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Welcome to the Impact Wrestling Blog Zone. I had a lot to say this week so this intro will be short. Another week of the NYC tapings and the week before Destination X. Impact has been on the right track lately with great shows. Hopefully the streak continues this week and we have another good show. With that let’s get into the show.


We get a glimpse of Aries going into a locker room and Tenay mentions it is decision time. Then we enter into a nicely done and very short video package of the Dixie Bully Saga. While I enjoyed this video and the briefness of it, I couldn’t help but feel the World Title is taking a backseat to this feud. I am in the very strong belief that the main title of a promotion should take precedence over everything. Just short little tirade but the video was nicely done.

Roode vs MVP

With that we are right into the action. Which is a great start. It is nice for a change and lets me enjoy when Impact does open with promos. Keeps it fresh.

I know there have been a lot of complaints about MVP working injured and TNA should not put him in that situation. I have to believe that if MVP wasn’t cleared to work he wouldn’t. I really don’t think Dixie would put him in that situation as most reports have her characterized as very nice, almost too nice to be in the wrestling business.

As I am typing this and thinking well maybe MVP is still injured because he hasn’t ran, he hasn’t lifted Roode, and this was mostly a brawl with exception of one suplex, MVP kicks a chair and Roode low kicks him. Then Roode proceeds to put on the worst looking sharpshooter I have ever seen.

This match was ok, I think if MVP wasn’t still injured, story or not, this match would have been better. I was expecting a lot more from King and Lashley especially if MVP is really injured. We got one appearance from King who was taken out by EY. Other than that not much excitement here.


I know this was a short segment and I have tried to avoid these but something really bothered me here. They did the same thing last week and I complained about it. Why would they ask Dixie “Why are you here?” I don’t understand the point of that question to the president of the company. Her answer should be the same thing every week, “This is my show, I am the president of this company, I can be here if I want to be here for whatever reason I want to be.” They need to better word that question, more like “What are you expecting to see tonight?” or “What are you looking forward to?” But please stop with the “Dixie why are you here?”

Jeff Hardy

As you probably know by now I am not the biggest Jeff Hardy fan. So for me I wasn’t into this promo. I really wasn’t expecting Matt back like this. I was expecting a run in or something, but I am very excited for Matt to be back. He has always been my favorite Hardy. Matt calls out the Wolves to set a challenge, while I am excited for this match, hopefully a series of matches, I am not looking forward to the mic work from these teams. I have always like Matt on the mic but this felt off.

I am really excited for the Wolves vs Hardys next week. I hope they have a couple of matches and one of them is either a ladder match or an ultimate X match. Those teams in those types of matches would be amazing. After the Wolves conquer the Hardys the best way to propel the Wovles into the talks of being one of the greatest tag teams of all time would have them feud with Team 3D, maybe a couple of 3 way matches between the 3 teams.


The BroMans have become one of my favorite things about Impact. I use to hate Robbie E and DJZ and thought they should both be fired and seriously questioned why they are even in the business. For a while they were my favorite part of Impact Wrestling. This has changed now with the amazing shows Impact has had lately, but these guys are still entertaining.

DJZ vs Low Ki

Glad to see Low Ki back, he is an amazing talent and a key to the popularity that was the X Division. I have to say though that the attires of Low Ki and DJZ together make me feel like I am watching a futuristic video game. Low Ki was flying around the ring and made quick work of DJZ. High impact moves that Low Ki is known for. While I have seen his moves plenty of times that still make me cringe. Great to see one of the reason I love the X Division back in TNA.

Magnus & Bram vs Anderson & Gunner

I was very entertained by this match. I wish it would have went longer. I think a street fight between these teams could be a classic if the feud was built right. Given Anderson’s and Magnus’s skills on the mic this would be highly entertaining. I doubt we will get this feud given that Shaw and Abyss came out after the match. Shaw took the shots of the steel bar that Bram dealt out, saving Gunner. I guess Shaw doesn’t want to do physical contact yet as part of his therapy. Then Abyss comes out and I don’t take him serious anymore. Abyss just reminds me of a big kid that gets bullied on a rampage, and not a get out of the way rampage, more like a hilarious viral video rampage. They need to make the lights go dark or change the color of the lights and keep them that way for as long as he is out. Not during a match but at least during his run-ins.

