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Blog Zone: It's About To Become Real

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Welcome to the Blog Zone. This week we get the announcements of the Six Sided Ring returning and that Bound For Glory is going to be held in Tokyo. Big announcements that get the fans attention. Now can Impact deliver? I think Impact was good last week. This week was another strong showing. TNA is well on their way to get back to where they need to. Fans are interested, now they just need to deliver quality shows. With that lets get into this week’s show.

Opening video and a little backstage segment with MVP and Co. but Impact is starting with a match! It seems like TNA is listening.

Beautiful People vs Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell

This match started slow. Terrell looks a bit out of shape and showing serious ring rust. She could barely run around two sides of the ring. Her movements with everything was really slow. I don’t think it helped that the crowd seemed dead for this match. Terrell reverses a submission from Velvet and is in position to tag, as in she just has to reach, instead she waits for Velvet to attack her. The tag is made and finally this match picks up when Gail enters. Gail Kim gets the pin on Angelina Love probably going to further their feud and lead to another Kim title shot.

MVP, Lashley & King

So after MVP rambles on about the same things he has been rambling on for, for weeks. EY comes out. EY is really playing up this crazy character. He is “injured” and tries to attack MVP, Lashley, and King. It’s great to see Roode back. It’s a shame he missed Slammiversary.


Everything Roode said was spot on. I really like how TNA is using the originals right now, especially Roode and EY. Using real life situations has always been a seller in wrestling and so far TNA is doing a great job trying to blur the lines. What Roode said is basically in the minds of almost all TNA fans. Once MVP started talking the promo seem to drag on. Luckily we are saved by some guy in a suit.

Earl Solomon Armstrong

ESA comes out and announces MVP is no longer the Director of Wrestling Operations. The crowd goes wild!! AAAAHHHHH!! It was great Roode confirmed that MVP is no longer the boss and the crowd chants “Kick his ass” great chant by the way. That kind of emotion from the fans is what TNA was all about and needs to get back. They seem to be on their way.

Menagerie, DJZ, TJ Manik

Apparently the Menagerie owe someone some money. Will we get to see this person ever? They are interrupted by DJZ and Jessie from the BroMans who are hilarious in this segment. What really confused me here is Manik is not wearing his mask. To me this makes absolutely not sense. If you are going to wear a mask we shouldn’t see you without the mask. It kills the character. What is the point of the mask then? And to makes matters worst he puts the mask on and then talks. When has Manik ever talked? But sense Manik has been irrelevant since last year when Aries pretended to be him, I guess it really doesn’t matter.

Sanada vs Manik vs Crazy Steve vs DJ Z

Sanada knows English? Or at least a little bit, I don’t think I knew that. Sanada is very talented and he would benefit greatly with a manager. Not TNA really has any managers available. This match isn’t as good as I thought it would be. There is a couple of high spots but in-between that is a bunch of wasted motioned trying to set up the next high spot. The triple dropkick on DJ Z was awesome and so was the sunset flip German suplex. And what would a X Division 4 way be without the tower of doom? Seeing how this match was so short, I understand trying to get all the high spots in, I wish this match had more time. I wish the X Division had more time. There are a lot of talented wrestlers still in that division not counting Joe, EY, or AA. The next move TNA needs to make for the fans is the revival of the X Division.

Dixie & Spud

This crowd really does not like Dixie. I am pretty sure that isn’t heel heat and it’s a genuine dislike for Dixie Carter. The crowd did not stop booing the entire time Dixie was talking. The camera showed an elderly lady covering her ears that was great! Earl Solomon Armstrong is back out to tell Dixie she is not Director of Wrestling Operations. I really wish Dixie would shut up so we could hear more Spud. Less Dixie more Spud, that is the new slogan.

