herself yet again and is without question the top female in the Divas division right now. It might have been cool to see Paige have her mum or dad in her corner to add a little something extra to this, but I guess that goes against the fact she said she doesn’t need them to make her relevant or a star.

As for a winner in this one, I feel like right now Paige is very much in Charlotte’s head and is about due another run with that Divas Championship. It may end up being a controversial loss, with perhaps some help from Becky Lynch turning on Charlotte, but I believe Paige will walk out your three time WWE Divas Champion.
Jamie's Predicted Winner - Paige

Let me start off by saying that I am picking Charlotte to win this. Paige doesn’t need or deserve a title reign right now. This time is about the new wave of divas. With that said, why are we having a heel Paige facing a heel turning Charlotte.. It would make more sense for Becky Lynch to be added in the mix either to take on the champion solo or in a Triple Threat Match with Paige, but I digress. Charlotte will secure another shady victory, probably with help from Ric Flair.
Zeppelin's Predicted Winner - Charlotte

Well, if this isn’t the very definition of VKM’s edict that the Divas not be faces or heels, just all seem like catty little b****es… And yes, I know that isn’t PG! Tear me a new one in the comments. But seriously, how are we to take a division seriously if Paige, Charlotte, and everyone else seems to change on a whim. At this point, I’m about ready to stop caring about the title until Sasha and Becky are in the picture. And that won’t be until after Babygirl Flair finishes her new turn… BAKA!
Jesse's Predicted Winner - Charlotte

This is a weird rematch because now we’ve got Paige, who is a heel, but kind of not? Like she is a heel but because they’re kind of making Charlotte a heel it makes us see Paige as a tweener? Then we’ve got Charlotte who was the babyface, but now she’s acting like a heel so is she a tweener? Somewhere the beautiful Irish rose, Becky Lynch is thrown into the mix as the real babyface of all this? It’s confusing and seems like sloppy booking to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good face vs. face or heel vs. heel rivalry. The problem is that neither woman is really established as either. They are both in shades of grey (not the dirty version) with their booking. At this point I would have much rather seen another Diva get her shot at the title than see Paige get a rematch. I love Paige, but if this is going to be the booking situation, let’s get Sasha Banks or Naomi in there. I think the problem is this goes back to Vince’s “there are no faces or heels in the Divas division, they’re all just catty women” mentality. I say keep the title on Charlotte at TLC and throw Becky Lynch in at Royal Rumble, making it a triple threat match. Also, have a #1 contender Battle Royal at Royal Rumble for the Diva Championship, to set up the next rivalry.
Zack's Predicted Winner - Charlotte

Kendra – Charlotte


Sam – Paige

WWE Tag Team Titles – Ladder Match - The New Day (c) vs The Usos vs The Lucha Dragons

This match has been brewing for several weeks now and finally at TLC everything comes to a head in a Ladder match. And how awesome is it that three high flying teams in The Lucha Dragons, New Day and The Usos are all involved in it. We can expect plenty of high risk moves and all teams pulling out all the stops to take home the Tag Team gold. New Day have been incredibly entertaining to watch over the last few months and they show no signs of slowing down as they gain more and more popularity by the day.

The Lucha Dragons had been going through a bit of a rough patch until recently, with them not really being majorly involved in any kind of major matches to challenge for the titles. When they have been given their chance though they have more than proved why they deserve to be there. Meanwhile The Usos are still working their way back up to the top of the Tag Team division and with their new allegiance to Roman Reigns and The Family, this has to be a sign that The Usos are in line for some big action going forward.

I’m kind of torn as to who I think should win this one. On one hand I feel new Day are so incredibly over and so talented that it would be criminal to take the Tag Team Championship off them right now. However, I would love to see The Usos get another reign as the Tag Team Champions, especially given the fact they would gain even more legitimacy for The Family as a group. If I’m pushed for a winner at this stage though I think New Day will pull off some shenanigans and retain their titles before potentially dropping the next time they defend them at a big show.
Jamie's Predicted Winners – New Day

I wish The Usos were more involved with this feud or not in it at all. It just devalues the feud as a whole when an integral part of the angle is off in a totally different feud majority of the time. I am ready for New Day to drop the titles, but will they drop them at TLC. I think so, but only because I think they will be the only title change on the card.. The Usos will be more invovled with evening out the odds for Roman Reigns and his war against the League of Nations, so that leaves the Lucha Dragons. Kalisto is getting a lot of attention, and a title reign would be a great way to back him. This also elevates New Day as the chasers and gives them a great reason to critize the Lucha Dragon title reign, seeing as they wouldn’t pin any member of New Day.
Zeppelin's Predicted Winner – Lucha Dragons

