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Blog Zone: Destination X

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Destination X is here. Usually this is my favorite PPV/Special Event from TNA. This year not so much. I was very much looking forward to it, but I did have my doubts. First I knew that the Hardys vs the Wolves was going to be a great match. I was also looking forward to Austin Aries vs Lashley because I knew that would be a good also. But honestly that’s all there was to look forward to because that’s all that was announced. If this is supposed to be a replace of a PPV there are two major issues with this event. First it’s taped. Before all you “mr know it all” fans jump in the comments and start saying they need to save money, its best for business, blah blah blah, I know that. But that doesn’t change the negative effects that taping shows, especially of this magnitude, has on the viewer. First we have a World Title match. I do not think that any company would change the main title on a taped show. This match was hurt because it wasn’t live. If this match was live I would have fully believed that AA would have won, but because it was taped I felt cheated from getting emotionally involved in this match.

The second issue, if this was a ppv there was only two matches announced. Now think about this for a minute. The show has been taped weeks in advanced and we are only told two matches on a special live event. I understand if there was supposed to be surprise entrant in the matches but there wasn’t. Not to mention of the 9 wrestlers in the 3 X division triple threats matches, only 4 of them really matter to the TNA audience, and that’s being nice. I could easily make a case that the only 2 worth anything is Low Ki, because he just returned, and Samoa Joe, well because he is Samoa Joe. The problem with this is, it is hard to get into these matches. The reason I watch wrestling is because of the emotion it invokes for me. That can only happen with characters have been built up into a reason I care, whether it be because I like them or hate them I need a reason to see their match. It is the same reason that I don’t watch MMA, there is no emotion, and there is no reason for me to watch two people beat each other up. I will end my rant here and get into the show.


Nice little empty arena promo from Austin Aries. I did like the video package. I thought it was great to put the titles in the spotlight. I said it last week, I have the belief that the titles should have spotlight over almost everything.

Dixie and crew

Dixie is paraphrasing Rowdy Piper, using game instead of questions and rules instead of answers. Pretty nice touch. Funny thing right as Dixie was saying that she would let the crowd chant “ECW” I was thinking it would be funny and she should change the meaning of the letters. Then I thought it should be something with EC3 and that’s what happen. Having Big Zeke in this group makes sense now because he was the last “ECW” champion. Feuding with the originals gives this a very nice touch. This was a good segment that tied a couple of things together for me.

Hardys vs The Wolves (Tag Team Championship)

This is the match that everyone is looking forward to. I am excited to see Matt Hardy on the main stage again. He was always my favorite Hardy and one of my favorite wrestlers. Split crowd, hot crowd. It almost sounded like everybody is cheering for both tag teams instead of half and half. This match was great. I love that the Hardys at the upper hand at the beginning. It helped established that they still had it as a team. I felt the Hardys at times were trying to work as the heels in the match, which led me to the idea what if they completed the turn and this feud continued? That would be awesome. After the Quadruple footstomp I thought the match was over and I thought to myself no way has this match been given so little time. That was an amazing finisher from the Wolves. I have never seen that done from the top rope.

I loved the story this match told. Usually I would have called a match like this nothing but a spot fest. But with how these teams have made a name for themselves it made for a great story. It showed the Hardys are the experienced team. At times the Wolves would do something then the Hardys would reply with a this is how it’s done mentality. The only thing that could have made this story better is if the Hardys would have turned heel after the match and attack the Wolves during the handshake.

DJZ vs Manik vs Low Ki

Another great match. This was a very entertaining match and I was impressed with all three workers. DJZ has really impressed me since joining the BroMans. It is great to Low Ki back and hopefully they develop his character if he is sticking around. Manik has always intrigued me but again they have never developed him character wise. One thing that I can take from this match is that I really want to see Low Ki and Manik have a feud of their own. The best parts of this match was when these two went at it. They countered each other so smoothly it was amazing to watch.

