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Blog Zone: The Return Of A Machine

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Welcome back to the Blog Zone. This week’s edition of Impact was really strong. This week I have added two new features steaming from some things I did last week. I added the 3 count, which is 3 things that put me down for the count on this show, other words things I didn’t like. Also I added the Impact of the Night, which is in my opinion the best part of the show or like the name say the biggest impact. With that lets get to the show…


Bully is out and is great on the mic as usual. He talks 6 people going through a table. I thought it was a really cool way to go about it with the tables set up on the stage. The tables are covered as Bully rips the cover off each table has a name on it, EC3, Lashley, Kenny, MVP, Spud and Dixie. The only bad thing about this part was the crowd. I really can’t wait for TNA to get out of the Impact Zone at Universal. Bully Ray makes his way to the ring and says it doesn’t matter how long it takes but all 6 people will go through the table. I thought this would be a great way to extend the story to BFG or just for a while. It takes him a couple of weeks to get to each person until the final is Dixie.

While Bully is in the ring EC3 sneak attacks and hits him with a chop block from behind. EC3 then proceeds to give Bully some horrendous punches. Man did that look awful. MVP, Lashley, and King join in. Which is confusing, the whole is Dixie and MVP working together, are they not? This part of the story has yet to make sense to me. EC3 and Spud grab the table with Spuds name on it. I was wondering if this was just foreshadowing that they would grab Spud’s table.

EY, Aries, and the Wovles hit the ring and proceed to take out MVP’s guys and EC3. After clearing the ring EC3 backs up to the entrance ramp and MVP, Lashley, and King on the outside. Spud is hiding under the table and now it all makes sense. Spud is going through the table. What really sold this whole thing for me was EC3 crying at the entrance way when Spud went through the table. EC3 is great.

Wolves & Aries vs MVP King & Lashley

This match resembled a fight as we returned from commercial. The ref had no control and I was questioning if this was even going to get started. The Wolves took control of MVP and King on the outside and Lashley and Aries were going at it in the ring. A lot of action going on. The Wolves and Aries worked well together, with double team moves. MVP sold his character as he tried to get the pin by placing one figure on the Wolf.

I don’t agree with how MVP King and Lashley went over. I feel they should have cheated in some way, got DQ’ed, or something along those lines. I understand these guys need to be built up but so does the Wolves and Aries. MVP’s gang dominated last week, so this week Aries and the Wolves should have looked good in the match. Plus the Wolves are the Tag Team Champs, and they can’t win a tag match?

EC3 & Dixie

Dixie is just arriving to the building EC3 fills in her on what happened but she doesn’t care about Spud. EC3 again looks worried about his friend. Dixie said she has a plan for MVP. Again confusing

Bram vs Tigre Un

After Tigre Un was built up before Lockdown, and had a forgettable series with Senada, he is now reduced to a squash match. Basically this was just us being introduce to Bram in the ring. Nothing special.

Mangus & Bram

Bram is about to attack Tigre after the match and Mangus stops him. Mangus says Tigre is half Bram’s size. Bram says to the old Mangus it wouldn’t matter. Mangus talks about Bram needing better competition and since Mangus is a former world champion and Bram just got there Mangus should step up. Mangus then says Bram will fight Willow.

Anderson & Gunner

Anderson and Gunner are shown in the locker room. Finally Gunner is questioned about his involvement with Shaw and who better to do that then Anderson. Gunner says Shaw just needs someone to listen to, and Anderson has a hilarious response. Saying that Shaw is just a creep who lives in his mom’s basement.

Brittany & Madison

Brittney ask Madison to be her tag partner in a match against the Beautiful People. Madison is trying to talk Brittney out of having the match. Brittney is really upset. I am still waiting to see something special from Brittney. Maybe I’m expecting too much because many have built her up? Not sure. But I am also waiting for her to join the Beautiful People.

BroMans vs Anderson & Gunner

Entertaining match for what it was. The BroMans have really come a long way since last year. Anderson and Gunner worked well as a team. The only issue is after the blind tag from Gunner it took Anderson too long to get out of the ring. That is just me nit picking though.

The Menagerie

BroMans are still in the ring and the Menagerie enter the Impact Zone with their whacky entrance. The looks on the BroMans’ faces are priceless. They are completely freaked and confused. The BroMans end up back to back to back begging off the Menagerie. Robbie push DJ Z into the freak and exit. After a flapjack the BroMans pull DJ Z out.

I have been expecting a lot more from the Menagerie as they have not been what I was expecting. The most entertaining thing they have been involved in was this week and it was because of the BroMans. I really hope something more is planned for the Menagerie and they don’t end up just a waste of time.