Now this is how the night will most likely start, and I will say if WWE doesn’t, they are missing the chance to light the arena on fire. The Usos and Lucha Dragons are two of the most exciting teams in WWE today, and New Day have MORE than proven they are over. They got over despite what would cripple any other team, simply because they have a special charisma about them. And what better way to showcase everything that makes all of these teams awesome than a ladder match? Kofi is sure to pull out some huge spots and we can hope that New Day pulls some Freebird shenanigans with the fact that they are all technically champions, they are all in the match, so Xavier can do something other than toot his horn. With as much exposure as they are getting, I have to hope that means New Day are going to somehow retain it. They are insanely marketable right now, so this is a perfect time to keep the hype rolling!
Jesse's Predicted Winner – New Day

OHHHHHH DON’T YOU DARE BE SOUR! CLAP FOR UNICORN POWERRRR!!!! I love the New Day more than anything in WWE right now. Hands down. Everything they do is just gold. They work so well and I think it’s probably because management just lets them go out and do what they want for promos. Seriously they are Hall of Famers in my book. (Somewhere our regular reader Big M is twitching in anger reading this.) I was really excited to see the return of the Usos and I’m happy to see they jumped right to the top of the list to challenge New Day. Lucha Dragons are fun to watch for sure, but I’m not sure I’d ever put the titles on them. I think it could be time for a break out Kalisto to make his way to the secondary title scene. I’d like to see The Usos win the championship, despite the fact that I think the New Day are the most entertaining. Here’s why, Usos are also very entertaining and I think New Day would be great championship chasers. It keeps people from growing overly frustrated with them as champions and it keeps things just fresh enough.
Zack's Predicted Winners – The Usos

Kendra – The Usos

CJThe New Day

Sam – Lucha Dragons

WWE Intercontinental Title - Kevin Owens (c) vs Dean Ambrose

This is probably the match I’m looking forward to most on the show. Ambrose and Owens are without doubt two of the standout performers on the WWE roster at this time, with one being an awesome old school heel in Owens, and Ambrose constantly pushing on becoming the next big baby face in the company. Owens and Ambrose have been battling back and forth over the championship over the last few weeks, having some incredibly entertaining battles. I like the interaction between these two on Raw this week with Ambrose throwing popcorn and soda in the face of the champion, before Ambrose picked up a win on Smackdown in a tag team match with Roman Reigns, Sheamus, and Kevin Owens.

Ambrose recently already holds a victory over Owens by defeating the Intercontinental Champion in the semi finals of the WWE World Heavyweight Title Tournament at Survivor Series. Is history destined to repeat itself at TLC? If their brawl on Smackdown this week was anything to go by then I think Ambrose has every chance of ending Owens run at the top. We are in for one heck of a great match between these two and I think they will have an all out war that could be easily the match of the night.

Despite the fact I feel Ambrose has the advantage I’m sure the big Canadian will have a plan up his sleeve, which is why I believe Owens will retain his title on Sunday, although his victory will undoubtedly be dirty which will allow for one final meeting between these two, which I hope goes down at the Royal Rumble.
Jamie's Predicted Winner - Owens

Owens should not lose the title. This is just the beginning to a great feud, if they plan to continue it. I personally see Kevin Owens holding and successfully defending the title past WrestleMania. Dean Ambrose will probably be screwed out of a victory, either by Owens himself or a member of the League of Nations. In the end, Owens will retain.
Zeppelin's Predicted Winner – Kevin Owens

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I expect this to easily be match of the night, from a cohesion standpoint. Owens and Ambrose gel together well, as their Survivor Series match showed. But what, pray tell, can we expect here that we haven’t been exposed to yet on WWE TV? I see this match going one of three ways. 1. Ambrose wins clean, and we get a rematch at Royal Rumble. 2. Owens walks away, continuing the feud. 3. Owens joins the LoN, setting up more options for the storyline. Personally, with Sami Zayn back to being healthy, I’d like to see him and Owens finish what they started in NXT, and Sami get a good feud out the gate. But chances are, VKM will make us all wait, again, for that. So I’m going to go the crazy route and say this is where we get a title change on the PPV.
Jesse's Predicted Winner – Dean Ambrose

Someone said in the comments a few weeks ago, “Can we all just stop and appreciate for a minute that Jon Moxley and Kevin Steen are wrestling each other inside a WWE ring.” It really was a moment that made me step out of my WWE tunnel vision and appreciate what was happening. I’ll have the same feeling during their match at TLC when I realize that they are doing it for the Intercontinental Championship. The build up for this one could have been slightly better, but they did great in the spots they had. Honestly these guys should be battling it out for the WWE Championship, not the Intercontinental Championship, but as long as they’re battling, I’m happy. It’s funny how the United States Championship was THE secondary title for so long and they completely dropped any real interest in it. Now the Intercontinental Championship has way more appeal to me. It just goes to show the man makes the title, not the other way around. I’m torn on a winner for this one, I love both men and logically I can come up with reasons why WWE would put over both. The only real argument I can come up with is that WWE seems to have thrown on the glass ceiling for Ambrose for some ungodly reason, so I have to go with Owens. As a side note, Fight Owens Fight! vs. Dean F***ing Ambrose is my prediction for match of the night.
Zack's Predicted Winner – Kevin Owens

Kendra – Ambrose

CJKevin Owens

Sam – Ambrose

WWE World Heavyweight Title – TLC Match – Sheamus (c) vs Roman Reigns

The main event of the show sees the Celtic Warrior and leader of the League of Nations, Sheamus defend his newly won WWE World Heavyweight Championship against the man he beat in 5 minutes and 15 seconds, Roman Reigns after the Irishman cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase at Survivor Series to ruin the dreams of the big Samoan. The question remains to be asked in this one as to whether or not Reigns will face any more obstacles in trying to gain back the title he held in his grasp for mere moments. This time he needs to climb the ladder to grab the championship and climb the ladder to success.

