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Blog Zone: Gold Rush

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Welcome to another edition of the Blog Zone. I always try to get excited for Impact but lately no matter how excited I am sometime within the first hour that excitement is drained and it becomes a chore to finish the episode. I also found out some information about spoilers and BFG that has made me question why am I still watching? I guess we will see how tonight goes, as I am trying to have an open mind.

MVP vs Low Ki

This match was quite entertaining. I was really surprised how into this match I was. Low Ki continues to impress pulling off moves that I have never seen before. The spot were Low Ki jumped off MVP’s shoulders and then mule kicked him in the back was amazing. MVP delivered a vicious kick that sent Low Ki to the outside that had me say “wow!” I was surprised to see MVP jump over the top rope, I guess his knee is doing better. MVP’s counter was awesome. It was smart and looked cool. MVP picked up the win which was expected but I have to give both these wrestlers credit for catching my interest.


The BroMans are hilarious. I love watching these guys. Robbie E carried this segment by being out there and not understanding how things work. This was a great way to transition from a good match. It give us a chance to breathe before moving on to the next match with Robbie E.

Robbie E vs Tajiri

Tajiri is in this tournament? I guess I missed that announcement or did they not announce it? Either way nice surprise. This was a pretty decent match. I thought Robbie E had the victory after the DDT and was about to start complaining about why Tajiri even came back just to lose, but it was a nice false finish. Tajiri hit a wicked kick that I thought should have knocked out Robbie. When he reversed it again I thought he was going to get win. Good match to keep my attention at the end.

Austin Aries vs Knux

So does anybody remember all those vignettes that showed to build the Menagerie? Anyone? Wow how this group has fallen. They are barely even showed anymore, they really are a sideshow. Crazy Steve has had some X-Division matches but they aren’t shown as a group that much anymore.

With the moves that Knux is pulling off put him in the X-Division. Have him face Joe for the title. Two big men fighting for the X-Title that would definitely be something to see. This match was different than I thought it would be. I wasn’t expecting such an athletic contest. I thought Knux would show his strength more than what he did and I thought Aries would have to dodge and quick hits or use more submissions. This match was entertaining with some fun spots like the cartwheels. Also Knux was flying around the ring.

Magnus vs Anderson

I wasn’t into this match as I was the other. While Magnus and Anderson are both talent they are wrestlers that I need have an emotional attachment to through character development. This match was horrible as the finish was pretty good. This match was basically what I thought it would be. A decent midcard match to give a different feel to the show.

Abyss vs Samuel Shaw

This match was weird for me. I was thinking that these two are limited because it is a normal one on one match. We are used to seeing Abyss in hardcore style matches and Shaw has been in that weird story with Gunner. What this match did get across was that two monsters were going head to head. Shaw may not be a huge man size wise, he still has a mentality that rivals Abyss in his prime. Not a bad match, went on a bit too long as I was losing interest here, but still not bad.

5-Way Gold Rush Finals Match

I was not into this match. Not sure why. I just couldn’t pay attention. I didn’t start really watching it until the final few minutes of it to make sure I saw how it ended. I think the 5-way with having to tag in and not being elimination killed it for me. I just don’t like that concept.

I can’t believe Aries won. I was completely expecting MVP to pick up the victory. A slow match just seemed like that where this was headed. I am definitely excited to see what Aries does.


What I liked about this show was there was some attention grabing wrestling without having to be a “main event” type match or a gimmick. This is good ol’ fashioned wrestling. Why I have been complaining about storylines lately I will give tonight a pass since it was based off the Gold Rush Challenge. I saw some comments on facebook about this show being relaxing. It is good to have shows like this and this is why I call for more developed and longer stories. Big match after big match after gimmick match drains the fan and becomes difficult to follow. Tonight was different. It was relaxing, it was enjoyable, it was easy to follow. Every match was different. Every match told a different story. The wrestling had a little bit of everything. Very enjoyable show for a wrestling fan.

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