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This week is the Champions Showcase on Impact wrestling where all matches have title implications. I am really looking forward to the X-Division title match to see what direction the division will go from here. I am not looking forward to the Knockouts title match, mainly because Brittany is in it. I hope this week Impact will continue on the path that is has been on and with excitement coming out of NYC keep the momentum going into those tapings being televised next week.

Kurt Angle

Lately we have been focusing on a lot on how wrestling shows open. Kurt Angle is opening the show again, but with all the action that should be taking this week I don’t really mind him opening the show again. Hopefully I am not disappointed this week. I don’t like the showing of the wrestlers as Angle is announcing the matches. It looks really cheap and I’m not sure if I am watching live or a recap. Angle calls out Willow and tells him “Everyone wants to see Jeff Hardy.” I guess that would be everyone but me. I have never been a Jeff Hardy fan but I understand a lot of people are, so I understand why to use him. With the way the Willow character has played out Jeff Hardy is better than Willow.

Magnus & Bram vs The Wolves (Tag Team Championship)

Wow! This match was highly entertaining! When Magnus snuck around and attack the Wolf on the apron I thought that was brilliant. It’s something I always do in video games but hardly ever see it on the shows. This is about the only match where when the match breaks down does the ref still care who the legal man is. I have seen countless matches that when it’s all said and done it really doesn’t matter who is the legal man as long as someone pins someone. But still this match was great. I hope the Wolves are given a chance to show a personality because it is hard to get into their matches. They are great wrestlers but I am not emotionally involved in their matches because they have given me no reason to care. I hope this changes. Maybe the after match attack from Bram and Magnus this will start a feud for the tag belts.

Bobby Roode & MVP

Roode is still trying to get at MVP. I’m not sure how long they can drag this story out with MVP being injured. I don’t know how long he will be out either. One thing that has been bothering me about Roode’s face turn is now he seems to forget how a heel acts. MVP has people around him but Roode seems to forget that all the time. I never understood why faces think a punch or two will keep somebody down and turn their back.

James Storm & Sanada

This Storm Sanada thing intrigues me. I am not sure the direction they plan to go with it. I am not sure if Storm is trying to make a play for the X title and option C, if he is trying to be Sanada’s mentor, or if they are just going to feud. Either way I think it will be entertaining. Both these wrestlers deserve a story and direction.

Austin Aries vs Sanada (X Division Championship)

For the first time in a long time I am looking forward to an X-Division match. There are a couple different implications that can come from this. This match was awesome!!! I enjoyed every minute of it. But the crowd was dead for most of this match. The crowd got behind AA a little bit but still I don’t think these two got the reactions they deserved. That is the problem with no character development. Why should we care about Sanada? The same questions for the Wolves. All great wrestlers but there is not emotional attachment to make me react to the match. I am glad AA won. He deserves the title and he is a much better opponent for Lashley if he happens to hold onto it until Destination X.

Bully Ray & Rhino

From no emotion with Sanada to so much emotion from Bully Ray. That is the benefit of character development. Plus add in personal stories that involve the history of the wrestlers and pro wrestling that is money. I really enjoy how TNA does not hold back. They mention WWE they mention Heyman. I believe this is good because it doesn’t hide anything. These wrestles made names for themselves elsewhere so I think it’s good to acknowledge that.

Angelina Love vs Brittany vs Madison Rayne vs Gail Kim (Knockouts Championship)

Honestly, I am not looking forward to this match. TBP are just not what they use to be. They use to be my favorite part of the knockouts division but this time around they do not entertain me. I also am not looking forward to seeing Brittany in any capacity. She has the potential to ruin this entire match. And what has she done to deserve to be in this match anyway? This match was everything that I thought it would be. Not good unless Gail Kim was in the ring. Gail Kim retains and I’m not sure if they was any question to that since she just won last week.

Austin Aries

I have been avoiding writing about these little backstage segments because nothing really happens with them. But what AA said here really struck me. The way he talked about he has all the options and he will got this far by being unpredictable. He mentioned that the X-Division is relevant again. What better way to make the title relevant then to past on the World Championship to keep the X-Title? I think it is a good idea to build the division. Thoughts?


They show a video of MVP talking about Lashley. What I want to mention here is how Lashley is working out with the belt on. To me is showed that Lashley is proud of the title. That the TNA title is somewhat of an inspiration to him. I think this is a great thing for TNA to build a little prestige for their title. Now I know that a video isn’t going to make a title prestigious but its can add to it by giving it meaning.

20 Man Battle Royal

Battle Royals have always been one of my favorite matches. Not sure why I always loved them but I always have. But TNA spoiled the end of this one when they announced that Jeff Hardy would face Lashley at the NYC tapings. So with the announcement of that match they spoiled 2 weeks of Impacts main events.

Abyss comes out during the battle royal to attack Bram after he had been eliminated. I can’t help but think that Abyss has lost something. When his music plays I no longer think “here comes the monster, someone is going to get destroyed.” All I think about now is “Here comes this goofy guy in a stupid looking mask.”

This battle royal was weird to me. People were just being thrown out of the ring easily. It really wasn’t entertaining since the winner was spoiled weeks ago.


Another good Impact from TNA. I really like what I have been seeing. Next NYC tapings start and from what I have heard those are some really good shows. I am excited for these to be shown on TV. This summer is an exciting time for TNA. Hopefully they stay strong for the rest of the summer and leading into the next NYC tapings in August.

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