Brittany & Gail Kim

Brittney ask Gail to be her tag partner in the match against BP, and Gail accepts. I hope this turns out well…

Dixie, EC3 & MVP & Co.

Dixie threatens MVP that she will report him to the Board of Directors. MVP answers back that he has access to a lot of money and yet we still don’t know what how Dixie or why she wants to help MVP. Still not sure how I feel about 2 heels feuding for the company or not seeing eye to eye about the company.

Bully, EY Dixie, EC3 & MVP & Co.

Bully and EY now enter the argument. These two were hilarious. EY saying that him and “Bully like the finer things in life and there’s nothing finer then all of those in the ring going through a table.” MVP antagonize EY and EY goes for the ring Bully stops him and tells him “a time and place for everything.” MVP then talks to Bully and Bully heads for the ring. EY stops him and says “a time and a place where were you a few seconds ago?” MVP throws around his power saying Bully vs EY with EC3 as the ref tonight. If Bully doesn’t wrestle EY then he is fired.

Beautiful People vs Brittany & Gail Kim

Brittany is acting really excited when Gail comes out by hugging her. Gail has to calm her down. Not sure if it is supposed to come off as awkward but it did to me. I am coming to the conclusion that I do not like Brittany at all. I really do not like her character and how she is coming off as a naïve idiot. You have Gail Kim on your team. The best female wrestler today and you don’t tag her in? Ridiculous.

When it comes to Brittany in the ring, I do not like her mannerisms. I don’t like how she throws a punch/forearm. Her dropkick she barely jumped. I just do not like her and every week, I do not like her more and more. What she can do though is really good cartwheel.

EY & Bully

EY and Bully talk about the match. Bully says if he beats EY he becomes number 1 contender. They shake hands and say may the best man win.

Brittany & Madison

Brittany is in the ring and calls out Madison Rayne. Brittany is pacing around the ring awkwardly. Pacing back and forth. She irritates me. Madison does a great job on the mic explaining to Brittany that she doesn’t understand the history between Madison and the BP. Brittany say she can take can of herself and she just wants to be with Madison…? Brittany gets really close to Madison and she again she just wants to be with her. Madison handles everything very well and actually saved this segment. Brittany just got weirder.

BP come out and claim they made Madison the queen bee she is. Madison says she is cashing in her rematch for the Knockouts title next week. This could be great or I could be getting my expectations up way to high. Either way I am looking forward to this match

EC3, MVP, King, & Lashley

I love how EC3 call sell something with just a look. I am excited to see where EC3 can go. I really think he can become a major start in TNA in the coming years. MVP & Co say they have EC3 back and they will be closer than he thinks.

Kenny King

Kenny King interrupts Christy Hemme and announces himself as the special guest ring announcer. King was great. I haven’t heard a special guest ring announcer introduce the participants the way King did in a very long time. It’s something that I miss from wrestling. King was hilarious. Lashley is announced as special guest enforcer. MVP is the special guest time keeper.

Now before everyone goes on to say they are copying WWE because the WWE just did this with Evolution and the Shield. Remember folks Impact was taped I do not how long ago so they can’t copy something that did not happen yet.

EY vs Bully Ray

Bully and EY try to have a competitive match but each time one of them go outside the ring they get attacked by one of MVP’s lackeys. EC3 stops Bully from landing an elbow and Bully kicks him in the face. MVP & Co. attack Bully and Lashley. This was all expected. And then Samoa Joe’s music plays and out comes the Samoa Submission Machine. Joe clears helps get Lashley and MVP out the ring, and hits a Muscle Buster on King. I am glad to see Joe back. Now I just wonder what part he will play in this story. MVP seems to be out numbered. The problem I see is that too many guys want at MVP which is going to cause a problem. Hopefully the originals can work together.

3 Count

  1. The more I see Brittany the more I do not like her. Maybe this new revelation with Madison will change that.
  2. X-Division was not featured again. The only sign of the division was Tigre in a squash match.
  3. MVP & Co going over the Wolves and AA. The Wolves and AA need to be built and MVP & Co need to show some sign of vulnerability.

Impact of the Night

Joe’s surprising return. I have to admit that I did pop. I am excited to see Joe back. Things are getting interesting on Impact.


This show was very well done. I am really enjoying the direction Impact has been going. The MVP storyline really intrigues me but I still wish the main event at Slammiversary was different. Maybe I was being overly optimistic about the return of the King of the Mountain Match. They could still end up doing it by adding Joe, Lashley, and King to the match. As much as I would want to see it, I don’t think it will happen. But the fun thing about being a fan/writer is I can dream up all these scenarios.

Thank you everyone for joining me in this blog. Remember to leave comments on what you think of the show. Please do not post any spoilers as many readers do not read spoilers.

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