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Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle opens the show and I don’t really have a problem with this since he doesn’t do it all the time. He said he was going to sit down and discuss things with Roode and EY, why would he need to talk to them? Angle is the boss, I see he has a couple of options, mainly EY vs Roode for #1 contender or a triple threat match for the World Title. Not really a need to talk to EY and Roode, but I guess we will see where it goes.


MVP interrupts Angle which makes sense given the World Title situation, but then he randomly starts making fun of New York. I don’t get it. It wasn’t as if MVP needed cheap heat.


Now MVP’s rant on New York makes sense because they needed a way to set up Dreamer coming out. I loved what Dreamer said. He has been the one to tell it how it is. Dreamer has been able to blur that line between reality and script which is hard to do these days. Now we have a street fight between Lashley and Dreamer. I would have rather had King vs Dreamer, but maybe they have something more planned.

Dreamer vs Lashley

Dreamer lands right on the edge of the entrance ramp after a belly to belly suplex. That is a scary spot because I instantly think of Michaels in ‘98. When I see wrestlers hit their back like that it always worries me. Besides Dreamer’s landing this match had nothing to catch my attention. It was really pointless from the beginning. This is way I said I would rather have Dreamer vs King because then it is a toss-up of who wins.

Gunner and Shaw

Another awkward encounter with these two. But it does add intrigue because now I wonder what Shaw is up to. Is this all part of a master plan from the beginning or did something change?

Madison Rayne vs Taryn Terrell

It bothers me that we didn’t get to see their entrances. I feel it demeans the match and makes it feel less important.

This match started slow, and by slow I mean it looked like two people that are training to be wrestlers learning how to put moves together. Taryn botched a clothesline so bad that the crowd started booing! The crowd seemed dead for this match and I don’t blame them. This match was horrible. Taryn did clothesline after clothesline after clothesline, it got repetitive. The kickouts made it worst, they were slow. The ref had to pull back on most occasions. I haven’t seen a ref make it that obvious in I don’t know how long. This just wasn’t good.

Gunner and Shaw

Shaw is a kid playing dress that got in trouble by his parent.

Homicide, DJZ, Manik vs Crazy Steve, Tigre Uno, Low Ki

When I saw this match advertised my first thought was WHY? Do heels and faces not matter anymore? Are we not keeping track? Or do these 6 not matter that much that it does matter if they are heels or faces? I would much rather see a match that means something, like a number one contender match instead of this random thrown together match.

This was pretty much a spot fest but I really didn’t expect anything different from these guys. There really isn’t a story for them to tell. Manik and Low Ki had a great exchange in the ring that caught my attention. I want to see Manik vs Low Ki in a long drawn out feud.

Roode, EY

So I don’t understand why Angle needed to “talk” to Roode and EY about this. He should have just announced the match, and why did Roode announce the match and not Angle or EY? Angle should have been the one to announce it. This was typical “your my friend, but I am going to beat you.” Nothing really special or anything to stand out.


I love the BroMans. The BroMans match with a KO, does this mean they will add one to the group? It could be great.

EC3 vs Rhino

When this match was first announced I thought “Wow that is stupidly fast!” But then thinking about it a little more I guess it’s not as bad as originally thought but I still think this could have benefitted from taking place next week or in two weeks. With EC3 getting DQ’d I guess this story can go on and next time it can be a No DQ match. What I do like is it is showing a new side to EC3. I didn’t understand why there wasn’t a DQ the first time Spud interfered but I guess it made up for it when EC3 hit the chair. Rhino got the victory so there isn’t a sense in going back and complaining about that little spot.

Sanada vs Aries

Finally! I have been waiting for this for weeks. This is probably my favorite story going in TNA right now. Storm hints at a stable, I am intrigued. I hope it does take a number of guys into this group. Sanada reveals his new face paint and it is a combination of GoldDust and Muta. I love it!

This match is weird for me because I don’t think Sanada should lose, since he just debuted but I also don’t think AA deserves to lose either. If Sanada wins, it is a big victory in his new role. Sanada is using Muta mannerisms. This is great. Aries was great as usual. The neckbreaker on the ropes was cool. Then the suicide dive through the bottom rope was amazing. There it was the Mist! Huge pop from me! This Sanada Strom thing is AWESOME!

Chris Melendez

This guy has a great story. He really does and I am thankful for his services to this country. The video package was great. It was a good way to introduce him because I have seen the talk about him but I don’t know much about him. From the video package we see Angle, Team 3D, and Anderson in the ring. I was confused why Anderson was there but when he got the mic and he explained his association with the Wounded Warrior Project, it made sense. This was a great speech and introduction from Anderson and Team 3D but I am surprised there wasn’t an interruption or someone attack Melendez. I thought they could have used this to set up a story for him.

Team 3D vs Hardys vs Wolves

This match wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. First I noticed that when this match started there was only 10 minutes left in the show. This series is the main selling point of Impact right now and you only give them 10 minutes? That didn’t make sense to me. This match was rushed. Every team had to rush to make sure to get their signatures in which made it feel like a spot fest. The crowd chanted “this is awesome,” and maybe watching live it was. If I was in attendance I would love to see everyone flying around, it’s a spectacle, but watching on TV it doesn’t come off as awesome. It comes off as rushed. Knowing that we have a table match and a ladder match coming up, I am not surprised to see Team 3D win, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Hardys win the next match. I guess you could say that since it’s a series, we know that each team would get at least one victory, but I still think it makes it more obviously knowing what gimmicks we have coming up.


I wasn’t impressed with this Impact. The first hour was boring. There was nothing there to grab my attention. I didn’t get into this episode until Sanada came out. Aries vs Sanada was the best match of the night. Hopefully the tag teams are given more time in their next match because 10 minute matches aren’t going to cut it. Hopefully next week is better, but this show was the worst of the summer.

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