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Blog Zone: Get Ready To Bleed

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Welcome back to the Blog Zone. This week’s edition of Impact left a lot to be desired. Many confusing segments, many illogical statements, and every match was basically pointless. With that let’s get to the show…

Joe & MVP Co.

Joe is fired up which is great. He brings a presence that has been missing from Impact. Real quickly MVP said something that didn’t make much sense. He told Joe to hurry up because he was wasting his time, but right before Joe came out MVP, Lashley, and King were all looking for him, isn’t that more of a waste of time? Couldn’t MVP just go out to the ring and call out Joe? Or just call him into his office? He is the director of operations. MVP sold his back pedaling well. Aries is great on the mic as always, and now we have a confusing situations with Aries vs Joe and the loser is out of TNA.

Magnus & Bram

Magnus and Bram work well together. They seem to be getting better by the week. I like how Magnus tried to play up Willow but Willow hasn’t done anything since his debut. Magnus was trying to get into Bram head but Bram turned it around.

Bram vs Willow

One thing on commentary that bothered me was that Tenay and Taz were saying it’s hard to prepare for Willow because he is different from Jeff Hardy. I have never seen Willow use a move that I haven’t seen Hardy use. There is nothing different between the two but a mask.

Willow was actually putting on a decent match. This probably could have been a good match had it been booked to be more than to just progress Magnus’s character. Magnus finally snapped and sided with Bram. I thought this has been well played out because I was thinking that Magnus would turn on Bram. I know Magnus becoming face wouldn’t make a lot of sense but it is still something TNA would do.

Wolves in MVP’s Office

I love the Wolves in the ring but when they talk… let’s just say they can really use a manager. Not that they are horrible but I feel they would come off better if someone else did the majority of their talking. We now have another face vs face match that MVP set up. MVP is just throwing around his power tonight which is kind of ridiculous. The heel authority is really old.

Wolf vs Wolf (Edwards vs Richards)

This match was great. I was thoroughly entertained with the wrestling ability from both the Wolves. It was a different type of match that we don’t get to see anymore. I loved that the crowed was chanting “Shut up Kenney.” This crowd seems really into it tonight. I’m surprised it took the Wolves until after the match to attack Kenney. I thought they would have done it during the match. But it was good to see Kenney get what was coming to him.

MVP & Dixie

Dixie tells MVP if he knows about the contract situation. It seems to me that maybe there is more going on then we know of at the moment.

Madison & Brittany

Brittany is awkward. I have yet to see what the big deal about her is.

Joe & Aries

Joe is intense. Him and Aries work well together. I hope there is a swerve where both keep their jobs and maybe done the line the Joe and Aries feud can be revisited.

BroMans in ring

Robbie E is hilarious. He admits he is afraid of clowns and then Jessie acts like a tough guy saying the Menagerie have no idea who they are messing with. This was the first time that I actually enjoyed DJ Z. The horn competition was great. The BroMans really sold this segment. The Menagerie have not been what I was expecting. Hopefully this feud with the BroMans can make something of the Menagerie, which is weird because who would have ever thought that a feud with the BroMans can make someone?

EY, Bully, Hebner

EY and Bully seem to be trying to save the day. They try to play the emotional family card against Hebner but it was obvious that he would do the same. It seemed to me that Bully was trying to bully Hebner into doing the right thing, which is funny when you think about it.

Gunner & Shaw

Gunner and Shaw are playing “go fish.” Awkward. Still not sure where they are going with this, I hope to find out soon. Gunner and Shaw are way more talented than to be playing “go fish.”

Aries vs Joe

I am surprised this match is taking a place an hour into the show. Usually when a match of this magnitude happens early something else is going to happen with this. This was really slow but each man had a counter for each other. It could have been great but again another match to further a story.

AA, EY, Bully, Joe & MVP CO.

After EY and Bully stop the AA Joe match, MVP comes out. The mic work from Bully is good, but if EY is champ shouldn’t he be the spokesman? This shows the faith TNA has in their champ. After Bully challenges MVP & CO. to the 8 man MVP says Bully doesn’t make the decisions MVP does, but yet Kenney King accepts the match and its official? Another confusing moment from MVP tonight. If MVP is the one to make decisions then why can King accept the match and its made? All MVP has to do is say no he is the Director of Wrestling Operations.


Anderson has been walking around all night backstage dressed as a cowboy saying he likes beer. Christy introduces James Storm but out walks Anderson in his cowboy gear. Anderson is always entertaining. James Storm comes out. He does not seem threatening on the mic. Finally the match is made Anderson vs Storm at Slammiversary. I am excited for this match.

Another Gunner Shaw segment

Now Gunner wants to look at Shaw’s drawings. Shaw’s drawing are insight into the story that has been going on with him including his mom and Christy. An unfinished drawing of Gunner and maybe this will lead somewhere. Still confused by all of this.

Madison Rayne vs Angelina Love Knockouts Title Match

Everything about this match was pointless. We knew Angelina wasn’t going to lose but at least we could have gotten a good match. Brittany coming out was again pointless. If she was going to come out just to do nothing then why come out at all? If she was trying to prove a point then she could have done that by staying in the back.

AA, EY, Bully, Joe vs MVP CO & EC3

I like that the faces came out together, it showed a great sign of unity. One problem if this is a First Blood match then why is everyone tagging in and out, instead of this being a fight? I don’t get it. This match was very slow until the last minute or two when everyone got involved. Bully hits EC3 with the chain to cause EC3 to bleed. This was the right move here as everyone else still needs to be built up. Another thing that didn’t make sense was we have a no DQ match, anything goes, why did Bully not attempt to put anyone through a table? He is on a mission to get those six, five now, through a table. This was the perfect time. EC3 was even left in the ring with by himself with Bully, EY, AA, and Joe, no one thought to put EC3 through a table?

Dixie EC3 & MVP Co

EC3 is being assaulted by MVP Co. Dixie says that MVP has now crossed the line and made it personal. On one hand I am glad we have a clear definition that MVP and Dixie are not working together. The only problem is that now we have 2 heels battling for control, who do we cheer for? Who do we get behind? Is Dixie going to be face? And if so that makes no sense.

3 Count

  1. MVP had many statements that didn’t make logical sense. This started the show and continued throughout.
  2. Bully has become the spokesman for Team TNA, even taking time away from EY the current champ. TNA shows no faith in their champ by doing this.
  3. Every match was pointless. Each match progressed the storyline but there was not any action. Even the wrestlers performed as if the match meant nothing.

Impact Player

Bully Ray made the biggest Impact this week. He was the one that knocked out Hebner saving AA and Joe’s jobs. He also took control of the mic and challenged MVP Co. to the 8 man match. Bully was also the one who got the victory for Team TNA.


As excited as I was for this week’s show after a couple weeks of very strong shows, I was very disappointed. There was very little wrestling going on. I understand the wrestler are probably worn out from taping so many shows in such a short time, but there are plenty of wrestlers on the roster that are not being used. If these wrestlers need a break, why doesn’t TNA do the unthinkable and show X-Division wrestlers? What an idea that is! We do not need so many backstage segment when there are wrestler not even on the show. Much less a title not being featured. TNA has a lot of work to do following this show. Hopefully they can deliver.

Thank you everyone for joining me in this blog. Remember to leave comments on what you think of the show. Please do not post any spoilers as many readers do not read spoilers.

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