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Blog Zone: No Surrender

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Welcome to another Blog Zone. I still question why No Surrender is even happening as I feel the X-Division title match and the World Title match could have been saved until Bound for Glory. All the other stuff is fine for an Impact taping. I think those title matches could really benefit from more build to the match. But let’s see how all this will play out.

Knockouts Battle Royal

Well alright let’s get this show started! I love that we get straight to action and I love it that it’s the knockouts but I also feel the knockouts are better somewhere in the middle of the card, maybe like at the top of second hour just to break things up. This match was slow. Havok was dominate has expected and the other thing I noticed, Brittany still sucks. I still don’t like her in ring work although I did give her credit in her backstage segment last week. I think I heard a couple of boring chants in the crowd. This match was just to build Havok. The worst thing about this match was that if Havok wasn’t involved then the rest of the knockouts were just waiting until Havok destroyed them. This was a serious let down. I barely heard a reaction from the crowd. That is not a good sign.

Gunner and Shaw

This story has had its up and downs for me. At first I was completely confused by it. But it started to grow on me, then the whole Anderson thing threw it off again. I find myself wondering who is a face and who is heel all the time in this feud. With the Brittany edition and now the “someone else” it brings a little more intrigue.

MVP, Kenny King, & Melendez

Kenny King now that is how you draw heat, but it didn’t work. Are the fans afraid to boo? Are they wore out from the many tapings? Or do they just not care? I am not sure but the fans seem dead so far. I love King on the mic as it was very heel.

King vs Melendez

This match did not have my attention at all. I was waiting for it to pick up and I was sending out a tweet about how boring Impact, I mean No Surrender, has been to this point and next thing I know Melendez got the pin. So I guess this match is over

King is trying to get a bunch of heat. I have a feeling that it isn’t resonating as much as it should. It was really awkward that Tenay was talking over King that really annoyed me. Anderson comes out for the save which I hope leads to a feud with King and Anderson that could be great.

Homicide vs Samoa Joe (X Division Championship)

I posted an article on earlier this week and bashed the storyline of this match, because there isn’t one. Add in the fact that I can’t stand Homicide I really don’t care about this match. And after this match there really wasn’t much to care about.

Storm’s crew

Holy crap is this awesome! This story has by far been my favorite thing about Impact Wrestling for a while. Manik looks great! I love the new look. Hopefully this group can become competition for Joe and the X-Division title, or I wouldn’t mind seeing Manik and Sanada go after the tag titles. Either way I am excited for this.

Hardys vs Team 3d vs Wolves (3rd match in Tag Team Series, Ladder Match)

This was the best match of the series so far. The best thing about this was that all three teams were able to do things that I have never seen before. One of the Wolves, didn’t catch which one it was, took a vicious shot from the ladder, I thought he was knocked out. The stereo twist of fates were spot on. Usually when a team tries to do a move at the same time one of them is way off. But the Hardys were able to time it as close to perfect as possible. I was amazed by the chair to chair shot to Bully Ray. And then the double foot stomp with the chair and another one through a table just wow. I was extremely worried for Jeff when he fell from the ladder on to the ladder. That didn’t look like it was supposed to go down that way. One tiny issue I had was when Team 3d lift the tables over the baseball sliding Hardys then back up into them, only because it was the same spot we saw recently in the tables match. But this match was great.

Gunner vs Bram

I have no interest in this match. It was hard to pay attention to because I don’t care about it. What I don’t understand is why would Shaw just jump into the ring? This made no sense and furthers the awkwardness of this story. Anyway glad this match is over so we can get to the main event.

Roode vs Lashley (TNA World Championship)

This match should really be happening at Bound for Glory. Not sure why it was rushed to get put on to a free Impact. This match I would have paid to see. It could have been huge, but oh well, I guess we will settle for it here.

It was predictable that MVP would get sent to the back but I am still glad it happened and EY coming out to take out King, now we know that we will get a decent match. It really brings up the question who will win. This match had great back and forth action where I thought it would be over a couple times. That was an amazing Roodebomb to the outside. And this match was awesome, with a stupid ending. That was just horrible. Roode hurts himself? Really? I would rather have that entire segment without Roode being hurt. I don’t understand what the point of it was, unless they are trying to set something else up. But that was stupid!


This Impact was half good. The entire first hour was horrible and pointless. The tag tea ladder match was great and the World Title Match was good until the finish. I still believe the Roode Lashley match would have been better if there was more story going into it. The preview for next week raised a lot of questions. Why is Robbie E in a match for number 1 contender? And what if MVP wins, how is that going to work? I guess it could be interesting but will the rest of Impact be good or will it continue to fall flat?

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