Sheamus isn’t going to go down without doing the one thing he loves and that is fight. If he struggles with the ability of a very hungry Reigns then I have no doubt that somewhere in the back ground we will see the Authority and/or the League of Nations lurking to help save the Irishman’s bacon. One thing is for sure with this one; these two are going to go at it tooth and nail until there is only one man standing. If the end of Smackdown this week is anything to go by then the advantage clearly lays with Roman Reigns.

When it comes to picking my winner for this one though I simply can’t look past Sheamus. I feel it’s just too early in this story to pull the trigger and have Reigns take the title from Sheamus at this time. I’d rather see Reigns win the Royal Rumble again this year and go on to finally achieve his dream at Wrestlemania 32 and become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. At TLC, Sheamus and the League of Nations will stand tall by the end of the night.
Jamie's Predicted Winner - Sheamus

Sheamus is clearly a transition champion, whose is only where he is because they needed someone to challenge Roman Reigns. That and his briefcase was becoming more of a looming issue the longer he held on to it. I wish I could be more excited for this, but the terrible booking of Sheamus has ruined that for me. He won’t be a champion for long, but with this newly formed stable, he won’t lose the belt yet. Reigns will be screwed once again, and Sheamus will continue being champion for a little bit longer.
Zeppelin's Predicted Winner - Sheamus

The meme of the day with this match is the good old Ron Burgundy one… “Well, that escalated quickly…” We went from a title tourney and the most predictable finish in history wish Sheamus cashing in, to WWE seeming to blow up all of their writing and stories mid episode last week, to this week seeming to continue pre-Seth Rollins injury stories with new factions added in. And Vince is wondering why viewership is down 25% over the year! And who can we say is to blame here? Vince for not making new stars? Us for being too jaded? Social media for lifting the veil too much? The guys in the back for not working for it enough? Creative for phoning it in every week? Maybe it is all of them… But that is a debate for another time. Now we are here, three weeks removed from Sheamus cashing in on Reigns, so it’s obvious we have to skip all of the other normal conventions and matches, and jump straight into the gimmick match!!! As much as I will like how Ambrose and Owens will gel together because they seem to have similar-yet-different styles in ring, Reigns and Sheamus are much too close in their match approach. I’m hoping the weapons will cover that some, but this could get ugly. With Sheamus’ upcoming movie exposure thanks to TMNT2, it’ll be good press to keep the WWE Title on him until at least Royal Rumble. WWE needs to be careful and keep Sheamus’ reign interesting, lest the slide will surely continue…
Jesse's Predicted Winner - Sheamus

Boy, Sheamus as champion sure hasn’t worked out the way Vince wanted did it? Ratings tanked, and I mean tanked, and the fans only got behind Roman a very slight bit more. It’s still the “cool smark” thing to boo him, unfortunately. The build to this match has been confusing, too. Sometimes it’s just Roman and Sheamus. Sometimes it’s The League of Nations and The Family. With their matching being a TLC match, meaning no DQ, I fully expect both men to get some assistance from their allies. Match quality should be a 3-4 star match, not bad but not great either. It’ll be interesting to see what Sheamus will do when he can’t lock a headlock or chinlock in every other minute. The problem with a TLC match is also its advantage, the weapons. You have a major advantage because you get to use weapons, but you’re at a major disadvantage because if you don’t use them well the crowd will turn on you fast for not utilizing such a great advantage. Sadly, I don’t see WWE hitting the panic button and passing the championship back to Reigns, even though they should. I don’t see why WWE is worried about putting the title on a “polarizing” guy like Reigns, they’ve gone to the well 15 times with John Cena without question and he’s more polarizing than anyone at the moment. I see them having Sheamus go over here, dirty, and then having Reigns beat him at the Royal Rumble, then going with Reigns vs. The Royal Rumble winner through to WrestleMania.
Zack's Predicted Winner - Sheamus

Kendra – Reigns (screwy), Sheamus retains

CJRoman Reigns

Sam – Roman Reigns

I will be sitting at home, watching TLC while hanging out in the Results and Live Discussion here on WNW, rather than in Boston watching TLC in person. Why? Two reasons. The first being that the WWE isn't worth the four-hour drive, the price of tickets, gas, and a hotel room with what they've been giving us lately – both on live TV and on the PPVs. Second, I love WNW and the Live Discussion is the place to be during Raw, SmackDown, and every PPV!

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