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Finally, it is here. The NYC tapings and the return of the six sided ring. We have been waiting weeks to see these shows. So many good things have been said about the tapings at NYC. The six sided ring is back, what most TNA fans have been wanting. Now it is time to see if the show comes across as well on TV as it did live. And with that lets get into the show.

Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle introduces us to the 6 sided ring. The best thing was when Angle said that the ring sets them apart from the rest, but it’s really the talent that does all the work.


Taz’s promo here gave me goosebumbs. What a throw back. That one word means so much and over the years it has been forgotten and that is Wrestling! Remember the old slogan “Where wrestling matters,”? It’s not that I want them to bring that slogan back I just want the meaning of the slogan to be alive and well in TNA. It was great for Taz to use his old line and the crowd finish it for him.

Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer

Great reaction from the crowd. I’m not sure I have ever heard a crowd chant for two people on the same team like they did here “Bully Ray, Tommy Dreamer, Bully Ray, Tommy Dreamer!” It was awesome. I like the history that TNA is playing here. I know we got a lot of talking to and from a number of people but this is great. It’s a great start to the show. It has really gotten me more excited for the show then I already was.

EC3 is awesome! I love EC3 on the mic. His reaction to the “You can’t wrestle,” chants is great! “I disagree, I’m very good” priceless. I like Dreamer’s dig here at the PG rating, especially being in NYC. I thought it was great on so many levels.

Bully & Dreamer vs EC3 & Rhino

Dreamer is tired of talking and him and Bully attack EC3 and Rhino, what an exciting start this has been. The crowd is super hot. I haven’t heard this wild of a crowd in a long time from either company. The crowd is hanging by every move. This is what wrestling is about. Bully is on fire. He really seems energized. I love how he tried to get the TNA chant going. It’s a great way to try to change ECW chants. Not that I mind the ECW chants out of respect but sometimes it gets too much and I think the focus needs to be pulled back to what is going on today.

EC3 and Rhino picking up the win here is the right decision. If Bully and Dreamer win the story is basically over. With Spud’s interference then it gives them more to counter and a reason to wrestle again. This was a hot opener.

Storm and Sanada

This really intrigues me. I am interested to see where this goes. Sanada is great in the ring but lacks character and direction. I am hoping that this story builds both of character and direction for Sanada.

X Division Title Gauntlet Match

Aries is out first. He must run the gauntlet to retain his title. The great thing about this more Aries. I don’t really mention commentary but Taz has really impressed me a couple times tonight. It was great he said “nowhere else do they have the X-Division.” Just a simple line like that shows the importance of the division. DJZ entrance was the best entrance I have seen into a gauntlet match. The sunset flip German suplex was awesome. Manik almost blows a hurricanrana. That could have hurt both him and DJZ but luckily both wrestlers saved it. DJZ was in the match for about 30 seconds before Manik eliminates DJZ and himself. What a brilliant move that was.

I still don’t understand how Crazy Steve keeps getting title shots. He has not really had a real match since his debut but yet he has been in 2 X-Division title matches. The same is almost the same for Tigre Uno he has lost almost every match he has been in but yet he’s in title matches also. Crazy Steve was actually pretty funny in this match.

Match is down to Aries vs Sanada. The discus punch from Aries to the back on Sanada’s head was the most intense discus punch I have ever seen. I was really hoping that Sanada would snub Aries during the handshake, or attack him afterwards. It would have been a great way to start to build Sanada’s character.

Storm & Sanada

Storm attacks Sanada. What the heck is going on? Hopefully this is tough love from Storm. I really want Sanada to turn heel and be mentored by Storm. It intrigues me for some reason.

EY & Roode (Team Canada) vs MVP & Kenny King

Of course MVP needs mic time. I am excited for this match, why? Because the reunion of Team Canada! Again right call here with MVP and King going over. The story continues to develop with Roode trying to get his hands on MVP. The longer it take the more eager we as fans will get to see Roode vs MVP. The match was good but nothing special happened.

Brittany vs Madison Rayne

Was this match really that boring or do I have a skewed opinion because I really hate Brittany? It seems my dislike for Brittany gets stronger every week. I have seen no progression from her in ring, she makes the sport looks horrible. At least her character is developing but because I don’t like her in ring work, I can’t get into her character.


“Dixie what are you doing here?” Man is that the stupidest question I have ever heard on a wrestling show! Dixie is the president of the company, she has every right to be there for whatever reason she wants. This whole segment could have gone on without that question. The second question could have been asked first. Asking what she was doing there just made the whole segment stupid.

Aries and Angle

I really hope that Aries doesn’t pick “Option C.” I loved this when it was first created. I thought it was a great idea to really elevate someone, and it worked for Aries. The following here it lost all momentum when Sabin won the World Title and then lost it quickly. Not to mention the X-Division being ignored until Destination X. I think that if Aries keeps the X Title it can really build the division and make it prestigious and relevant again.

Hardy vs Lashley

As most of you probably know by now and especially if you read my articles on I am not by any means a Jeff Hardy fan. I have been very vocal about this match. But I have to admit that this match was pretty good. I was very entertained and at times really thought Hardy might win even though I thought he had no chance to win going into the match. One problem was the first Twist of Fate looked really awkward and I thought Lashley had reversed it. That is the only bad thing about this match. Hardy’s Swanton on to the steps was insane. I popped for that. It was an OMG moment. Great showing from Hardy especially after the horrible run he had as Willow.


Finally! I have been waiting all night to see.. ROCKSTAR SPUD!! Dixie was rambling on about I’m really not sure what. It is really hard to listen to her, not only is she annoying, but the crowd was giving her major heat. She had to scream over them and it doesn’t come off well, to actually hear her.

Bully and Dreamer come to attack. Again Dixie gets away. But the great thing about this whole segment and a great way to end the night a 3D through a TABLE!!!! Spud was great. His reaction to EC3 going through the table was priceless. Spud shows so much with doing so little.


This show was exciting. It really delivered. The crowd was hot the entire night. It was great surprise to see D’von return and all but one match was really entertaining. There was a very nostalgic feel to the show. The ECW reference were great and add to the nostalgia but there is one thing I took away from it as well. I’m not sure if it was the building or if it was the presentation but the way Impact started reminded me of the very first RAW, but modernized. To me I view this as a very good thing, because Raw has been on the air for over 20 years. I’m loving the direction TNA is headed. If you are not excited for TNA then you should stop watching. If the past couple of weeks has not excited you and this week did nothing for you, there is nothing more TNA can do. As long as they stay on this path TNA is here to stay.

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