James Storm

This thing with Sanada and Storm intrigues me. I have been calling for this for weeks. Sanada really needs someone to talk for him and needs some sort of character. Storm is a person for this. He has been with TNA since day one, he can talk, and when needed he can still go. This will make for some amazing segments and moments.

Sanada vs Brain Cage vs Crazy Steve

So this is a qualifier? Really? As am I watching this match I am not sure if Cage is supposed to be face or heel, either way something about him I don’t like, and all I can think about is I can’t wait for Samoa Joe to destroy him. The crowd doesn’t seem into this match and I can’t blame them. Not many care for the Menagerie or Crazy Steve. Sanada is now heel and it’s too new for people to get behind, and they don’t know who Cage is. Sanada getting the win is the right call. He needed this win to solidify his alignment with Storm. Cage did show some cool moves, but I still want to see Joe destroy him for some reason.

Bully, D’von, & Dreamer

Very emotional response from the crowd but an even more emotional promo from Dreamer. I love the fact that Dreamer named off some of the younger guys. It’s a great way to give a little bit of a rub without having to be involved in a story or match with them. Glad Bully changed up his promo a little bit to “Do you know where you are?” I had to laugh at that. It was great! This exchange was great and I was hanging on every word from everybody. I am excited for this match next week.

Samoa Joe vs Tigre Uno vs Homicide

Joe opens with a great promo. I think he is the only person capable of winning the vacant X-Division title to reestablish the X-Division. Joe also needs to run with the line “I am pro wrestling!” It’s a great line and there is so much marketability to it. This match was good. There wasn’t much to it and the crowd was solidly behind Joe but other than that I don’t think they really cared, at least that’s how it comes off on TV. Joe winning here was the only call possible as it would have a travesty if Homicide or Tigre won. Joe needs to win the title next week.


This little segment is the first the thing from Abyss that I have liked in quite some time. It reminds me of the old Abyss which they really need to get back to. He still has the stigma of a big goofy guy in a mask. Hopefully next week we will see more of the monster return to his character.

Austin Aries vs Bobby Lashley (TNA World Championship)

While I believe that AA should have kept the X-title I was looking forward to this match. Also another concern I had is that I do not believe they would change the World Championship on a taped show. This match started out really well with some back and forth action. It was as good as I thought it would be. It lost me in the middle when Lashley was dominate. This was still a good match. I would have been more interested if I felt that AA actually had a chance to win. Great finish. Great false finish. Personally I wanted AA to win because he is one of my favorites but I understand that Lashley winning builds him as a dominate champion for a bigger payoff later.


I am not sure how I feel about TNA spoiling their own show. I get building it and enticing people but actually showing everything but the table part? I’m not sure I agree. I already had so much excitement going into that match I’m not sure this was needed. They could have built a better teaser, with showing clips of her being close or an attempt but the actually set up and even saying from the announcers she went through, I’m just really not sure. If ratings increase it will be great if not then it was another spoiler from TNA themselves.


For a regular Impact this show would have been amazing. I wouldn’t have had a problem with it. But for being Destination X my philosophy on what this show should have been changed drastically. For being a special event this show wasn’t great. It was good but it wasn’t great. Of the three X-Division matches only the one with Low Ki, Manik, and DJZ was actually good. And this goes with the fact it was the only match were I actually cared about all three competitors. We had one main event open the show, which set the bar so high it was hard for anything else to follow. With the Hardys and the Wolves opening the show there wasn’t much to look forward to until the main event. So for an hour I had to still through a bunch of things I don’t care about or didn’t know what to expect. I am not trying to be negative about TNA, as I love TNA, I want TNA to succeed. If I didn’t then I wouldn’t spend my time writing this blog every week. But one thing I am not going to do is give TNA a pass. I am not going to sugar coat anything because they have been good lately. Destination X should have been bigger. It should have had more announced matches that meant more. Destination X is a replacement of a PPV and it should have been treated as such. This was just another Impact with a special name.

Comments are encourage but please do not post spoilers as some readers do not read them.

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