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After last week’s announcement of Kurt Angle being the new Director of Wrestling Operations, I was excited for this week. TNA has been making great progress and creating a buzz for themselves. I believe they have the fans attention now they just need to keep it by putting on great Impact shows. Impact has yet to disappointment me in the past couple weeks, can they keep the streak going this week?

Kurt Angle

Now I would normally complain because Impact did not start off with a match but with Kurt Angle being the biggest story coming out of last week, it makes sense to start with this show with Angle. Kurt Angle is very formal in announcing the matches. It’s different and a nice change. It gives Angle a business feel and takes out the personal issues that MVP and Dixie where trying to achieve.

Angle and Joe

When Joe came out I was excited, but when he started talking I felt “Didn’t we just see this storyline with MVP and Aries?” Joe is questioning Angle’s intentions, it’s ridiculous. I didn’t agree with Joe saying as soon as Angle’s knee is heeled Angle will put himself in a title match. Even if that is the case it is still 3-6 months until Angle is ready. I wouldn’t mind if it took that long until Angle was in the match. Plus Angle deserves to be in a title match a lot more than MVP. Joe’s “I am pro wrestling” was a great line. I think they should take that line and run with it. It’s a perfect slogan for a face of the company. Down the line give Joe the title and he can keep saying “I am pro wrestling,” I think that would be money for TNA.

MVP Roode Backstage

So is it just me or when a wrestler becomes a face, does he become stupid? I say this because Roode is usually a very smart character. But when he saw MVP by himself he doesn’t seem to think that King or Lashley would be around? To me that doesn’t make sense.

BroMans vs Menagerie vs Wolves (Tag Titles Match)

This was a short match but it was entertaining. When The Freak and Knux throw DJZ, man did he get some air. The double suplex from The Freak was also pretty cool. This match opened quickly then slowed down. The BroMans showed off a new double team with the spinebuster from Jessie onto DJZ’s knees. The Wolves pulled out the victory in this one but I don’t think anyone was expecting otherwise.

Roode vs King (Street Fight)

King comes out with MVP but Angle comes out and send MVP to the back. So far I have been enjoying what Angle has been doing. Hopefully he stays in power and stays face. This was entertaining. I think I enjoyed it more because Roode is back. King’s kick into the chair was cool, haven’t seen that for a while, since RVD hasn’t done it. What I didn’t like about this match was after a brawl and King gets Roode’s finisher on a chair, he is able to walk to the back on his own. It didn’t connect with me.

Brittany and Madison

Great Brittany is out, why? Why are we subjected to her horrible in ring ability and her horrible mic skills? She has done nothing entertaining since her debut. Brittany is a horrible actor. I really cannot stand watching her or hearing her talk. We finally get the Brittany heel turn that I have been waiting for. I don’t think Brittany wants to be a wrestler, I think she wants to be in a C-level superhero movie. Every move she makes, I just think of a cheesy superhero movie. Man she is horrible. I would rather watch the Menagerie than Brittany. She is the worst thing on TNA TV right now.

Bully Ray

This whole “over my dead body” thing is really annoying. It is just not connecting with me. I just find it as lazy. Bully doesn’t have anything else he can go off of besides one line that EC3 said? I really wish he would stop with this line.

Bully Ray vs EC3 (Tables Match)

This match was highly entertaining, but I wasn’t expecting anything less with Bully and EC3 in the ring. If TNA has done anything right in the past couple of years it is the build of Bully Ray and what they are doing right, right now, is the build of EC3. I can’t say enough good things about EC3, him and Spud are my favorite part of Impact every week.

On the Internet I had seen that Rhino was returning. I thought it was in NY, but I try to stay away from spoilers so I didn’t pay that much attention. So I was surprised to see him here and I was surprised to see him GORE! Bully. I had figured that Bully, Dvon, Dreamer, and Rhino were going to reunite against Dixie. I have to say this is a nice twist. I really like the direction TNA is headed and the surprises they have and have had for us. There are a few things I don’t agree with but you can’t make everyone happy all the time. But for the most part Impact has been great and have built excitement for future things to come.

Shaw, Gunner, Anderson, Christy

Gunner and Shaw is still weird and awkward to me. Maybe that’s how it is supposed to come off? I’m not sure. I wasn’t interested in this segment until Anderson appeared. Anderson really brought this segment to life. I am still having troubling connecting Gunner helping a friend in the military to helping Shaw, I don’t see it as the same thing. I have to say that I am glad Anderson took the lead in this segment and finished it off. We will see where this leads but I am still not completely sold on this story.

Gail Kim vs Angelina Love (Knockouts Title)

After a weird segment with The Beautiful People and Stiffler, right before the match Angle switches the ref. I think we could have done without the awkward segment between TBP and Stiffler and just had Angle still change the ref, it would have made sense. We all know the story. If an awkward segment isn’t going to progress the story then why have it. Plus why weren’t TBP more upset about the ref change? They just came out like nothing. Shouldn’t they have showed some emotion?

Hebner was great when he threw Velvet out. Rolling his fist in anticipation really added to the story. Right when I was thinking Love was off her game tonight because of a horrible dropkick and a horrendous jawbreaker, she connects with the Botox Injection with Gail on the top rope. I guess we can chalk up Love wanting to pin Gail to arrogance, but to me as a heel it doesn’t make any sense. Maybe I like the traditional heels more, with the cowardly, win at all cost mentality. So I don’t agree with Love bringing Gail back into the ring. Not only was it not a heel move, for me, it also devalues Gail’s win. I think it would have meant more if Gail was able to answer the 10 count then pick up the victory. I am glad Gail won here. Gail as a face champion has the power to rebuild the division.

EY vs Lashley (TNA World Championship)

Before I get into this match, TNA announced that Lashley will defend the World Title against Jeff Hardy at the NYC tapings. So basically that spoils this match, doesn’t? Now TNA could have planned head all the details, and pull out a surprise here, with EY going over, because technically they didn’t know that EY would have gotten his rematch on this episode because they didn’t know Angle was coming in, but I don’t have that much faith in TNA creative.

Man are the Hebners on it tonight. First Brian throws out Velvet now Earl throws out MVP and Roode.

EY playing mind games is great. We rarely see a face make those kinds of decisions. EY gets pushed off the top rope to the outside, and now he’s injured. This match was pointless. It was really just to get EY’s rematch out of the way so they can move on. If they were going to have a title match, they shouldn’t have advertised Lashley vs Hardy at the NYC tapings.


This show was exciting. A couple of surprises caught my attention, Rhino’s return and Gail Kim’s win. A couple of minor details in the matches I didn’t like but it wasn’t enough to turn me off of this episode. I still don’t agree with TNA announcing title matches that are caused from storylines that have yet to take place. If anything, the one thing I did not care about was the World Title match. Why? Because it was already announced that Lashley was going to be the champ going into the NYC tapings. When EY had first won his title it was on Impact, so I would have believed he had a chance to win it back on this episode. But I won’t that match ruin this entertaining Impact for me. It is an exciting time to be watching TNA.

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