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Alex's Assumptions - Royal Rumble Review And Leading Up To Wrestlemania

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First of all, I would like to thank Richard Gray for allowing me to write a blog with my thoughts right here on

I wanted to write about the Royal Rumble as well as the weeks/months leading up to Wrestlemania from the casual fan standpoint all the way to the IWC.

Royal Rumble Match

I am going to jump right in with the Royal Rumble match. As everyone knows, John Cena won the match and now he is going on for the WWE Title or World Heavyweight Title at Wrestlemania. It's pretty save to say that he is going for the WWE Title. We know that The Rock is champion. It looks like we will have Rock vs. Cena 2! Is there a problem with this? IWC standpoint, yes. No one wants to see John Cena get the title. No one even wanted to see him win the Rumble. I asked one friend who is a casual watcher and he wouldn't mind seeing another match between this two. The thing is, WWE phrased last year's match as "Once in a lifetime." They must be thinking of a life cycle for a fly. I liked their match last year, but I really don't want to see it again. There could be so many other matches for John Cena and The Rock, and I will go into detail about that a little later. I picked Dolph Ziggler winning the Royal Rumble Match. It's time to start building stars, WWE. You are focusing on The Rock and John Cena. Both are hits. While Dolph is getting a push, his push has been going on slowly for months. It's time to build people now as this is when most people are tuning in. Dolph has the Money in the Bank briefcase, but imagine the possible creative directions WWE would have had. 1 - Ziggler cashes it in and loses to Alberto Del Rio but goes for the World Title at Mania because he won the Rumble Match. 2 - He cashes his briefcase in at Mania after his first match with ADR for the World Title. 3 - He cashes his Money in the Bank briefcase at Mania and beats ADR, or someone else who might have it by then, AND fight at Mania against The Rock. Dolph could be a double champion! That is making a star. It's time for WWE to cash-in on the opportunity to make a new major star.

WWE Title Match

I am going to break this up into three parts. Those parts are: The Rock, CM Punk, and The Shield.

The Rock

Almost everyone knew The Rock was going to win the title against CM Punk. The reaction is very split though. First off, the IWC do not like it. You have a part-timer holding the biggest championship in the company. That part-timer has been absent in the company for 10 years. The part-timer who has been absent in the company for 10 years beat a person who truly worked hard day in and day out to achieve the longest title reign in 25 years. While this happens, stars like Drew McIntrye, Cody Rhodes, and Antonio Cesaro (Just to name a few) can't spread their wings to stardom. I have gained respect for The Rock since he returned to the WWE. Rock's worth ethic is uncanny. It's truly astonishing. On the other side, casual fans probably have no problem with The Rock winning the title. Everyone knows who The Rock is. Most are probably fans of him. They like seeing the man back and on top. They will tune-in for sure. That is what Vince McMahon wants. He wants ratings and the money. Rock is costing him a pretty penny, but he wants to make that all back and more. Rock is a huge investment. You don't lose money on the guy.

CM Punk

CM Punk had a tremendous title reign. It was historic, without a doubt. It is easy to say that he was the IWC guy. Almost the entire community, if not all, were fans of Punk. The way he rose up to some of his promos shows why. While I think he is "great" on the mic, I don't see him the beast that people say he is. Punk's title reign gave way to some of the lowest WWE rating shows in the past decade or 15 years. I know you can't just blame Punk, but I do blame him for some of it. The champion is the top star. He is the man carrying that show. Past stars had the ratings jump, but Punk really couldn't deliver near the end of his title reign. The hour expansion of Raw really hurt the show, but the champion couldn't even save it. Anyway, where does this leave Punk now? He isn't champion, but there are several scenarios to where he could go. One has to do with The Shield.

The Shield

The Shield interrupted The WWE Title Match at the Royal Rumble. While some say, JBL, that you don't know if it was them... we really do know. The Shield jumped in and ruined another WWE Title Match. I do have to say ruined because they did. WWE hasn't had a clean WWE Title Match since... when? While this is what the faction does, I think they lost their steam. Just a couple weeks ago, there was only ONE mention of The Shield through the entire 3 hour show. 3 hours for one mention! If the faction is entering in all of the big title matches, wouldn't you think they are a big deal? If the champion could be aligned with the group, wouldn't you think they are a big deal? Plus, the group needs to push forward. I would expect to find out if they are working for CM Punk. The question is still there, even though they answered it. Anyway, since The Shield entered the match last night, that opens the door for CM Punk to have a rematch. Punk could say how he won the original match but then lost the title. It is an easy rematch story. They could put him in the Mania match with Rocky and Cena and make it a Triple Threat Match. That would make it unique and I would actually be interested in it. The question is whether WWE will do that.

Leading to Wrestlemania

Finally, I want to discuss the stories leading to the biggest pay-per-view of the year. As discussed before, this could be the biggest Wrestlemania of all-time. WWE has so many ways they can go about it. The possibilities are endless. While John Cena is set to face a champion, probably The Rock, they still have Chris Jericho, Brock Lesnar, Triple H, CM Punk, and Undertaker. The health of the Undertaker is up in the air. While he says he can compete at Mania, you just never know. I can see Triple H having a match. I mean, why wouldn't he? There are just so many match options to make. That is why I am eager and pretty disgusted to see Rock vs. Cena 2. Why not have Rock vs. Lesnar or Rock vs. Jericho? Since Rock's match is a title match, I see why they picked Cena, but for the sake of being logical, put CM Punk in. Now, I would have a Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker match. Lesnar could return and say he has done everything. He hasn't broke the streak though. It's two part-timers but the story is wrapped around "The Streak" and that gives people wanting to see. Lastly, I would have Triple H vs. Chris Jericho. It would be hard to come up with a face vs. face storyline for this one, and I don't think either should be a heel. It's a long stretch, but that is what is left out of the major part-timers. Don't forget Ryback and Dolph Ziggler. Doesn't look like Stone Cold Steve Austin will be involved, so maybe that is why WWE brought Jericho back. Overall, there are too many matches that be done to count.

I wanted to give my thoughts on the whole Royal Rumble pay-per-view and the months leading up to Wrestlemania. I always like writing what I think, so feel free to do the same. Agree or disagree... what would you want to see instead? Wrestlemania match ideas... write them. Love to hear feedback! Thanks everyone!

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