Bully, Dixie, & Spud

Spuds actions are great. He is great without the mic. Everything Spud does is in character, everything he does means something. Bully is doing a great job getting the crowd wild. Bully is the closest he has been to getting Dixie through the table and Spud made the save. This was a fun spot here. Thank to Bully and Spud. I think Dixie is horrible on the mic and needs her talking time cut. She can have a few lines here and there but she shouldn’t be the one to carry the promo. I think the story can be told through Spud, Bully, and EC3.

Anderson vs Storm

Anderson vs Storm is a feud I have been excited for ever since Storm it started. I have been let down not by the wrestlers but by creative for not giving these two the time they deserve. It was the match I was looking forward to at Slammiversary and it got maybe 5 minutes. And again this two get a quick match. This was good though. Just these two should be given at least 10-15 minutes to tell a story. Storm gets the victory so I think the count is 1 to 1, hopefully this feud continues in a meaningful way.

Storm & Sanada

Storm confronts Sanada about the X title and option C. It would seem as though maybe Storm wants to take the X title, which would make sense given Option C. When I said above make Storm and Anderson feud more meaningful I was thinking maybe throwing in the X title but I didn’t think that would become reality. I really wouldn’t mind seeing Strom win the X title at some point. It’s the one thing he hasn’t done and it could take TNA and the X Division back to “It’s not about weight limits, it’s about no limits.”

EC3 & Dream

Dreamer brutally attack EC3 in the back. This fight leads to the ring. I can’t remember the last time we have seen a brawl like this one. Usually it is broken up or someone knockout the other quickly. This kind of thing is missing from wrestling. I really like TNA has been doing so far. This fight was done well and didn’t make either star look weak. EC3 is really being built up the right way. EC3 is the future of the company. This was well done and gave an anything can happen feeling.

Magnus & Bram vs Willow & Abyss (Monster’s Ball)

Throughout this match I am not too sure what Abyss was doing. It seemed to me that Willow carried the offensive side of this match for his team. Abyss gets free from the handcuffs, gets in the ring, hits a few moves, and gets beat down again. Willow had an insane spot when he fell through the barbwire board. And then I think Magnus one up him by getting chokeslammed on the thumbtacks. Bram hits Abyss with Janice which is insane! Bram and Magnus going over here is the right call. Bram and Magnus still need to be built up. Hardy and Abyss are already established and it won’t be hard to insert them somewhere. Magnus needs to recover from that horrendous title reign he had.

The Announcement the new DWO

Kurt Angle is now the new Director of Wrestling Operations. He does have experience in this role, he is a former general manager of Smackdown! I was thinking last week it was random for Kurt to show up to try and “talk” to MVP.

Kurt Angle

Angle starts this off great. I really enjoy TNA letting the wrestler take shots at the company. It brings out the emotion in all of us. Angle makes great points. He really has done everything there is to do. There really is no one better to be put into the spot that he is. MVP is out running his mouth. MVP is trying to intimidate Angle. When has Angle ever been intimidate? Angle throws around his power already. This is great. Threatening to fire all three of MVP & CO. EY gets his title shot next week and Roode is finally reinstated. EY and Roode have seem to align themselves together, all we need now is a return of Petey Williams and we can have a reunited Team Canada. A fight breaks out between EY Roode and King Lashley, then Impact just ends. It felt really weird to me. But at the same time it’s another anything can happen chaos feel.


This was another good show from TNA. The crowd was still hot. At times they seemed down but they would pick right back up. I am loving the excitement that Impact is bringing. There were a couple of issues I did have with this show. They started out with a match which is different, but the match wasn’t great. Then we have a lot of talking and segment in between the first and second match. I think there was only one match in the first hour of the show. The X-division match and Storm vs Anderson was very short, which just made for more talking. This week we don’t see Joe or AA. The show really lacks without them. Angle being the new Director of Wrestling Operations is exciting. Finally a face authority figure. It seems as though TNA is trying to listen to us. I am seeing a lot of things that we don’t see elsewhere. Hopefully this direction stays.

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