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Blog Zone: A Match With An Envelope

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Welcome to the Blog Zone. This weeks Impact was the go home show to Slammiversary. TNA really needed a strong show here to promote the PPV on Sunday. Any other week I believe this show would have been strong, but as the last Impact before Slammiversary I felt this show was very weak. There was so much missing that could have really built Slammiversary into a much stronger show.


EY can talk. He is one of the most entertaining guys on the roster. We all know he is very entertaining as a comic but his serious tone in this opening segment was intriguing. The way he was just talking then enter into a very serious tone had me captivated. MVP’s mic work is usually good, for this show for some reason I felt he was very long winded. It took him a while to make his point.

 EY vs Lashley

Lashley has control of this match for most of the time. He is just dominating the TNA CHAMPION. Again our TNA Champion is being dominated! I don’t understand the logic in this match. I get EY is supposed to overcome the odds but shouldn’t he have been putting up more of a fight? He is the Champ for crying out loud!!

And the Champ is pinned cleaned. Really? Really? In what world does it make sense for the company’s top guy, their Champion of the World, be pinned cleaned by a non-contender? This really makes no sense at all. Lashley now has 2 victories over EY, but MVP is just handed the Number 1 contender spot. Can someone please explain this? I get MVP is the director of wrestling operations so he just gives himself the title shot, but why does Lashley get to pin EY? It doesn’t hurt Lashley to lose to the WORLD CHAMP. I really can’t believe this. This is pathetic.

Joe comes to make the save from a beat down on EY. Instead of running in and just attacking, Joe stands there gets Lashley’s attention and then talks until Lashley attacks. Why didn’t Joe just put him in the Rear Naked Choke while Lashley’s back was turned? And why did Lashley drop the belt instead of trying to hit Joe with it? I know these are a lot of questions here but 20 minutes into the show and it already does make any sense. This is the go home to Slammiversary this show needs to be strong, but it has started off really bad.


When Willow’s introductory vignettes were shown I was very intrigued. When he debuted I was let down. I was at a time able to separate his promos from his in ring work. I loved his promos and hated is ring work. Now the two have merged and he is just Jeff Hardy under a mask. I really can’t stress this enough. Willow is Jeff Hardy under a mask. There really is no difference in character besides a mask and an umbrella.


Joe is still mad. He has been mad for the last couple of weeks. He is really intense which is cool. He is calling out Lashley, which at least they have a little bit of story heading into their match at Slammiversary. But then he says MVP is next. I wonder what direction they will head with that.

Bram & Magnus

So TNA is so bad that they had to buy one pack of tank tops for Bram and Magnus to share. I like how Bram called out the Willow character, saying he was supposed to be feared. Willow say Bram and Magnus can run, my question is from what? That ugly mask. I really like Bram’s work on the mic here. He is really calling out the fallacies and stupidity in the Willow character. At first when Willow was talking about “WE” I was thinking he really did mean Willow and Jeff Hardy. I thought it would set up a tag match where Jeff would have to tag in himself. He would tag the mask to get will in the match and take the mask off to tag Hardy in the match. I know sounds ridiculous but so is having the Champion pinned cleans, so why not?

Abyss returns which is.. I am not sure yet because that mask is horrendous. I can’t get past it. It looks like a cheap rip off of Vader and Mankind. I may have said that before but the mask hasn’t changed. Abyss’s character has been through so much in the last couple of months I am not sure what him being back really means. Is he a monster? Is here for money? Or is he now looking for Joseph? I guess time will tell.


EC3 showing emotion. When this guy talks I listen. He is very talented. He is the future. This segment showed a more aggressive, darker, man with a purpose side to him that I do not recall seeing for him. If he keeps progressing like he does, there is no limit to how far he can go. I believe TNA has actually done a great job building EC3, if anyone has the potential to be the face of the company within the next couple of years, EC3 is definitely that guy.

Robbie E vs Knux

One of Rebel’s glow sticks wouldn’t stay lit. Are you serious? The Menagerie has one of the most boring entrances. It is so long for no reason. It really does nothing. It is the same thing every week. The Menagerie’s music is playing during the match. That is annoying. It’s as if the production truck did what the rest of us did and went to the restroom during this match. This is the so far away from a wrestling match and closer to a comedy routine. I do not mind comedy in matches but this looked so contrived, so 3 stooges like. This was ridiculous.

EC3 Spud Bully & Brooke

This segment was different. EC3 and Spud while they were entertaining I am not too sure what they were trying to accomplish. The picture of the baby and Bully Ray was pretty funny though. Ray on the mic got on my nerves. A really cheesey apology closure type statement to Brooke. Then when Bully kept repeating “over your dead body” I was getting a little annoyed. Then he tried to get that crowd to chant it. What a lame chant that is. You can’t just get the crowd to chant anything sometimes it just doesn’t make for a good chant.

Kenny King vs EY

This match was what was expected from it. It told the story it was trying to tell. EY had to overcome his injuries from previous match with Lashley and King showed off his cockiness. King hit some very athletic moves and I hope he gets more time to shine in the ring. EY pulled this one off which was expected and now he has to face MVP. So we are getting the Slammiversary main event on free TV 3 days before the PPV? I know this probably won’t be an actual match but seriously? Why would we pay to see the match if we get it 3 days early for free? Another illogical decision in this story.

Brittany vs Gail Kim vs Madison Rayne

If you have read my last blogs you would know that I am not a fan of Brittany. My thought going into this match was hopefully Gail and Madison can carry this match. Well Brittany does her horrible looking attack on Gail. Instead of a double ax handle it looks like Brittany taps Gail with her forearms. Madison and Gail had two botches back to back. Madison tried a head scissors and Gail throw her off but still flip as if Madison hit the move. Then Madison couldn’t get on Gail’s shoulders for the roll up but they covered this one up well. I am glad that Gail won this one, as there is no better knockout then Gail Kim.


Yes that is right the Slammiversary main event on free tv 3 days before the PPV. This is horrible. I know this isn’t a fair match. EY has had 2 matches already on this show and he was attacked before the match, but does that really make seeing this match now and 3 days from now that much different? I don’t think so. Why should I pay for Slammiversary to see something that I see on Impact? Because it’s for the title? Well that title has been devalued since Lashley now holds a clean victory over said champion. MVP gets DQ’d so EY picks the stipulation for the match we see on Sunday.


This was not a very good go home show for Impact Wrestling. EY was pinned cleaned by a non-contender. That should never happen. Especially 3 days before the biggest title defense of the year so far. Also, there was not Austin Aries. He has a match against King this Sunday. We also didn’t Anderson or Storm. We saw no X-division mention again but yet there is a 6 man ladder match at Slammiversary for the X-Division Title. This show was disgusting. So much was left off that could have really used a boost heading into Slammiversary. We didn’t need to see EY wrestle 3 times when there are other stories that could have been progressed. All feuds should have been featured on this show. I am walking away from this confused, shaking my head. I just don’t know. I really can’t explain any of this.

If I seem overly critical this week I probably am. Slammiversary is the second biggest show TNA’s PPV year. It should be build up really strong and I think TNA has failed in almost every aspect. I have been highly critical of Slammiversary all week, over on This show I was expecting a lot more out of and it just wasn’t there. I think at times I get overly optimistic when it comes to TNA because I know they are capable of putting on a great show, so when they don’t I feel let down and very disappointed.

I encourage everyone to leave their comments and thoughts on this week’s show. Do you agree with me or not? I want to hear from you guys.

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