Bully, D’von, & Dreamer

Bully is going on about putting Dixie through a table. The funny part of this segment was in the background Dreamer appears to be texting someone and D’von is taping his wrist, neither seem to care what Bully has to say. That is probably not the case but it just looked hilarious to think of it that way.

Decision Time: Option C Yes or No

Two years ago Austin Aries created Option C and went on to Destination X to beat Bobby Roode for the TNA World Title. Last year Aries dressed as Manik to win the X title to have a chance at Option C only to be beat by Chris Sabin in the rematch. Sabin goes on to win the World Title from Bully Ray. This year who is the X champ, Austin Aries. When this option was created I thought it was a great idea to build new stars and help that transition from the X Division to the Heavyweight Division. But watching how it has played out and that AA is a focus for Option C every year. I really hope he does not cash in.

Aries is great on the mic. He really sold this segment, but I really did not like this segment. First I do not think that MVP and Lashley needed to be out there. On top of that MVP went on to give a boring promo. Then while AA was talking I did not like what MVP was doing. Doing the yawn and the violin thing was very disrespectful to the foundation of TNA. Aries cashing in Option C was a really big letdown. While I am excited for Lashley vs Aries because I think it will be a great match, I wanted the X Division to be built by passing on the World Title. If Aries really does that Option D, the X title has now become the equivalent of the Money in the Bank briefcase. Not too sure how I would feel about it. I see it could be really good or really really really bad.

Taryn Terrell vs Gail Kim

I am excited for this one and so is everyone else but I do question if Terrell is ready for this high profile match after only be back for a couple of weeks.

This match wasn’t on par with Gail and Taryn’s other two matches. I sort of expected that. The Beautiful People ruin this one so we don’t get a winner, but I can’t really complain. I want Taryn to get back to the level she was before she left then have another match with Gail where we get a clear winner. Putting her in a couple of tag matches with Gail against TBP is a great way to get in back into ring shape. As I was watching I was thinking that Taryn didn’t know how to work the six sided ring, and then Taz goes and says it. I’m glad my thought was validated but I am also sort of mad because now it looks as though I am copying the commentators.

The Great Muta

I am so glad to see Muta. I was always in awe of him growing up when he would appear in WCW. He wasn’t around a lot so I thought it was special to see him, and I always loved getting my hands on old WCW events that he was a part of especially when he wrestled Sting. Robbie is hilarious. When he said “What about me,” I really hoped he would finish it with “What about Robbie?” That would have been perfect because it sounds so close.

A quick match happens between Robbie and Muta. Pretty cool to see that Muta can still go.

Storm is out and I have to say that I agree with everything Storm had to say. Storm has been in TNA since day one and Muta is another legend. While I do enjoy seeing Muta more than others because with the connection to Wrestle-1 Muta is actually helping TNA. When Sanada came out with a chair my first thought was I hope he turns. They played this up well, dragging it a bit to make us think he wouldn’t. I will admit that I popped with a Daniel Bryan “Yes” fingers and arms straight in the air when Sanada hit Muta with the chair. Storm is a great talker that will really help Sanada progress and making Sanada only adds to his character.

EC3, Spud, & Rhino vs Bully Ray, D’von, & Dreamer (NYC Street Fight)

Spud carrying the trash can to the ring, pure comedy. Nice tribute to the Road Warriors from Team 3D. I know that have done the Doomsday Device before but the taunt from D’von was a nice touch. This match was entertaining but I am not sure we can call it a match. I felt like it was just a spot fest for Team 3D and Dreamer hitting all of their signature moves. It was fun though.

Big Zeke and Snitsky? That was shock. Not sure how I feel about these guys. I do feel like maybe their runs in the E wasn’t that great but not sure if that was them or creative. Only time will tell but I will keep an open mind.


This Impact wasn’t as action packed as last week. It was still entertaining. Most of the build was for next week’s show Destination X. Something felt off all night. Not sure if it was because it was a taped show or if it was because my expectations were too high. All in all this was a good show and I can’t complain too much. TNA is on the right track and are doing great things right now. I am excited for Destination X. I hope the X title doesn’t get lost in the shuffle after this summer.

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